Smackdown – October 20, 2023: Talk To Me

Date: October 20, 2023
Location: Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Kevin Patrick

We’re just over two weeks away from Crown Jewel and as expected, Roman Reigns defending against LA Knight has been made official for the show. That takes care of the main event, but there are still some other things that need to be set up. There is also a good chance that we will be seeing something from Jey Uso tonight after his brother Jimmy cost he and Cody Rhodes the Tag Team Titles on Raw. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

We open with a long recap of LA Knight/John Cena confronting the Bloodline last week.

Here is Paul Heyman to get things going. Knight talks about how Jimmy Uso cost Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes the Tag Team Titles on Raw before moving on to LA Knight vs. Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. Heyman insults the Texas crowd and says everyone here is a fan of Knight, just like him. Therefore, you must watch Crown Jewel because Knight is going to get smashed for the last time.

Cue Knight, to say he isn’t here to talk to Heyman, so get Reigns out here right now. Heyman goes to leave (as Knight said he could) but Knight calls him back in here right now. Knight asks what Reigns is going to be doing to him but won’t let Heyman answer. As Heyman goes to leave again, Knight threatens to knock his hair back to gray. The word on the street is last week’s spear was just a warning shot and Knight knows Reigns is scared. As fast as Knight has risen up through WWE is as fast as he’ll take that title from Reigns.

Knight tells Heyman to say YEAH. Heyman: “Yeah.” Knight: “You’re pathetic.” Knight wants to know whose game this is and tells Heyman to tell Reigns whose waiting for him at Crown Jewel. Heyman calls Reigns as Knight leaves. This was straight fire from Knight and he has the eyes to back it up. Those are the eyes that you would see from people like Steve Austin, where you can feel how serious he looks and it works so well.

Bobby Lashley and Angelo Dawkins fire up Montez Ford.

Santos Escobar vs. Montez Ford

The rest of the LWO and Dawkins are here too. Ford starts fast and runs him over for an early two, followed by a heck of a dropkick. This allows commentary to say that Carlito is back in WWE for the first time in a decade as last year’s return is already being erased from history. Escobar tries to fight back but gets knocked to the floor as we take an early break. Back with Ford coming off the top with a backwards bulldog (that was different) but Escobar knocks him to the floor. There’s the big dive to take Ford down but Dawkins pulls him to the floor. The fight is on outside, allowing Ford to grab a rollup with tights for the pin at 8:51.

Rating: C+. This was a way to get Ford and the Street Profits a needed win to calm Bobby Lashley down. At the same time, it makes me wonder how much longer it is going to be before Escobar turns on the LWO. He keeps losing and that is likely going to result in him snapping, which is almost long overdue at this point.

Post match the beatdown stays on but Carlito runs in with a chair for the save.

Post break Rey Mysterio says the LWO is family (despite not being out there for the match) and says he has to deal with Logan Paul. Zelina Vega offers to be there wit him but he respectfully declines.

Pretty Deadly have a spa day and brag about winning last week. They’re sure they’re done with the Brawling Brutes, who then jump them from behind.

Jimmy Uso brags about costing Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes the Tag Team Titles last week but Paul Heyman sees John Cena arriving on the monitor.

Here is John Cena for a chat. The fans give him the usual THANK YOU CENA chant, which seems to get to him a bit more than usual. He says he had a rough day with some honest truths hitting him. Cena talks about how Reigns has had an incredible streak as Universal Champion, but Cena has a streak of his own: 2,002 days since he last won a televised singles match.

That’s all the way back in 2018 and he’s been talking a lot about retirement. It’s time that we all face facts. The fans say he still has it….and Cena says he still believes in all of this and says it’s time to turn the math around. He wants someone to come through that curtain right now and they’re going to get smoked.

John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa

The fight is on (no bell or referee) but here is Jimmy Uso to jump Cena. Jey Uso (in disguise) comes in to to after Jimmy but security and referees beak it up (with Jimmy calling for a time out). Sikoa loads up the Spike but gets caught with the AA. No match.

We look at Logan Paul winning a boxing match last weekend.

We look at Judgment Day regaining the Tag Team Titles on Raw.

Jimmy Uso is brought to Nick Aldis’ office, where Adam Pearce is here too. Aldis fines Jimmy $10,000 and has him thrown out of the building. Pearce can be thrown out too. Pearce: “Let the games begin.”

