So Who Is The VP Of Aces and 8’s?

On Impact Angle unmasked the second in command and was shocked at who he saw.  He said “how could you” as he looked down at the guy, which means it’s someone we’ve probably known all along.  The most likely suspects are:Hogan: He’s a suspect for the leader of any heel stable because that’s the best idea TNA can come up with.

Joe: It would be a swerve, which is what TNA does most often.  It wouldn’t make sense but it would be the most likely pick probably.

Park/Abyss: Again it would be a surprise, but can you picture either character as the leader of a biker gang?

Bully Ray: Yeah he was in the ring on a live show seconds before this happened, but why should that stop them?

Brooke: Not the size, but if it gets Brooke a more prominent role on TV, why not do it?

Matt Morgan: He popped up on Impact for the first time in months at the same time the VP arrived, which sounds to be too much to be a coincidence to me.

D’Lo Brown: He’s been mentioned for months as a member of the team and there were small hints to it being him months ago, but to call this an underwhelming development would be the understatement of all time.

Eric Bischoff: Same reason as Hulk.

AJ Styles: The motorcycle he rode off on would seem to be a clue, but AJ was doing fine when the whole story started which would make a lot less sense.  it would however give us a top star in Aces and 8’s, which is what they need more than anything.

Jeff Jarrett: He’s been mentioned as a potential leader for months but why would that shock Angle, who has feuded on and off with Jarrett for years now?


At the end of the day, I’m going with either Joe or Park as VP with Eric Bischoff winding up as the leader/mastermind of the whole thing.  Not that either of them would be a great pick, but this is TNA where the reveals of leaders are rarely anything good.




  1. Jay H. says:

    My fear is that its Hogan because this is TNA and thats how they roll. He wasn’t on Impact all night and he no showed the Main Event the week before. I could see it being Joseph Park or D-Lo Brown.

  2. james gracie says:

    Based on the size of the guy(if TNA is gonna keep that continuity, but you never know) It has to be either Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Park/Abyss or D Lo Brown. I think the actual guy is D-Lo under the mask but that doesn’t mean it will be revealed to be him.

    I’m hoping it’s Bully or Joe. D-Lo would be too underwhelming(like D-von) and I like the Joseph Park character too much right now for him to turn.

    I’ll be really mad if it’s Hogan. They already did that with Immortal and Hogan has turned so many times it’s nothing special anymore

  3. M.R. says:

    They really know how to drag out a storyline that no one gives a shit about. If they would put as much effort into developing talent as they do trying to wedge Hogan onto television, maybe we could have an X Division again.

  4. Jack says:

    I am honestly thinking..Steiner may have returned.