Read Jim Duggan’s Book

And it made me proud to be an American.  Or Canadian for like three weeks.

This was a cheap buy so why not. I met Duggan at Axxess last year and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy so it was a pretty easy choice. The book was a lot more straightforward than Holly’s but in a way that makes it more fun. Duggan is far nicer than most wrestling writers as he rarely throws anyone under the bus or says bad things about anyone, save for himself at times.

It’s an easy, fun read that took me about three days to get through and doesn’t get boring. Above all else, Duggan has an interesting take on people like the Radicalz and most modern young wrestlers: yeah they can do all kinds of moves that he could never dream of, but isn’t it interesting that he got more over by shouting HO and chanting USA while holding a board than they got by doing all those moves? It’s not about all the moves you can do, but rather about connecting with the fans in some way. If you can do that, they’ll never abandon you, but there’s always going to be someone who can do a flashier move.  The only one that got more popular than Duggan (arguably of course) was Eddie, who had a story that the fans can connect to.  Imagine that.

Duggan’s book is worth reading and can be found pretty cheap so check it out if you’re a fan of 80s/90s wrestling.


  1. Derek Hamel says:

    During the mid-1980’s I was a regular at Mid-South/UWF shows. Every Sunday night in Tulsa, always up close. There would be a good 7 to 8,000 fans, yet I could always get a ringside (or close to it) seat by paying the extra 3 bucks (8 dollars as opposed to 5…ya, I know).
    The fans in Tulsa were amazing. They boisterously cheered the faces and spewed venom at the heels. Nobody-not The Fantastics, not the Rock n Roll Express, not Terry Taylor, not Steve Williams, not even JYD-received the deafening pops that ol’ Hacksaw got. Good times.

  2. phenom says:

    I will buy this one,soon!I recently read Daniel Bryan’s book,it was very good,he wrote it wholeheartedly.Kurt angles book is a piece of shit,throughout the book he has kissed Vince and hunters ass,same with mysterio’s.
    and I had Batista’s animal Unleashed,his book is good until 50%,after that everything is about HHH,Flair and himself.but stone colds book is awesome,everything is Believable,he doesn’t kiss Vince’s or anyones ass.

  3. Ted says:

    I would rather watch the radicals than Duggan any day of the weak. He was boring.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    You pinko Commie.