Lucha Underground – March 2, 2016: Declaration Of Warfare

Lucha Underground
Date: March 2, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re onto the sixth show of the season, putting us at the end of the first quarter. That’s something close to a milestone around here and we’ll be celebrating it with a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Title as King Cuerno defends against Fenix. On top of that we might get some more developments on Dario Cueto’s whereabouts as he gets closer to the Temple. Or maybe some more sci-fi stuff that this show seems to feature at times. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap focuses on Marty the Moth’s sister stalking Sexy Star and Catrina making a pair of matches for tonight, including the ladder match and Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Mil Muertes is in the back when Catrina comes in. Muertes actually talks and doesn’t like the idea of Cuerno vs. Fenix for the title shot because he should have destroyed them long ago. Catrina says she’s known him since he was a boy named Pasqual Mendoza. If it wasn’t for her, he never would have gotten out of the tomb. Muertes grabs her by the throat and demands to bury Pentagon and Puma instead. That’s a big negative though and Catrina disappears, leaving Muertes annoyed. Well as annoyed as an undead monster can be. Muertes really shouldn’t be talking as he has a strange voice that isn’t the best for TV.

In the arena, Muertes isn’t on his throne.

Sexy Star vs. Kobra Moon

Feeling out process to start and here’s the Mack (who Star asked to help her with the Moth) to ringside. Moon chops away and grabs an armbar as Mack leads cheers on the floor. Star gets in a very loud chop of her own so Moon grabs a hammerlock into a spinebuster for two. Advantage: Kobra. Moon tries to roll around on the mat but gets caught in a rocking surfboard. Cue the Moth for a distraction though, allowing Moon to grab the dragon sleeper with a bodyscissors for the submission at 2:58. Better match from Moon here but she’s still nothing noteworthy. Any chances she’s the sister?

Famous B. does another commercial, complete with masked luchadores. His offer this week is to many anyone famous if we just call him up. I have no idea where this is going, nor do I know if it’s awesome or stupid.

Rey Mysterio tells Dragon Azteca that he’s preparing him for destiny.

King Cuerno is at his house and narrates a highlight video talking about the importance of the hunt. He’ll win tonight too, though hopefully not in that cowboy outfit.

Fenix is Luchador of the Week.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon wins an early slugout but Puma flips over his back to speed things up. A few Sling Blades drop Puma so he springboards right back in with a clothesline. Vampiro: “That’s a photo for our poster.” Completely agree as that looked great. Back in and a slingshot hilo gets two for Puma as the fans aren’t sure who to cheer for. Pentagon kicks him square in the ribs and hits one of those VERY loud chops against the ropes.

Puma hits a Superman Punch (makes sense as he’s the superhero of the show) and Vampiro is in the full Heenan Mode here, insulting almost everything Puma does and coaching Pentagon. The 630 is canceled and here’s Mil Muertes coming down the steps. Pentagon gets two off a middle rope Canadian Destroyer and both guys are down. Muertes rips the sling off his arm and comes in to chokeslam Pentagon for the DQ at 5:04.

Rating: C. That’s a very WWE ending and I’m not sure I like that in this promotion. That being said, it makes sense from a storyline perspective as Puma probably has a rematch coming to him and Pentagon is clearly the top challenger. The hero and the antihero against the villain in a three way feud for the title works just fine, though Pentagon seems to have lost a bit of his momentum, especially compared to the first episode.

Muertes lays out both guys post match.

Post break Catrina says all Muertes needed was a little motivation. Muertes says next week he’s defending against both of them to prove that this is his temple.

Big announcement: in three weeks, AZTEC WARFARE II, this time for the #1 contendership.

Gift of the Gods Title: Fenix vs. King Cuerno

Ladder match with Cuerno defending and Muertes returning to his throne to watch. Cuerno tries to throw him out to the floor to start but Fenix does something like a half 619 to come back in and drops Cuerno with a few quick shots. A running flip dive puts Cuerno down outside and it’s already time for the first ladder. Thankfully it’s an old rusty ladder because having the polished ones really wouldn’t suit this place.

Cuerno comes in for the save and powerbombs Fenix onto the ladder. For some reason, a reason that Vampiro doesn’t see either, Cuerno sets up two ladders against the apron instead of climbing. Cuerno throws Fenix outside next to the ladders (again he doesn’t come off as all that bright) before dropping Fenix face first (albeit from a shorter distance) onto a ladder.

Again Cuerno takes forever to do anything, eventually dropping Fenix with a kick to the ribs. They head up a ladder on the floor with Fenix sending Cuerno into the ladder and down to the floor, leaving himself up on the balcony for a BIG flip dive down to the floor. Even Vampiro gets up to give that a round of applause but the fighting into the crowd isn’t as well received. Cuerno takes over again and throws Fenix down onto the ladder for a scary looking crash. They’re going very slowly here but at least the spots are big.

Fenix pops up way too fast and sends Cuerno into the ladder before ripping his chest off with another chop. They fight over another ladder and Cuerno gets smart by throwing a ladder into Fenix’s face. Fenix is able to springboard back in with a dropkick to stop Cuerno and it’s time for a slow double climb.

They grab the belt and lose the ladder for some serious gasping from the crowd before both of them fall in a crash. That was a simple spot on paper but you can feel the emotion from the crowd and that’s far more important. The Thrill of the Hunt puts Fenix down again but Cuerno, being a heel, feels the need for a table. Fenix breaks out of a super Thrill of the Hunt and hurricanranas (kind of) Cuerno through the table. A fast climb gives Fenix the title back at 16:43.

Rating: B. The stuff at the end was better but the first half of this featured a lot of walking around and wasting time instead of any real action. The idea was supposed to be that Cuerno was toying with his prey but that takes away so much of the logic of a ladder match by having Cuerno never go for the title which he seemed to enjoy having. Fenix fighting back made sense though and it’s a good match overall, even with a rather weak first half.

Overall Rating: B-. That goes for the whole show actually as the first part was nothing special but the main event was strong. The idea of the three way feud for the title and the Gift of the Gods Title looming over Muertes make for some good stories and the return of Aztec Warfare makes things even better. You know some big surprises are coming with that one and it’s going to be a big deal when it gets here. Good show this week that focused on developing some of the stories they’ve put together, which has been missing lately.

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