Impact Wrestling – October 8, 2014: They Got Me

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 8, 2014
Location: Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

It’s the go home show for Bound For Glory, meaning we’re going to be told the same things we’ve been told for three months now: it’s in Tokyo and they’ve never been there before. As for your regular TV show, it’s Team 3D vs. the Hardys vs. the Wolves for the Tag Team Titles in a Full Metal Mayhem match. That has the potential to be one of the more entertaining matches we’ve seen in a long time on this show and probably better than all of Sunday’s show put together. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the Tag Team Title series and Roode vs. Lashley.

Roode comes out early and says he wanted to get out here fast to get this off his chest. He knows he can beat Lashley if he gets one more match and he didn’t hear Lashley say no. Roode calls out Lashley for the challenge but gets MVP and King instead. MVP talks about how everyone that has gotten their shot at Lashley has gone down. That list would include Roode so he gets no shot. They’re about to leave but Roode asks them how the drive to the arena went tonight.

Roode wants to know which one drove Lashley’s car and which one fed him grapes in the back seat. He goes on about how the two of them are just lackeys and he won’t be one of those ever again. Roode will do anything else to get that shot and he means anything. MVP has an idea: if Roode can beat the two of them in one match, he’ll get his title shot. If he loses though, he never gets a shot again. That’s cool with Roode and the match is on.

We recap Havok taking the Knockouts Title from Gail Kim last week.

We actually get four matches announced for Bound For Glory: Team 3D vs. Abyss/Tommy Dreamer, Havok vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title, Samoa Joe vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Low Ki for the X-Division Title and Sanada/James Storm vs. Tajiri/Great Muta. I don’t think we’re going to hear anything else later on.

Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell

Winner gets a title shot at some point in the future. It’s a brawl to start with all three going at it until Angelina gets double teamed. Taryn and Madison trade rollups for two each as the fans don’t seem all that interested in the near falls. Angelina throws Madison to the floor and hits a jawbreaker for two on Terrell. Love goes shoulder first into the post and gets caught by a neckbreaker for two. A middle rope clothesline drops Madison before Taryn goes up for a high cross body to take down both other girls. Back up and Madison grabs a quick rollup and a handful of tights for the pin on Taryn at 4:10.

Rating: D+. This was every multi-Knockouts match you’ve ever seen and the formula is getting old. All you get is some heel champion and then a three or four way match for the title shot. There’s no personal issue between the girls and no reason to see them fight each other besides winning a match here or there. Mix it up a bit already.

Havok comes out post match and destroys Terrell as Madison runs.

Lashley doesn’t sound thrilled with the deal MVP made with Roode.

We recap Sanada turning to James Storm and attacking Muta back in New York.

Low Ki/Tigre Uno vs. Great Sanada/James Storm

Here’s your Bound For Glory build. Sanada takes Ki down to start but gets kicked in the chest for two. Off to Tigre who kicks Sanada down as well and grabs a rollup for two of his own. Storm gets in a cheap shot and comes in without a tag to work on Tigre’s back. Sanada comes back in for a chinlock until Tigre pops up and nails a dropkick.

A double tag brings in Low Ki to face Storm and it’s kicking a go-go. Ki double stomps him for two but Manik offers a distraction, allowing Storm to hit a Backstabber for two. Uno makes a blind tag and gets launched into a hurricanrana on Storm for two. Everything breaks down and Sanada mists Tigre, setting up the Last Call for the pin at 6:20.

Rating: C+. This was a pretty solid little match but man alive I can’t wait to get done with Bound For Glory so TNA can stop acting like going to Japan is the most amazing thing in the history of wrestling. The show is just a huge step away from everything they’ve been doing for the last few months and feels far more like a Wrestle-1 show instead of TNA’s biggest event of the year.

Gunner asks Shaw if he’s ready for his match with Bram tonight. Shaw takes his shirt off and shows Gunner the tattoos he got to look like Gunner. Gunner asks why Shaw can’t just be himself and Shaw asks why Gunner won’t be more supportive.

