Monday Night Raw – June 21, 1999: And Then This And Then That And Then This

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Monday Night Raw
Date: June 21, 1999
Location: Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee
Attendance: 15,757
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the go home show for the King of the Ring and that doesn’t exactly have me instilled with confidence. You never know what you’re going to get around here and Steve Austin as CEO isn’t going to make things much better. Hopefully we get more than one match to break five minutes this week but there’s no guarantee. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

We open with a recap of the end of last week’s show with Rock beating HHH and Undertaker to earn a title shot at King of the Ring. The Corporate Ministry is imploding, mainly due to a series of incidents that could only happen because the script says so.

Opening sequence.

Here are HHH and Chyna to open things up. HHH wastes no time and wants Undertaker out here for a fight RIGHT NOW. Cue a ticked off Undertaker and Paul Bearer, who you don’t call out without expecting an answer. Vince McMahon is right there with the Corporate Ministry though and violence is cut off. This is what everyone here, plus Steve Austin and the Rock want.

Vince polls the fans on wanting to see the two of them fight tonight but that’s not happening. Since that’s not the case tonight, let’s talk about Sunday, when Chyna will be crowned Queen of the Ring. Vince talks about how you can’t always get what you want, like Rock not being able to get the WWF Title this Sunday. As for the new CEO, Austin is willing to put his powers up in the ladder match. The McMahons know a bit about climbing the corporate ladder and that’s the ladder Austin will be at the bottom of after Sunday.

This brings out Austin, with a ladder and the briefcase full of beer. After having a seat on top of the ladder and some generic insults, Austin promises to win the WWF Title again. Austin promises violence on Sunday and throws in a bonus stipulation: if any member of the Corporate Ministry interferes on Sunday, he’s in full control. Vince makes it no holds barred (meaning interference is allowed) because Vince and Shane McMahon say so (even if Shane didn’t talk).

Now it’s Commissioner Shawn Michaels rising up through the stage (Huh?) to say someone has to have a level head around here. Before he can make a decision though, he needs a cup of coffee, so here are his new associates: Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. We can’t just have people throwing stipulations around so tonight we’ll have a match between Austin vs. a member of the Corporate Ministry to decide if interference is allowed (with Shawn explaining the stipulations all over again).

Vince picks Undertaker but Shawn says he’s booked. Same with Shane’s pick of HHH, because Undertaker is defending the title against HHH tonight. They finally settle on Big Boss Man so Shawn makes himself guest referee. Austin promises violence to FINALLY end this segment after a stupid amount of twists and turns. That should be a month’s worth of….and hang on because Michaels isn’t done.

Tonight it’s Patterson/Brisco vs. the McMahons to really end this. Egads this felt long and would have made me change the channel to Nitro back in the day. Just have some action already and stop with the twenty minute open….GOOD GRIEF IT’S STILL GOING! Vince sends the Corporate Ministry (save for Viscera due to plot convenience) after the Stooges so here’s Ken Shamrock through the crowd to chair Viscera in the back in an attempt to get to Vince.

That was long. Moving on.

Jeff Jarrett and Debra argue with Shawn that they can’t wrestle tonight because they’re not in their gear. Shawn doesn’t care.

Vince and Shane rally the troops to guard against Shamrock. Mideon says he saw a spare belt in Shane’s bag and asks if he can have it. Shane doesn’t care.

Ken Shamrock vs. Test

Good thing Shamrock left the ring and then came back for this match. Now you won’t believe this but HANG ON A SECOND because something is changing.

Ken Shamrock vs. Test vs. Jeff Jarrett

And one more change, as per a Pat Patterson announcement.

Intercontinental Title: Ken Shamrock vs. Test vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett is defending. The challengers double team Jarrett to start but get in an argument over who should get the pin, allowing Jeff to come back. Test kicks him in the face but gets crotched on top. Jarrett breaks up an ankle lock but here’s Steve Blackman with a kendo stick. A shot to the back puts Shamrock down and another to the head knocks him out. Jarrett comes back in and steals the pin to retain.

Blackman left during the break.

The Rock vs. Edge

My goodness this would have been different at another time. Before the match, Rock promises to take a piece of the learning tree and use it for something rather painful on Undertaker. Rock wastes no time in punching him in the face but gets caught with a spinwheel kick. The Maivia Hurricane gets two and a suplex is good for the same as the announcers talk about the Stooges being in action tonight. Edge’s missile dropkick gets him out of trouble….and then he dives into the Rock Bottom. The People’s Elbow is good for the pin.

Rating: D. You can’t call this disappointing as Edge was a newcomer at this point and nowhere near a star yet. This is more a footnote that would wind up on an Unreleased DVD or something like that, which is perfectly fine. Edge got in some offense and wasn’t squashed, but this was all it should have been.

Post match Undertaker comes in with a Tombstone to Rock.

HHH tells Vince that he’s winning the title tonight. How many times do you think they’ve had that same chat over the years?

Mark Henry vs. Viscera

Gorilla press match because one regular match in a row is enough. This was set up last week on Heat when Viscera crotched Henry against a post. Clearly gorilla pressing is the obvious next step. Viscera jumps him from behind but can’t get an early slam attempt. Henry, in street clothes for no apparent reason, slugs away as JR thinks this is just a glorified body slam match. And that’s why they pay him so much. Henry gets him up for a slam but can’t turn it over and hurts his back in the process. Viscera misses an elbow but Henry takes forever going up and gets slammed (nearly a press) down to give Viscera the win.

