Impact Wrestling – October 28, 2021: The Next step

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 28, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

We’re at the beginning of a new era in Impact Wrestling as this is the first show after Bound For Glory. We do have a new World Champion, but it is not Josh Alexander, who was challenging Christian Cage at the pay per view. Alexander did win, but Moose cashed in his Call Your Shot title match to leave as champion. That’s your big story and now we get to see everything else too. Let’s get to it.

Here is Bound For Glory If You Need A Recap.

We open with a long recap of Bound For Glory, as you kind of have to do.

Opening sequence.

Here is Moose to get things going but cue Eddie Edwards with a kendo stick. The brawl is on with Moose tossing him outside but getting caught with some kendo stick shots. Security breaks it up and gets Eddie to the back, meaning it’s time for Moose’s title win. Moose talks about everything he had to do to get here and brags about finally getting his hands on the title. He took the title from Josh Alexander in front of Alexander’s wife and child, but Moose has no sympathy.

Now he is the greatest champion and it doesn’t matter if you are elite, the chief of a tribe, the Boss, the Man, a king, the queen or what day you own a title. You can add a NEW DAY to the week and he is still the greatest champion in wrestling. He has done some horrible things to get here, but imagine what he will do to keep it.

Cue Alexander to take Moose down and hammer away but Moose gets away. Now it’s Minoru Suzuki for the showdown with Alexander and I think we have Alexander’s rebound match. Alexander turns to stare at Moose but Suzuki turns him around to start the brawl. Referees and security break it up in a hurry and I could go for more of this. Moose’s promo was rather braggadocios but it felt like something that suited him rather than just crazy rambling.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

We get part of the IInspiration music video.

Moose is ready to deal with the locker room that he has angered over the years and yes, he can handle it. Cue Matt Cardona to say he got this close at Bound For Glory and he’s coming for the title. Security has to break them up too.

X-Division Title: Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel

Miguel is defending. They fight over wrist control to start with Romero getting the better of things until Miguel gets in an armdrag. A dropkick puts Romero in the ropes and Miguel grabs something like an Octopus with Romero still down. Miguel sends him outside for the middle rope moonsault as we take a break.

Back with Romero elbowing him in the face and working on the arm that he banged up during the break. A dropkick puts Miguel on the floor and Romero hits a running shot to rock him again. Back in and a hurricanrana into a cross armbreaker has Miguel in trouble so he stacks it up for the escape.

Romero doesn’t let go though and powerbombs the heck out of Miguel. They slug it out from their knees until Miguel kicks him in the face. The top rope Meteora connects but Romero rolls through into a half crab. That’s broken up as well and Miguel hits him in the face but has to counter the Forever Clotheslines. Miguel cuts him off again and this time the top rope Meteora retains the title at 11:40.

Rating: B-. This was the good version of Romero with the counters and the good strikes and it was a solid match as a result. Sometimes Romero can be all over the place so it’s nice to see the better side coming out. Miguel gets a win over a name challenge in his first defense as well, meaning we can move on and find the first big challenger.

Post match, Steve Maclin runs in and takes Miguel out.

Jordynne Grace thinks she is perfect as the first Digital Media Champion. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans come up to mock Grace and Rachael Ellering. That doesn’t bother Ellering, who is ready to fight Steelz, as scheduled, tonight.

Steve Maclin says no one has beaten him and he wants the X-Division Title. Scott D’Amore comes in to say he can get the title shot if he earns it next week. With that done, Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona come up to argue over the title shot. D’Amore makes a six man tag with the two of them and Josh Alexander vs. Moose and anyone he can find. Hold on though as now D’Amore has to go and stop Alexander from attacking a referee. D’Amore explains the six man tag and tells Alexander that he can be the face of the company. He is a machine, but don’t run on emotions. Do it for his family.

Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering

Savannah Evans and Jordynne Grace are here too. Ellering chops away in the corner and scores with a running backsplash, setting up an STO. Steelz snaps her throat across the top though and the forearms ensue. A tornado DDT plants Ellering for two and we hit the chinlock. Steelz sends her outside and then back in for the stomping but this time Ellering grabs a fisherman’s buster for a sudden two. A rather messy backslide finishes Steelz at 5:09.

