ECW on Sci Fi – February 20, 2007: Back On The Scoreboard

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: February 20, 2007
Location: ipayOne Center, San Diego, California
Attendance: 7,50
Commentators: Joey Styles, John Bradshaw Layfield

We’re done with No Way Out and ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley is still ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley despite getting disqualified against Mr. Kennedy. That means we are likely in for a rematch and that could be enough to keep Lashley busy until we get close to Wrestlemania. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.In Memory of Mike Awesome.

Mr. Kennedy is getting a rematch with Bobby Lashley tonight, with Hardcore Holly thrown in.

Opening sequence.

Here is the New Breed for a chat. They brag about their success last week, which is proof that any one of them can beat any one of the ECW Originals. Matt Striker picks Kevin Thorn for the team so here are the Originals with their pick.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kevin Thorn

Everyone else is at ringside. Thorn kicks him in the ribs to break up the early thumb pointing but gets kicked outside for his efforts. The thumb pointing is broken up again and Thorn pounds away in the corner until Rob knocks him outside. That means a big dive over the top, meaning the big brawl on the floor is on.

Everything is finally broken up and we take a fast break. Back with everyone else gone and Rob hitting a spinwheel kick for a breather. Rob kicks him down again and Rolling Thunder is good for a delayed two. There’s the top rope kick to the face for two and a low high crossbody gets two more. The stepover kick to the face into the Five Star finishes Thorn.

Rating: C-. This felt like little more than a way to get the Originals a win and it isn’t like Van Dam beating Thorn is some big upset. The big brawl at ringside is what mattered here and you know that things are going to keep going for a long time to come. What matters here though is making things feel more even and Van Dam winning clean does that well. Not a particularly good match, but it did what needed to be done.

Video on Snitsky.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro

Melina is here with Nitro. Punk headlock takeovers him to start and grabs a hammerlock. That doesn’t last long as Nitro is back up with a headlock of his own. That earns him a leg lariat but Nitro knocks him down again and hammers at Punk’s face. The breakdancing legdrop gets two and Nitro grabs the cravate. Punk fights up again and hits a kick to the head, setting up some knees to the face. Melina breaks up the springboard clothesline though, allowing Nitro to hit a spinning kick to the chest for two of his own. The corkscrew moonsault misses Punk though and the GTS sends Punk to Wrestlemania.

Rating: C. Simple but efficient match here with a bit of a surprise winner. Punk is a big deal in ECW but Nitro has been a pretty established name on both Raw and Smackdown. This was a good win for Punk and while he isn’t going to win Money in the Bank, it means something for him just to be put in the spot in the first place.

Mr. Kennedy doesn’t know why tonight’s title match is a triple threat. Hardcore Holly comes in to say life isn’t fair. ECW is Holly’s world and Kennedy isn’t winning the title.

La Resistance vs. Los Luchas

A spinebuster into Au Revoir gives La Resistance the win in about thirty seconds.

Post match here is Snitsky to lay out La Resistance to give this a point.

We get another video on Bobby Lashley, this time talking about growing up in a military family. Then his parents got divorced and it was time to move into sports to give him a focus. He won a National Championship but there was no one there to celebrate with him. That’s pretty rough.

Extreme Expose.

Mr. Perfect Hall of Fame video.

ECW World Title: Hardcore Holly vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley is defending. Holly gets knocked down to start so Kennedy takes Lashley into the corner. Lashley fights back on both of them without much trouble, including some shoulders to Kennedy in the corner. Kennedy sends Lashley into the corner and suplexes Holly for two. We settle down a bit and it’s Kennedy hitting a running knee to Lashley in the corner, only to get full nelson slammed by Holly. Lashley is back up to send Kennedy to the floor and backdrop Holly down again.

That earns Kennedy a hard whip into the steps but Holly is back up with a baseball slide to Lashley. Back in and Holly grabs a chinlock on Lashley, who powers up to get Holly on his back without much trouble. With Holly still holding on, Lashley punches Kennedy in the face a few times. Holly jumps Lashley again and grabs a chair, setting up the Alabama Slam… not onto the chair for some reason. Kennedy breaks up the cover and chairs Holly by mistake, allowing Lashley to hit the running powerslam to retain.

Rating: C. This was a good illustration of how Lashley needs new opponents. He was in a glorified handicap match here and still ran through both guys in less than seven minutes. There is no one on ECW to challenge Lashley at the moment and that means he is going to need someone big to come in sooner rather than later. For now though, this worked as another fine demonstration of the dominance.

Overall Rating: C-. It wasn’t a great show, but it was a show that felt a lot more structured. It felt like ECW is finally starting to get things going and find their way, which is long overdue. Now they need some fresh talent to go with that structure, though I’m not sure how much of a priority the show is going to be until a good while after ECW.

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