Post match Viscera goes up top (oh dear) but D’Lo Brown runs in for a double slam to leave Viscera laying. Mideon runs in with the European Title (not identified) to lay out Brown and Henry.

Beaver Cleavage is ready for a match with Meat tonight but takes off his hat and says he can’t do this. The director shouts that “WE’RE LIVE CHAZ” as he walks off. So much for that terrible character, thank goodness.

Big Boss Man vs. Steve Austin

Michaels is guest referee and the winner gets the stipulation they want at King of the Ring. Austin wastes no time in throwing it to the floor as the McMahons come out carrying a ladder. That just gives Austin another weapon to hit Boss Man in the face and it’s back inside with Austin hitting a top rope ax handle of all things. Hang on though as the McMahons are back with the ladder again. We’re not even a minute and a half into the match yet and we’re on our second run-in.

Austin wraps Boss Man’s leg around the post as Shane is on commentary and Vince climbs the ladder. The fight heads outside and Austin puts Boss Man on the announcers’ table, with the ladder being turned over so Vince lands on the table as well. I guess jumping down wasn’t in Russo’s extensive script. Back in and Boss Man grabs a chinlock before a double clothesline takes them both down. Austin scores with the Thesz press and Vince rants on commentary. The nightstick shot misses and Austin hits the Stunner for the pin.

Rating: D. What exactly were you expecting here? You had to have the interference to make sure it wasn’t a big waste of time as Boss Man vs. Austin isn’t going to be the most thrilling match in the world. At least they didn’t go too long with it either and that made this about as good as it was going to be. If nothing else it’s weird to see Austin wrestling a lower level guy like this, even with such a big stipulation.

Austin and Shawn share some beers.

During the break, the Corporate Ministry beat the heck out of the Boss Man.

Val Venis vs. Prince Albert

Albert gets a pre-match promo but Val dives onto him anyway (hard to do while wearing a towel). He even manages to handcuff Albert’s buddy Droz to the ring and hits a Money Shot on Albert before the bell. Albert gets handcuffed too and Val opens Albert’s tattooing kit. Albert’s tights go down (of course) and guess where Val tattoos him. It’s a VV, which just looks like a W. No match, and quite the retaliation for the forced nose piercing a few weeks ago.

Road Dogg/X-Pac/Kane vs. Acolytes/Billy Gunn

Hang on though (ERG!) as X-Pac wants the Acolytes to put up their Tag Team Titles. Sure, why not.

Tag Team Titles: Road Dogg/X-Pac/Kane vs. Acolytes/Billy Gunn

The Acolytes are defending and it’s not clear who exactly is challenging. It’s a brawl to start with X-Pac kicking Gunn in the face…and the Fameasser is good for the pin in just over a minute. Billy leaves with a Tag Team Title and oh my head hurts.

On GTV, AL Snow picks his nose but denies it to the Head.

A Seattle Seahawk is here. King: “What’s he doing in Memphis?” Fair question actually.

Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly

Fallout from Show chokeslamming Holly last week on Heat. Of course there’s something to be said before the match with Holly telling Show that he sucks. Holly is tired of hearing about how big Show is so let’s make this a hardcore match. Show chops him down in the aisle and they go up next to the stage to really go hardcore. They’re already in the back for the pre-tape with Holly missing a toss of a trashcan. They head into the parking lot with Show shoving a car off a ledge and possibly onto Holly, who is easily pinned. So that happened, again in about two minutes. Next segment.

Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco vs. Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon

The Stooges take them down and we’re ready to go in a hurry. Vince and Shane take over with rights and lefts in the corner and a low blow cuts Patterson off. Cue Ken Shamrock so Vince leaves Shane to take the beating. Shamrock chases Vince to the back but the Mean Street Posse comes in with Joey Abs making his debut and Pillmanizes Patterson’s ankle which is finally enough to have the match thrown out.

Brisco gets his ankle snapped too.

WWF World Title: Undertaker vs. HHH

Undertaker is defending and JR describes HHH as a “youngster”. Egads that’s hard to shake your head at anymore. They trade big shots in the corner and a clothesline takes HHH down for the first two. Old School connects but Undertaker comes up holding his knee. What a coincidence. HHH chop blocks him down and cannonballs down onto the knee but an unintentional Chyna distraction causes HHH to get pulled outside.

They slug it out on the ramp for a bit before heading back inside to continue the punching. You know, what passes for wrestling around here. Undertaker’s knee is wrapped around the post as HHH is trying to make this a match. We hit the Figure Four until Undertaker sits up and grabs him by the throat for the chokeslam ala Giant vs. Ric Flair. Not that it matters as here’s Rock for a Rock Bottom and the DQ.

Rating: D+. HHH was trying out there for some reason and that’s all you can ask for. Undertaker’s knee selling was fine but there’s only so much you can do with interference and brawling to fill in the span of less than seven minutes. That’s the problem with so many of the matches on this show and it’s holding back the matches that could work in the first place.

Post match Rock hammers on both of them as a smoking Brahma Bull logo comes down from the ceiling. The Acolytes come in for the save but the Boss Man runs in to take them out. Bearer gets tied to the symbol and Rock promises to win the title to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. Another Russo style show with nothing to see as they were trying as hard as they could to set up King of the Ring, though I couldn’t tell you more than two people in the actual tournament. As usual, pay per view doesn’t mean much in this era and it’s getting a little annoying having this happen week after week. At this point, a C- match that gets seven minutes would be the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I can see why this stuff was exciting at the time but egads it doesn’t hold up at all, especially with every match feeling like I’m just waiting on the big interference or whatever. Slow down a bit already.

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