Rating: D. This was a pretty lame miss as they didn’t seem to have much to do and then the ending was even worse. Steelz isn’t the greatest in the ring and while Ellering is good, she needs something better to work with here. It could have been worse, but this wasn’t the best.

W. Morrissey says Moose betrayed him and he still wants the World Title. Moose comes in to say he screwed Morrissey before Morrissey could screw him, which is what he promised. He offers Morrissey the first shot for help in next week’s six man but Morrissey doesn’t answer.

The IInspiration is happy to be here and say they want to give back and inspire the division. When asked what that means, they talk about how great they are and end the interview. Yeah they’re still just the IIconics.

Joe Doering vs. Heath

The rest of Violent By Design and Rhino are here too. Heath dodges around to start but Doering runs him over with a crossbody for two. Some right hands put Heath down again but he’s back up with some forearms. There’s a running ax kick to drop Doering again as the comeback is on. Deaner trips Heath though and it’s a big brawl for the no contest at 3:14.

Rating: D+. Another match that didn’t have time to go anywhere as we continue on the road to what is likely a big tag team showdown. I’m not sure how long this feud can keep going, but it has breathed new life into Rhino, which is quite the trick at this point in his career. At least they didn’t have Heath lose here, so it could have been a lot worse.

Post match the brawl is on until Eric Young distracts Rhino so Violent By Design (including the now healthy Young) destroys Heath and Rhino.

The Good Brothers brag about their win at Bound For Glory but FinJuice comes in to say they did the work in the match. The challenge is on but the Brothers tell them to earn it.

The (certainly not KISS) Demon is here but Johnny Swinger complains about how 1993 has been the worst year of his career. Swinger shouts a lot but the rest of Decay comes in to scare him off (as he thinks it’s the Dungeon Of Doom, which was awesome).

Here is Mickie James for a chat. When she came back, she didn’t have the Knockouts Title on her mind but she wasn’t about to turn down that kind of opportunity. She thanks Deonna Purrazzo for an amazing match at Bound For Glory but there are a lot of talented women back there who want a shot of their own. Cue Madison Rayne, with Kaleb With A K, who is glad that Mickie is back. Madison doesn’t know why she isn’t listed among the all time greats, because she has been here forever. Mickie points out the times Madison has left but Madison is right back with the challenge for the title match next week. Game on.

Moose and W. Morrissey recruit Minoru Suzuki to be their partner. The chance to get his hands on Josh Alexander is enough to get him to say yes.

Ace Austin vs. Chris Sabin

Madman Fulton is here with Austin. They go with the exchange of arm cranking to start until Sabin gets two off la majistral. Back up and Austin misses a spinning kick to the face, allowing Sabin to take him down by the leg. The Iron Maiden works on the leg some more but Austin gets out and kicks him down. Austin eventually hits a suplex for two and it’s time for the playing card cut on the finger. A legdrop is good for the same and we take a break with Sabin in trouble.

Back with Austin catapulting him throat first into the bottom rope but missing a middle rope legdrop. That’s enough for Sabin to start the comeback with the running forearms and a fisherman’s buster for two of his own. It’s too early for the Cradle Shock though and Austin kicks him in the back.

An exchange of kicks to the head puts both of them down, with the fans chanting THIS IS IMPACT. It’s Austin back up first with a springboard kick to the face but the Fold is blocked. Sabin’s big tornado DDT gets two and the fans are way into this again. Back up and Sabin backdrops Austin over the top and onto Fulton but Fulton is back up with a distraction. Now the Fold can finish Sabin at 14:48.

Rating: B. I was getting quite into this one by the end and that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. These guys are able to do all kinds of things in the ring and they had a good back and forth match here. Fulton interfering gives Austin the win and saves some of Sabin’s face so this was about as good as it could have gone. Solid match and it was nice to see a main event where the other stars got a chance to shine.

Overall Rating: C+. This didn’t exactly feel like the fallout show from the biggest night of the year but it did feel like a pretty nice regular television show. I’ll certainly take what I can get in that regard and the action was more good than bad. I liked the show and I’m curious to see where some of these stories go, so they are off to a good start after Bound For Glory.

Trey Miguel b. Rocky Romero – Top rope Meteora
Rachael Ellering b. Tasha Steelz – Backslide
Heath vs. Joe Doering went to a no contest
Ace Austin b. Chris Sabin – The Fold



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