On This Day: March 20, 2012 – Xplosion: I See Why They Don’t Talk About This Show

Date: March 20, 2012
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Eric Bischoff

This is another show I’ve never looked at before but I need something for this date. Xplosion is TNA’s secondary show which you hardly ever hear about for no apparent reason. For a company that has so many issues related to the lack of TV time they have, not talking about an extra hour a week they have to use isn’t the smartest idea in the world. I have no idea what to expect here but we’re just after Victory Road where pretty much nothing happened. Let’s get to it.

Bischoff is introduced as a surprise commentator but he has to tweet something on the way to the ring. This was TNA’s REALLY big thing at the time and it made WWE’s obsession with it pale in comparison.

Eric Young vs. Kazarian

Young and ODB recently won the Knockouts Tag Titles which they still hold as of this writing. There are blue lights in the arena for some reason, making it look like a more laid back Sin Cara match. Eric locks up with the referee to start before things speed up. It’s a crisscross but Kaz rolls out of the ring. Young keeps running until Kaz gets on the mic and calls him a buffoon. Kaz wants none of this tomfoolery so he heads back inside, only to be caught in an armbar.

Young gets thrown to the floor as the fans loudly cheer for the bizarre one. We take a break and come back with Kaz holding a chinlock. Young fights up with some shots to the ribs, only to get caught by a spin kick to the face. Off to a front facelock for a bit until Eric comes back with a jawbreaker. For no apparent reason Young takes his pants off and comes back with a belly to belly suplex. A slam puts Kaz down again and there’s a top rope elbow for two. Kaz comes back by putting Eric’s pants on his face (just go with it) but Eric hits a missile dropkick for two. A low blow and rollup with feet on the ropes gives Kaz the pin.

Rating: D-. I do not like Eric Young. His “comedy” isn’t funny and it only has been once or twice in his entire run in TNA. Seeing a man put his pants on his head and seeing him enjoy it doesn’t make me care about this guy and I have no desire to see his schtick anymore. Hopefully he stops it now that he’s come back to TNA.

Something is strange here because we’re getting a preview of Victory Road which would have already happened when this show aired. Maybe the date on the video I have is wrong but it’s the best I can go with.

We get a preview of the main event of the PPV, which is a non title fight between Sting and world champion Bobby Roode. It’s not about the title but rather respect you see.

Robbie T isn’t sure that the cameraman is on the List. Oh wait apparently they are and it’s ok for Robbie to be asked about his Open Challenge at the PPV. D-Von would accept the challenge and win the title in a moment I still don’t understand.

Sting talks about suggesting he’s quitting, which of course he’s incapable of doing. Roode bragged about being the guy that managed to get rid of Sting after all the wars Sting has been through. This is a long video that is basically the two of them saying they’ll win on Sunday in their no holds barred match.

It’s time for Spin Cycle which is a panel discussion show. The guests are So Cal Val, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim (this is previously recorded so she’s half of the tag champions too) and the Robbies. We talk about Robbie E’s sweater before the first topic is given as best and worst dressed on the TNA roster. Robbie E says he’s best dressed, T says Flair, So Cal Val says Flair also with Bully Ray as worst dressed, Gail picks Christy Hemme and ODB respectfully. Is there a point to this coming anytime soon? Jeremy picks the girls here for best because he’s a suck up.

Now we talk about what phones you have. Both Rob’s have iPhone 4s, Gail has Android but wants a Blackberry again. Val wants a Blackberry as well. Now it’s time for The List, which is the top three people blowing up Robbie E’s phone this week. At #3 it’s Mike Tenay asking for wrestling knowledge, #2 is Hogan who apparently calls Big Rob’s phone for arm workout advice, and #1 is Dixie Carter.

We look at a clip from an earlier Spin Cycle with Joey Fatone (who now appears to be a fat one indeed) who talks about rumors of an affair with ODB. Eric Young freaked out and ran away before locking up with Fatone. They roll around on the floor a bit and that’s it.

Back to this week’s Spin Cycle which is now talking about celebrities they have dated. E says he dated Kelly from Saved By the Bell, T won’t answer, Gail says her real life husband Robert Irvine and Val says her first date ever was with Chris Masters. That’s it for the Spin Cycle, thank goodness.

We close things out with the Ultimate X match for the X Title at Victory Road 2011.

X-Division Title: Kazarian vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E


Kaz is defending coming in. The idea here is the title is hung over the ring on cables that cross to form an X. You have to climb across to grab the title and can’t use a ladder. It’s supposed to be all about Kaz remember. This is the 24th Ultimate X match in history apparently and Kaz’s, who is defending fifth. This is kind of a weird triple that with Gen Me vs. Robbie vs. Kaz. The team beats up both guys to start us off.


Kaz fights them off for a bit and manages a springboard up to the X in a cool spot. That gets him nowhere as Robbie comes in and stomps away. Max goes up but it’s Robbie stopping him. Cookie is hot but the voice is annoying. Gen Me gets everyone down and goes for the belt until Robbie stops them again. Kaz is back in now and faces off with Jersey Boy.


Robbie escapes the Fade to Black (that reverse Piledriver) and gets backdropped to the floor, hitting his ankle on the steps. Gen Me wakes up again and takes down both guys one more time. Jeremy gets a sweet assisted moonsault to take Robbie and Kaz down. Max is all alone but wants Jeremy to help him up instead. Jeremy holds off Kaz and Max makes a run at it. Kaz of course saves as Robbie has a bad ankle still.


Double dropkick puts down Kaz and a baseball slide does the same to Robbie. Jeremy does this weird reverse jump to get up and holds off Kaz. This again fails and Maz, who also was trying to get the belt, is swung backwards and gets knocked off and caught in a cutter to put him down. Robbie gets up and goes for the title, only to get pulled down by Max. And never mind as Max is sent into the structure by Kaz and gets stuck. That’s different if nothing else.


Everyone is down now and Max is unhooked for a change. Kaz hits Fade to Black on Robbie but gets kicked by Jeremy. Jeremy tries to go up only to take an enziguri from the champion to put him down. Flux Capacitor (suplex/rock bottom) off the top by Kaz puts Jeremy down again. Robbie and Kaz both go across at the same time. Gen Me kicks Robbie down and swing the champion down too in a nice bump.


Jeremy goes up and Max is pissed. Max pulls him down which is the point of the match. They both go from opposite corners and both are hung by their legs upside down in the middle. They slug it out up there until Robbie grabs a ladder to take them down. Kaz goes above the X and grabs the title at the same time as Robbie. Kaz pulls it up but there’s no bell. Oh there it is.


Rating: C+. It’s ok but this is a match that has been done so many times that there wasn’t much here. It’s definitely one of the weaker matches they’ve had with this gimmick but it’s still good. Fun match but they kept trying to play up the Bucks only for them to break up and not play a factor in the end. Fun, but definitely not great.

Overall Rating: D+. Um…yeah. I can see why this show isn’t mentioned by Impact. What in the world was the point of this thing? We had a worthless feature match, a twelve minute talk show segment which wasn’t even up to date, and a LONG match which was better than almost anything on the upcoming PPV. This is one of those shows that you should only watch if you REALLY love TNA, which is stupid when it could be so much more.

Here’s Victory Road if you’re interested:


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