Sunday Is The Final Day For Wrestling Bundle #1

The first month of this great offer is wrapping up tonight at midnight EST (about an hour after Summerslam goes off the air if your time zone knowledge isn’t so strong) and after midnight, this is GONE. It’s not for sale again and next month’s edition won’t have the same stuff so it’s more than worth your time to pick this up while you can. Here are the details in case you haven’t heard about this before.

The Wrestling Bundle is a tiered set of packages of wrestling digital (as in no shipping or addresses. You just get this stuff on your device) that you can get for really cheap. The key here though is you can pay what you want and get stuff for it.

Here’s the short version of what you’re about to see:

There are four levels and if you move up, you get all the previous levels included.

Level 0 – Sign up for updates. As in no money whatsoever.

30 minute Matt Hardy Water Cooler Talk.

This is a thirty minute chat with Matt Hardy, where he talks about a variety of things, including some stuff outside of wrestling. It’s much more laid back and again: free.

Level 1 – Pay whatever you want. As in you could pay $1 and get this.

Previous level stuff

Shoot interview with JTG

Indy tag match with Angel Williams (Angelina Love) and Daizee Haze

The History of Summerslam Volume I

Indy tag match with Daniel Bryan

Matt Hardy vs. Jason Styles

Free month to (normally 9.99)

Level 2 – Pay more than the average paid (the amount changes but is usually around $10-11. The amount at the time will be listed)

Previous levels stuff

90 minute Matt Hardy shoot interview

Indy six man tag with CM Punk/Samoa Joe/BJ Whitmer vs. Chris Hero/Homicide/B-Boy (Lucha Underground’s Bael)

Team 3D vs. Abyss/Rhino

3 months free to (normally $23)

Jeff Hardy vs. Wild Storm

WXW Women’s Tag Team Title four way match

Level 3 – $16. As in for $16 you get everything offered. That’s like lunch and dinner.

Previous levels stuff

New Age Outlaws shoot documentary

The Raw Files: 1998 (this is like my History of Raw 1998 e-book but by someone who knows what he’s doing)

PWS Supercard 2013 Nights 1 and 2 (two full shows from Pro Wrestling Syndicate, featuring names such as Trent Barreta, Kevin Steen (Owens), Tommy Dreamer, Hurricane, John Morrison (Johnny Mundo), Elijah Burke (D’Angelo Dinero), Rock N Roll Express, Briscoe Brothers, Vader and Jushin Thunder Liger

That’s INSANE. Like, seriously, that’s a ton of stuff for $16. Where else are you getting two full shows for that much plus everything else? Pick this thing up as it’s really, really cool stuff.

Also remember that next month will have a totally different batch of stuff, including one of my e-books included.

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