Impact Wrestling – September 22, 2020: He’s Not Main Event

IMG Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling
Date: September 22, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

We’re still on the way to Bound For Glory and now we have a main event with Eric Young defending the World Title against Rich Swann. Other than that it seems that we are in for a lot more of the Good Brothers, which may or may not be your cup of whatever your beverage of choice is. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel vs. TJP

The winner gets an X-Division Title shot against Rohit Raju, who comes out to watch. It’s a brawl to start with Bey hitting a hurricanrana on Trey before sending TJP outside. Trey and Bey run the ropes until Trey snapmares him down into a standing moonsault for an early two. TJP is back in with the Octopus on Trey before going down into a rollup for two.

Bey hits a DDT on TJP and a Downward Spiral on Trey at the same time for two each, meaning frustration is setting in early. A rolling neckbreaker gets two more on TJP but Trey comes back in to go after Bey. That lets TJP grab a Sharpshooter on Trey and a camel clutch on Bey at the same time. That’s broken up as well and Trey kicks Bey down, only to have TJP come back in with Three Amigos.

Something off the top misses though and Trey strikes them both in the head. A springboard double stomp to Bey’s back into a wristdrag to TJP has both of them down, allowing Trey to hit a neckbreaker for two on TJP. Trey goes up but dives into a cutter from Bey for two of his own. TJP grabs the kneebar on Bey but Trey comes back in with the Fresh Prince Of Mid Air for the pin on TJP at 7:11.

Rating: C+. As usual, this was a lot of fun as they just kept going for the entire match. That’s where the X-Division shines: letting people go in there and fly all over the place for a few minutes to offer some exciting matches. These three do it rather well and that’s what we got here without going on too long. Good opener.

And now, the title match.

X-Division Title: Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

Raju is defending and rolls him up with trunks for the pin at 7 seconds.

Eric Young says his conscience is clear because everything else is on Scott D’Amore and Rich Swann.

Kaleb says Tenille Dashwood is ready. Tenille says she is ready. At least they’re on the same page.

Here’s what else is coming tonight.

Kimber Lee vs. Susie

Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie Rae are here as well. Susie throws Lee down into the splits to start but can’t quite do them herself. She can however take Lee down into a jackknife cover for two, setting up a bow. A bulldog gets two more but lee is back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the same. Susie gets thrown outside for a cheap shot from Purrazzo and we take a break.

Back with Lee hitting a series of kicks to the head for two and it’s time to crank on the leg. Susie fights up and sends her into the corner but the Arachnarana is countered into a Boston crab. The rope is grabbed and the comeback is on though, with a series of strikes sending Lee into the corner. Lee is back with a powerbomb for two but she takes too long loading up the Swanton. Purrazzo hits Lee by mistake though and it’s the Panic Switch to finish Lee at 11:44.

Rating: C. This is more like it from the Knockouts as they have something beyond the title feud. Susie continues to show more flashes of Su Yung and that is going to make for something interesting in the future. Evil Susie vs. Smiley Kylie could be good stuff, but that might be getting ahead of things. For now, I’ll take perfectly watchable wrestling.

Post match Susie starts to snap but Kylie talks her down. Purrazzo jumps Kylie and comes after Susie’s arm but Kylie makes the save. Kylie promises to win the title and wants the shot at Bound For Glory.

We get a HeathForImpact commercial, with Heath talking about how he wants to wrestle here because he loves wrestling and his best friend is here. That means a quick appeal about Rhino conservation, which can be guaranteed if Heath is around. You can help by just getting Impact officials on their side. Even celebrities approve of this, including David Hasselhoff, Flava Flav, Nancy Kerrigan and Chuck Norris (Cameo is a wonderful thing).

DeLorian Brown wants you to help him because Heath has kids. Heath says his truck got stolen, sending Brown over the edge about how this is different than Bret Hart having his jacket stolen by Repo Man (Or by Jean Pierre-Lafitte. Repo Man stole Randy Savage’s hat but points for trying.). Heath’s kids say Heath should get a job because he can’t do anything else. This was GREAT and you could see all of the effort they put into the thing. Nicely done.

The Good Brothers come up to the Motor City Machine Guns to talk about last week. The Rascalz come in to say they want their shot at the Good Brothers and it seems to be set.

Flashback Moment of the Week: AJ Styles b. Bully Ray to win the World Title at Bound For Glory 2013.

EC3 talks about having what he loves stolen from him. Moose must feel violated and now it’s time to come together to find Moose’s TNA World Title. EC3 gives out Moose’s phone number so fans can send him information as he tries to control his narrative.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie argue about their various problems with Taya offering to help Rosemary first. Rosemary: “…really?”

John E. Bravo is with most of the Wrestle House cast so they can get ready for the wedding. The Deaners don’t like being called irrelevant until Wrestle House so they leave for their match. Johnny Swinger and Fallah Bahh get in an argument over who should be the best man. Tommy Dreamer: “MATCH TI…..” Bravo: “THIS ISN’T WRESTLE HOUSE!”