Bram vs. Samuel Shaw

No DQ. Shaw nails him with a trashcan lid to start and dropkicks a trashcan into his face to take over. A chair is wedged between the top and middle rope but Bram avoids being whipped into the steel. They head back outside with Shaw still in control by nailing Bram with a chair over and over.

Back in and Bram gets in a Singapore cane shot to the head but Shaw counters a superplex attempt onto steel chairs into a sunset bomb onto the steel instead. Shaw loads up the choke but gets elbowed in the face and sent into the chair wedged in the corner. A shot to the head with the steel rod is enough to give Bram the pin at 5:17.

Rating: D+. This is one of those stories that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t doing anything for Gunner or Shaw. They’re trying something with being obsessed with various people but Shaw just isn’t an interesting character no matter what they do with him. Bram has something to him but he needs to do stuff besides hardcore.

Brittany comes out to check on Shaw post match.

Roode is ready for his handicap match.

The Wolves and Team 3D yell at each other about who is greater.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP/Kenny King

King and MVP don’t get entrances, which is a common problem tonight. Roode has to beat both guys to get the win. MVP gives Roode one more chance to leave but Roode punches King in the face instead. The double teaming starts early and King gets two off a spinwheel kick. We actually hear about three interpromotional matches featuring MVP, Manik and EC3 facing three Wrestle-1 guys whose names are sped by very quickly.

Roode gets sent to the floor and MVP steps on Roode’s lower back. They head back in where King hits MVP by mistake to give Roode an opening. He backdrops King to the floor but gets kicked in the face by MVP. A fisherman’s suplex gets two but MVP misses the Drive By and gets rolled up for the pin at 5:24. So it’s Roode vs. King now but MVP offers a cheap shot so King can hit a quick suplex for two. Roode nails a few clotheslines to come back though and the Blockbuster puts King down again. King sends him face first into the buckle but springboards into the Roode Bomb for….nothing as Lashley comes in for the DQ at 7:40.

Rating: D+. This was ok at best as the ending wasn’t really a big surprise. They weren’t about to get rid of Roode as a World Title contender, as I’m sure TNA would never go back on its word for a stipulation. The match wasn’t bad as soon as MVP was gone, the ending wasn’t really in doubt.

Tenay makes a point to say that Roode had to pin or submit both guys to win. That at least makes Lashley look a bit less stupid. Lashley spears Roode down after the match.

EC3 says Spud has one more chance to apologize.

Here’s Ethan Carter to talk about being undefeated for a year in TNA and says he has victory after victory after victory (x15). History is written by the winners and this novel is written by Ethan Carter III. He demands Spud get out here right now for his apology. Spud says they’re best friends and that he knows Ethan better than everyone else. She knows Ethan’s favorite color is green because he likes money, that he likes his hotel rooms at 71 degrees and that the fans chanting YOU CAN’T WRESTLE gets on his nerves.

Spud does Ethan’s responses to the chants for him but Ethan cuts him off. He brings up Spud fainting when it was time to protect Dixie and calls Spud a loser just like everyone else in this audience. Spud finally mans up and says he’s a Rockstar and not a loser. Carter shoves him down and slaps Spud a few times until Spud finally fights back with a slap of his own. Carter smiles at him and says Spud has heart, which is what makes this so much sweeter. He fires Spud and let’s get away from this as fast as we can. The jumping from one segment to another is WAY too fast tonight.

Another video on the Tag Team Title Series.

We run down the PPV card again.

The Trio is pleased when Angle comes in to yell at them. Roode is going to get another #1 contenders match next week and MVP is banned from ringside.

Tag Team Titles: Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. Wolves

The Wolves are defending and this is Full Metal Mayhem, meaning TLC. Richards has a somewhat bad leg coming into this but he seems to be fine. It’s a big brawl to start of course with Matt hitting what looked like the Side Effect to Eddie on the apron. Bully hammers on Jeff on the floor as weapons are being sets up on the floor. Matt goes for a climb but Ray comes in for a save with a Rock Bottom.