Here is Logan Paul for a chat. He talks about winning a fight in London six days ago, even if it was a pathetic excuse for a fight. If he wanted real competition, he should have come here. He got to beat up someone who hides behind the mask of the internet, and speaking of here with people who wear masks…..but no he isn’t here for Rey Mysterio. See, he already beat Mysterio in his first ever WWE match.

The last time he beat Rey Mysterio, Dominik was still Rey’s son and Roman Reigns actually showed up to wrestle. Mysterio does have one thing that Paul wants though and that is the coveted US Championship. Paul beat up a deadbeat dad last week and he’ll have to do it again at Crown Jewel.

Cue Mysterio to say Paul reminds him of Dominik. There is all of the natural ability in the world, but he needs some humbling. He was a little hesitant to beat some sense into Dominik but he won’t hesitate to do it to Paul. The title match is on for Crown Jewel. Rey says something in Spanish, with Paul responding with “Good luck friend” in Spanish. They tentatively shake hands. As usual, Paul is an absolute star and him winning the title isn’t the craziest thing in the world.

Video on Charlotte vs. Iyo Sky.

Cameron Grimes/Dragon Lee vs. Austin Theory/Grayson Waller

Lee takes over on Waller to start and everything breaks down with all four heading outside. The villains are sent into various things and we take an early break. Back with Grimes kicking away and sending Waller to the floor. Lee hits a big flip dive and the flipping powerslam gives Grimes two on Theory. Waller sends Lee into the announcers’ table and grabs the rolling Downward Spiral on Grimes. A Town Down finishes Grimes off at 6:01. Not enough shown to rate but this was mostly a squash until the ending.

Earlier today we got a sitdown interview with Kevin Owens, who is upset at being split up from Sami Zayn so soon after losing the Tag Team Titles. That being said, he’s glad to be back on Smackdown with a clean slate. He has a history with the Bloodline and yes the Yokozuna shirt is just a coincidence. Owens talks about the names that he hasn’t faced around here and asks Cathy Kelly who she wants him to punch. She says she has to be professional….but people do say that Austin Theory and Grayson Waller have punchable faces.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Iyo Sky vs. Charlotte

Sky, with the rest of Damage CTRL, is defending and is knocked to the floor for a break 17 seconds in. Back with Charlotte being sent into the corner but managing to kick Sky in the face. Bayley offers a distraction though and Sky kicks Charlotte to the floor, setting up a big dive. Back in and Sky grabs a chinlock but Charlotte suplexes her way to freedom. Charlotte misses a charge in the corner though and Sky strikes away before leveraging Charlotte out to the floor. Sky follows her out and gets dropped face first onto the apron as we take another break.

Back with Sky hitting a sunset bomb for two more, followed by the running knees in the corner. A crossface goes on to put Charlotte in more trouble but she reverses into a wheelbarrow suplex. Charlotte hits back to back fall away slams, followed by a super Samoan drop for two. Sky slips out of the Walls of Jericho and avoids a knee to her own knee. Over The Moonsault hits raised knees though and a spear gets two, with Bayley putting the foot on the rope. Charlotte goes after Bayley so Dakota Kai offers another distraction, allowing Sky to use the title to block the spear and retain at 16:08.

Rating: B-. This was the kind of match you would expect from them and it was kind of nice to avoid Charlotte getting the title back. Sky went a good bit more heelish to retain the title here and that could set up a rematch down the line. For now though, it was a solid main event and Charlotte couldn’t overcome the odds so we’ll call it a success.

Post match the beatdown is on but Bianca Belair returns for the save to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a very talking heavy show and thankfully the talking was mostly good. That being said, I could go for more than three matches in two hours with one of them not even being long enough to rate. The good thing is they added some stuff to Crown Jewel or at least build up the card a bit more. Overall though, this just wasn’t a great show as it had such a long stretch between matches. I’m fine with a focus on things other than matches, but having nearly an hour without a match is a bit much to take.

Montez Ford b. Santos Escobar – Rollup with trunks
Austin Theory/Grayson Waller b. Cameron Grimes/Dragon Lee – A Town Down to Grimes
Iyo Sky b. Charlotte – Belt shot



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