Read Lex Luger’s Book

And it’s one of the less frustrating I’ve seen.

Wrestling With The Devil

So many wrestlers write their life stories and would make you think that they’re the greatest wrestlers of all time. In Luger’s case though, it’s much more along the lines of “I was a great athlete, I was in awesome shape, and I won some titles.” That’s a very rare case of a wrestler being realistic about his skills and not spending two hundred pages bragging about how amazing they were.

The book is a pretty straightforward guided tour of Luger’s life and career with an especially detailed look at his journey to becoming a born again Christian. In this case though it’s not like Bill Watts, who basically beat you over the head with it. With Luger, it’s basically “My life sucked, I did a bunch of stupid things, God helped me get through it and I’m a Christian. Here’s how you can be one too if you’re interested because it’s awesome.”

It doesn’t really offer any major insight into Luger’s life as it’s basically just his life story. It’s a very easy read though and I knocked it out in a few days while doing a bunch of other stuff. His fans will like it but there’s nothing really groundbreaking and it’s not that high up on the list of great wrestling books.


  1. Eric says:

    I haven’t gotten a chance yet but this is what I’d expect. He has a wonderful perspective on life these days and he’s a humble guy. This sounds like it’s up his alley.

  2. Dragon says:

    I just read it this weekend and while I thought it was a good read, I feel he didn’t go into enough detail on his wrestling days ( for example Jericho writes about a lot of his matches and feuds and reasons they took place)…but Luger comes across as being honest and sincere in this book and that in itself is refreshing.