Powerrr – February 11, 2020: The Other Idea

IMG Credit; National Wrestling Alliance

Date: February 11, 2020
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Joe Galli, Stu Bennett

We’re heading towards the Crockett Cup and we might have a bit of a change in the main event. This past Sunday saw the NWA come to Ring of Honor’s Free Enterprise event, where the terms for the NWA World Title match were confirmed. There was a new idea thrown out and I’m sure we’ll cover that this week. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Sean Mooney tells us to subscribe.

Opening sequence.

Dawsons vs. Bouncers

Eddie Kingston is here with the Bouncers, Pope is here with the Dawsons, Eli Drake is on commentary and a rowdy James Storm is behind trio to offer some shenanigans. Beer City Bruiser rams into Zane to start, followed by a clothesline to put Zane down. Brian (not Brawler here) comes in and doesn’t care for Dave chopping him that much. Some rapid fire Stink Faces from Milonas set up Bruiser’s non-bite bite (he doesn’t have teeth so it’s not really biting).

Bruiser gets taken into the corner though and the beatdown is on with the Dawsons getting to take turns on him. A double clothesline gets Bruiser out of trouble though and it’s back to Milonas to clean some house. The managers nearly get in a fight on the floor, allowing the Dawsons to powerbomb Milonas off the ropes for two. Not that it matters though as Milonas is right back with a superplex into a frog splash from Bruiser (the Blackout) for the pin on Zane at 5:16.

Rating: D+. I like the Bouncers but this wasn’t the right kind of match for them. They work well because they’re so much bigger than just about anyone they face but this was the opposite, which hurt them a good bit. It’s nice to have a fresh team around here though as the partnership with ROH pays some benefits.

Post match, Drake and Storm drink out of the Crockett Cup.

We’ll find out the date and the location of the Crockett Cup next week. If it’s not Center Stage in Atlanta, I don’t know what to tell you.

We see Nick Aldis challenging Marty Scurll to come up with his own counteroffer for the World Title match.

Thom Latimer is asked about his upcoming match with Tim Storm, which could put him in line for a World Title match. He isn’t interested in going after the title because that’s Strictly Business. Oh and the Wild Cards will get the Tag Team Titles back. Kamille teases slapping Dave Marquez but pats his jaw instead.

Thom Latimer vs. Tim Storm

Latimer jumps him to start and gets clotheslined to the floor without much effort. Back in and Storm hammers away as the fans are rather pleased with him taking over. The slugout goes to Storm until Latimer throws an elbow pad for a distraction, setting up a spear for two. Latimer drives in some elbows to the face but Storm starts…uh…storming up and hammers away, followed by a big boot. Latimer’s Canadian Destroyer is blocked with a backdrop but he avoids a charge to send Storm into the post. An implant DDT gives Latimer the pin at 5:32.

Rating: C. I know I’ve said this before but if this incarnation of the NWA gets credit for nothing else, they should get credit for making Tim Storm into a star. Storm is nearly fifty five years old and has no business being a big deal. The NWA has turned him into a hero the fans can believe in though and that’s downright impressive.

Post match here’s the fake Mama Storm, who Storm manages to not deck.

We look back at Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron Stevens going to a time limit draw but Trevor pinned him after the match was over.

Murdoch wants a rematch because he is the roughest and toughest man to wrestle in the NWA. He didn’t get the TV or National Title, but here’s Question Mark to sing the Mongrovian National Anthem. A challenge seems to be made and accepted.

It’s time for an Update with Sean Mooney (sweet goodness it’s nice to say that again, though sweeter gooderness it’s weird hearing him talk about Ring of Honor). We see a clip of the end of Free Enterprise with Marty Scurll offering to put up $500,000 for a title shot.

There is no Powerrr next week, as we will see the debut of Squared Circle, the new reality series.

Nikita Koloff wants to tell you about Jesus. Fair enough.

TV Title: Matt Cross vs. Ricky Starks

Starks is defending. They fight over a wristlock to start with Starks taking him to the mat in a chinlock. The fans get behind Starks as they get back up, with Starks running him over off a shoulder. Cross is back with a backbreaker for two and now the fans are split. A handspring elbow in the corner gets two on Starks and it’s time to fight over a suplex. Starks gets the better of it but we have less than a minute to go. Starks gets two more off a DDT but Cross is right back with the Cross Cutter as time expires at 6:05.

Rating: C+. The time limit is an interesting idea as you can rarely do anything special in that little amount of time (made even worse with the first gear starting) but it makes sense for this show. Starks is someone who suits the match well enough, but there are possibilities with a heel running away to retain the title over and over. Nice enough match here though, with both guys working in their limited time.

Post match here’s Zicky Dice to…declare himself outlandish. He could get the job done when Starks couldn’t.

Video on Thunder Rosa retaining the Women’s Title last week over Allysin Kay.

Marti Belle doesn’t think much of Kay and freaks out over the idea that Melina is influencing her. Kay doesn’t care about anyone or the NWA, but here’s Kay to respond. She says she does care about everyone here and accuses Belle of drinking the Kool-Aid. Those are fighting words…I think.

Melina vs. Tasha Steelz

Melina isn’t into shaking hands to start so Steelz hammers her in the face. That earns her a boot and clothesline to the jaw and Melina starts kicking in the corner. A running faceplant gives Melina two but Steelz is back up with some elbows to the jaw. There’s a jawbreaker to rock Melina again but she clotheslines Steelz’s head off. The Primal Scream finishes Steelz at 4:48.

Rating: D+. Nothing to see here as the women’s division continues to not be all that great. Melina is the biggest name in the division by several miles though and putting her against Thunder Rosa for the title is what makes the most sense. She isn’t exactly her old self in the ring but the star power is more than enough to keep her around at this level for the time being.

Post match Melina demands a title shot and she has sanctioned it herself.

Royce Isaacs/Nick Aldis vs. Rock N Roll Express

Sal Rinauro and Mae Valentine are in the crowd. The fans are behind the Express as Isaacs and Gibson get things going. Isaacs is all shaken up by Valentine being out there with Rinauro though and Aldis has to calm him down. That doesn’t go so well though as Gibson grabs the leg and brings in Morton. Gibson works on the leg again and even draws Aldis in so Morton can make the switch without a tag.

Aldis does come in legally but gets taken down by a Morton hurricanrana to get under his skin. Isaacs gets knocked outside again but he’s fine enough to choke Morton on the ropes to take over. Aldis comes in for a cheap shot to give Isaacs two and then comes in to hammer on Morton as well. A missed charge lets Morton make the hot tag to Gibson though (the amount of times that has been done over the years) and house is cleaned in a hurry. During the melee, Isaacs pokes Gibson in the eye and rolls him up for the pin with his feet on the ropes at 7:21.

Rating: C. The Express’ matches have to be on a bit of a sliding scale as there is only so much they can do in the ring but at least they had a good enough one here. It gives the heels a win and keeps the story going if they want to go there, while also keeping things moving with Rinauro vs. Isaacs.

Post match Isaacs leaves with Valentine.

A video on Scurll vs. Aldis ends the show.

Roll credits.

Overall Rating: C-. I can always appreciate a short show that manages to get a lot of stuff into their limited time. That was the case here and even thought hey didn’t get that much high quality stuff, it was at least entertaining and gave us some nice moments. Maybe having next week off can help things out a bit, though I’m not exactly feeling the idea of a reality series. Are they really that far along yet?

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