Bret Hart vs. HHH

I’m a bit late to this one but it’s a major story from earlier in the week.  Basically Bret Hart said that HHH has never had a great match and isn’t even in the top 1000 wrestlers of all time.  Now there are a few possible explanations to this.First and foremost, Bret is incorrect.  I greatly respect Bret Hart, but I don’t know if I could come up with 1000 wrestlers if I tried all day.  To say all of them are better than HHH is impossible to believe.  Now of course Bret doesn’t mean that literally, but the idea still makes sense.


The second possibility is that Bret has incredibly high standards.  There is definitely something to this as I’ve heard of Bret watching his own matches and being disgusted by his lack of psychology because the three moves he used should have set up an armbar and he used a wristlock instead.  That’s stuff probably 95% of pro wrestlers aren’t going to pick up on but to Bret it’s terrible.


Now for the theory that makes the most sense: HHH knew about Montreal in advance and allegedly was the guy who said go ahead and do it.  Since Shawn and Bret have made amends and Bret has talked about how great Shawn is, who else is he supposed to go after with his latest Montreal rage?


It’s not like Bret is in need of publicity as he could probably be on Raw or Smackdown a few times a month with one phone call.  My money would be on Montreal, but maybe Bret just isn’t a fan of HHH.  I may have watched a lot of wrestling, but I certainly don’t know a fraction of what Bret knows.  It was a very odd statement though.


  1. M.R. says:

    Bret Hart is terribly overrated. Great worker, zero charisma.

  2. Chrisman says:

    His lack of charisma was part of his charisma. He was just real to himself. There was no ‘character’ there at all. He was just him. And it worked. His super-face and super-heel personas were pretty similar. He didn’t need to act. He just lived it. Most wrestler’s character is a souped-up version of themselves. Not Brett. He was just a normal version of himself. Which was a wrestler.

    As for the HHH thing, yeah I saw that and thought that Brett looked a bit pathetic. There has to be an angle, maybe they’re going to be heel v face GMs or something. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a shit and is just voicing his general dislike of HHH. I don’t think Brett is particularly media savvy, he just responds honestly to things. We all have our pet hate wrestlers, Brett probably hates HHH because in some was HHH is portrayed as an excellence of execution type of guy, all technique and psychology. Just like Brett.

    M.R. Reply:

    Oh look, another Bret Hart apologist. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile..

  3. Chrisman says:

    You should get out more then!

    Apologist? Fan? Voice of reason? Devil’s Advocate? The mystery deepens….