Brian Myers isn’t happy and turns over a table but here’s Tommy Dreamer (back to back segments) to interrupt. Dreamer talks about how this is a new start for Myers so he needs to clean this stuff up. Myers actually agrees.

Cody Deaner comes out for a match but Eric Young jumps him from behind. The beatdown is on with Eric hitting a quick piledriver. Young tries to break the leg so here’s Cousin Jake for the save. Young says that this is by design and his world before jumping Jake from behind. The beatdown stays on and Young asks if Scott D’Amore, Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann are watching. This is his world now and it’s all in his control.

The Deaners are beaten down even more and Young says this is all by design. He goes after Jake’s knee as well, beats up security, and then hurts Jake’s knee again. Cue D’Amore to try and break it up with Eric saying it’s D’Amore’s fault. Eddie Edwards is finally here for the save after a ten minute beating where Young made it very, very, VERY clear that he wasn’t to be blamed for this because it was all D’Amore’s fault and it was by design. There is very little depth or definition to this whole thing and it certainly doesn’t feel like a World Title level feud.

Post break Eddie Edwards demands the rematch with Young so D’Amore gives him one at Victory Road on October 3.

Rob Van Dam vs. Sami Callihan

Katie Forbes is here with Rob and if he wins, she gets five minutes with Sami. The brawl starts on the floor before the bell with Rob going into the barricade. Sami sends him in again, stops to glare at Katie, and hits a running chop to keep Rob in trouble. Rob gets in his own whip into the barricade and it’s Rolling Thunder on the floor. Katie thinks that was hot and Rob hits a running spinwheel kick against the apron.

They get inside for the opening bell with Sami taking him into the corner to hammer away. Rob sends him into the ropes though and Katie gets in a knee, allowing Van Dam to kick Sami down as we take a break. Back with Rob hitting a running dropkick in the corner, followed by a camel clutch. A bit to the hand breaks that up but Rob is right back with a bodyscissors. That’s broken up as well and they trade rakes to the eyes, setting up a DDT for two on Van Dam. Katie gets up on the apron for a distraction though and sprays hairspray in Sami’s eyes. Van Dam rolls him up for the pin at 9:32.

Rating: C-. It really might be time for Van Dam to hang it up as this isn’t working very well anymore. Things have not gotten to the point of embarrassing yet, but that might be pretty soon around the corner. The Katie stuff wasn’t interesting in the first place and has gone downhill in a hurry. Van Dam has been old for a good bit now and this didn’t exactly look great either. He’s still passable, but he might want to think about stopping before it gets worse.

Post match Katie says she has this and stomps away, setting up a running hip attack in the corner. Sami gets up and tries the piledriver but Rob runs in to kick him down. Rob brings in a chair but Sami hits him with it instead. The piledriver plants Katie and Sami counts his own pin.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton say they want the Tag Team Titles but the North come in to say they were champs for over a year. The match is set for next week.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Kaleb (whose chiron says “Kaleb With A K”) handles Tenille’s entrance. Dashwood knocks her into the corner to start and hammers away but Grace gets in an elbow to the face. Grace knocks her outside but misses a baseball slide, meaning the stomping is on. A neckbreaker over the middle rope gets two on Grace and a reverse DDT gets the same. We hit the double arm choke until Grace fights up, only to fail at the Grace Driver.

The Michinoku Driver connects for two instead but the superplex is countered into an Alberto double stomp. The Taste of Tenille gives Tenille two more so Grace grabs a spinebuster for two more. Grace loads up the Grace Driver again but Kaleb offers a distraction, allowing Tenille to hit the Spotlight Kick for the pin at 9:05.

Rating: C. I like both of them but this was a pretty flat main event. I’m not sure what the deal is with Dashwood, as she seems to have all of the tools to be a big star but it never really clicks. She’s WAY beyond the Emma stuff and feels like her own person. It just isn’t coming together and never really has. I don’t get it, as she certainly feels like a star, but then the bell rings and it all falls away for some reason.

Eddie Edwards leaves the building and someone jumps him.

Overall Rating: C-. I wasn’t feeling this one as much as the wrestling was just ok and the big angle with Eric only worked so well. He still feels like he’s punching WAY above his head and it’s not working. The rest of the show was decent at best and that’s not quite enough to make me think much of everything. The build for Bound For Glory should help, but this was only so good throughout.


Trey Miguel b. TJP and Chris Bey – Fresh Prince Of Mid Air to TJP

Rohit Raju b. Trey Miguel – Rollup with trunks

Susie b. Kimber Lee – Panic Switch

Rob Van Dam b. Sami Callihan – Rollup

Tenille Dashwood b. Jordynne Grace – Spotlight Kick



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