Lucha Underground – April 29, 2015: Ummmm…….Deep?

Lucha Underground
Date: April 29, 2015
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We now have four champions in this promotion after Angelico/Son of Havok/Ivelisse became the inaugural Trios Champions last week despite having to wrestle twice in one night. However, we’re coming up on the season finale of this show and a lot of big things are about to happen. First up tonight we have Drago putting his career on the line against Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap shows us the new champs winning their belts last week, including Angelico’s incredible dive. Tonight’s title match gets a little time as well.

Cueto yells at the Crew for botching the layup he handed them last week. He wants to give them some real motivation and takes them into a room where they meet Cueto’s brother. We can’t see him but he appears to be huge.

Fenix vs. Killshot

They actually shake hands to start before Killshot spins out of a wristlock, only to have Fenix counter right back into one of his own. The wrist stuff gets old so Killshot dropkicks him out to the floor and nails a nice dive to take him down one more time. Killshot runs right back in for a dive of his own to take over before avoiding a running kick to the face back inside. Fenix slaps him in the face but let’s look at the announcers instead of where it goes.

Killshot counters a springboard tornado DDT into a slam, followed by rolling into a cutter for two. A quick belly to back into a Backstabber gets two on Fenix as Killshot is getting in a lot of offense here. Fenix comes right back with some running kicks in the corner, only to charge into a spinning kick to the Face. Er the mask. Fenix pops back up and puts him in the reverse Tree of Woe for a knee to the back, followed by an over the shoulder sitout piledriver for the pin.

Rating: C. This wasn’t great but Killshot got in some offense and looked good with the kicks to the face. So many people use the body kicks but Killshot was looking more like a martial artist instead of your standard striker, which worked a lot better than the same stuff you see so often around here. The other stuff isn’t bad but this looked more precise.

Cueto comes in and asks Drago for a thank you for tonight’s opportunity. He’s SO good at this smarmy jerk.

Puma is getting ready when Cueto comes in to see him too. Doesn’t he ever just sit in his office with conveniently places posters while having obviously scripted promos which only start when the cameras are in place? Anyway Hernandez comes in and rants about being put in a three way tonight. Cueto calms him down by making it a #1 contenders match.

Ricky Mandel vs. Argenis vs. Vin Massaro vs. Famous B.

These are all guys who have been injured by Pentagon Jr. It’s kind of a jobber class reunion. Not that it matters as Texano comes in for the no contest after maybe ten seconds.

The beatings go on for about ten times the length of the “match” and Texano calls out Daivari to meet him in the ring.

A fan named Marty “the Moth” Martinez comes up to Cueto to ask for a shot in the temple but gets turned down for fear of being squashed like…..a moth.

Hernandez vs. King Cuerno vs. Cage

I don’t see this going well. Hernandez gets beaten down to start and again we cut away to the commentators for reasons I don’t quite understand. A double suplex puts Hernandez down and Cuerno hits a top rope splash for two, setting off the early eruption between he and Cage. Hernandez takes a breather on the floor before getting knocked back down in the corner.

Cage suplexes Cuerno in half but Hernandez does his always awesome pull up onto the top rope for a top rope shoulder. He spends a bit too much time posing over Cuerno and gets kicked in the face by Cage, who powerbombs Cuerno onto Hernandez for two. They argue again, which seems to surprise the announcers because it hasn’t happened in the last three seconds. Hernandez hits a kind of reverse Samoan drop on Cuerno but the Moth comes in and gets beaten up with ease. Hernandez dropkicks Cage to the floor, setting up a sitout Dominator for the pin on Cuerno.

Rating: D. Yeah this didn’t work too well. It was a messy fight with the Moth thing not really fitting, but at least they kept it quick. Puma vs. Hernandez (come on, Drago isn’t winning that title) is going to be entertaining enough, but I don’t see him as being the big boss fight for the championship.

Vampiro sits down with the Trios Champions and asks about last week. They’re all thrilled, but Ivelisse doesn’t think the cross body was all that special. The interview breaks down into another argument.

The announcers preview the title match, which is treated as the big deal that a title match should be.

Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma vs. Drago

Title vs. career and Konnan is here with Puma. They shake hands to start before we get the “YOU CAN’T HIT ME” sequence. Drago jumps into an electric chair but headscissors the champ to the floor for a big flip dive. Back in and Drago goes after the legs to try and take away the 630 but Puma shrugs it off and hits a springboard missile dropkick, followed by a huge dive of his own.

A slingshot hilo and the Dragon’s Tail get two on Drago (I’m still not a fan of move stealing but at least it’s not done that often here). Puma charges into a boot in the corner and Drago hits a big corkscrew dive for two more. Off to an arm crank with a headscissors but Konnan’s coaching helps Puma get to the ropes. Something like a fisherman’s belly to back suplex (that’s a new one) gets two for the champ but Drago comes back with a hurricanrana for the same.

Drago seems scared to go for the big move here and the fans are calling him out on it. A big blue thunder bomb gets two for Puma and he starts pounding Drago in the face. There goes the referee though, just as Drago hits a Canadian Destroyer for no count. Cue Hernandez to spear Drago but it wasn’t clear who he was aiming for. Puma doesn’t like it but hits something like a sitout Emerald Flosion for the pin to retain.

Rating: B-. This had a good story going on with Drago being worried about going insane like he usually does but not being able to reach his normal level as a result. Puma looking worried about getting rid of someone he respected made sense and we even got some bonus stuff for the future thrown in. Good stuff.

Drago gets the big hero’s sendoff. We see him leaving with Cueto waiting on him. They’ll meet again apparently and an explosion goes off as Drago disappears. Ummm……deep?

Overall Rating: C+. Good but not great show this week but they were clearly setting up some stuff for down the road. Puma is a good champion and it’s going to be a big deal when someone knocks him off. I’m curious to see where this Cueto’s brother thing goes, but hopefully it’s not towards some power struggle.  Then again, I’ve said things like that before and Lucha Underground has surprised me so maybe it can work.

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  1. MrHashasheen says:

    I’m going to feel like a tool if I have to explain that Drago is a dragon and he just teleported away. Or did you not hear the roar?

    Killjoy Reply:

    Not exactly the stuff you’d expect on a regular wrestling show.

    Then again, he never saw the Mesias tossed into a volcano and returning from the dead angle.