Davey breaks up Ray’s attempt and DDTs him, only to have D-Von nail Richards a second later. Matt gets enziguried into a German suplex onto a pair of open chairs. Eddie throws Jeff into the air and Ray catches him in a Cutter for a 3D. They chop it out but Matt is back up to take both guys down. We get the Tower of Doom with Ray electric chairing Matt who superplexes Edwards. D-Von bridges a piece of barricade between the apron and some overturned steps but Davey headbutts him onto the barricade.

Ray saves his partner from a dive and powerbombs Richards down, only to miss a middle rope backsplash. He comes right back with another powerbomb to send Richards onto the barricade, giving Richards one of the most shocked looks I’ve ever seen. Back with Jeff taking a ladder to the face and D-Von cleans house with a chair.

Richards comes back with a chair of his own but this time it’s Jeff popping up to take over. The Whisper in the Wind and Swanton have Ray in trouble but he pops right back up for a brawl with Jeff on the floor. The Twisting Stunner has Ray in trouble and Jeff brings out another table. He bridges it between the turned over steps and the apron with the legs up. Jeff misses the legdrop though and crashes through the table, leaving him in a huge heap on the floor.

Back in and Ray goes up, only to have Edwards set up a ladder of his own next to it. Bully kicks him down but Matt comes in with a ladder of his own. All three go up and slug it out with Edwards getting slammed off the top. Mat and Ray grab for the belts but send them swinging around before knocking each other off with Matt flying into a ladder.

Davey and Matt slug it out with Hardy getting the better of it and bringing in another table. Everyone heads outside again with Matt climbing about halfway up a huge ladder to legdrop Davey through a table. Richards has taken one heck of a beating here. D-Von cleans house with the ladder and brings in the big ladder to make thing even more fun. Team 3D loads up What’s Up but Edwards shoves D-Von to the floor.

Davey goes up the big ladder but gets shoved onto the floor and head first into the barricade. The Hardys make another save with chairs and put Ray on two tables. Jeff goes up top of the big ladder but Davey shoves it over, sending Hardy into a HUGE splash onto Ray for a horrible looking crash. Davey and Matt slug it out on top of the ladder but Edwards makes a save and powerbombs Matt through a table, allowing Davey to take down the belts for the win at 23:52.

Rating: A. I came into this show thinking this match wasn’t going to be able to live up to its hype and they got me. This was an AWESOME match with a ton of high spots and some insane looking bumps. The fact that they didn’t save this for Bound For Glory shows you just how much they don’t care about that show this year. Excellent match and one of the best things TNA has done in years.

Overall Rating: C. The main event helped this show a lot but it felt like we’re being dragged onto some side trip to Tokyo. The fact that none of the matches were mentioned until four days before the show should tell you all you need to know about Bound For Glory this year. Lashley, Hardy, Aries and Roode aren’t on the show but we’re supposed to pay full price for the show?

That’s one of the more annoying things about TNA at the moment: their main stories aren’t bad but we have to pull off to the side for a meaningless pay per view. The Full Metal Mayhem match was really entertaining in a car crash way, but that’s exactly what it was supposed to be. That being said, where is the tag division supposed to go now other than making more makeshift tag teams? Decent show, but we can’t really get anywhere until we’re back from Japan.


Madison Rayne b. Taryn Terrell and Angelina Love – Rollup with a handful of tights

James Storm/Great Sanada b. Tigre Uno/Low Ki – Last Call to Uno

Bram b. Samuel Shaw – Steel rod to the head

Bobby Roode b. MVP/Kenny King via DQ when Bobby Lashley interfered

Wolves b. Hardys and Team 3D – Richards pulled down the belts

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  1. james gracie says:

    Why didn’t they do that TLC match at Bound for Glory? That was a good match. TNA actually could have put on a decent card if they wanted to. The one thing that hurt that match was Mike Tenay. He was awful. He never sells the big moments and when he does, it’s so unconvincing. That’s been a huge problem for years now in TNA.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Because Bound For Glory is a Wrestle-1 show.