Check Out The 6th Annual WrestleZone Tournament

I’m sure all of you at some point have thought about who the best wrestler ever is. Well on WrestleZone, every year we try to figure out who he is. We take 128 of the greatest wrestlers of all time from around the world and rank then like the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll narrow down the field is down to one. This is the biggest event of the forums and I’m personally running the tournament for the third straight year. We hope you’ll join us for a very fun event and some excellent discussion.

Here’s a link to the main tournament section of the forums:

And the brackets:

Please keep in mind that in order to vote in a poll, we require you to have ten non-spam posts. This is done to prevent people from flooding the polls in someone’s favor unfairly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here.


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  1. Macios says:

    I’ll be browsing the tournament even though I can’t participate. I’ve been enjoying the Debate League as well and I’m hoping Rohan can win the thing. My personal pick for who I think is going to win this year is Hulk Hogan. It’s ashame I’m still banned cause I always enjoyed posting in the tourney. October 21st though I make my return. And I would like to say my mental health has been pretty decent for the last 4 months so hopefulyl if i stay clean then I can make a good return.

    Anyways looking forward to the tournament.