Impact Wrestling – March 24, 2022: Needs More Violence

Impact Wrestling
Date: March 24, 2022
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

We’re on the way to the Multiverse of Matches and the interesting twist is that Josh Alexander is now dealing with Honor No More. That opens up some doors, but all roads lead to Moose vs. Alexander for the title at Rebellion in about a month. There are some other things to cover as well so let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening recap.

Here is a ticked off Josh Alexander to address Moose invading his home last week. Moose intimidated his wife and came through his door and that is too far. He isn’t here just as a professional wrestler but as a husband and a father who is ready to take the World Title from Moose. Since Moose has no problem coming to his home, how about he comes to his home in Impact Wrestling.

Cue Moose, who says Alexander failed to protect his family and at Rebellion, he is going to fail to win the title. Moose offers to show Alexander’s son how to be a man and that’s too far, meaning the fight is on. They fight backstage and into the set until security breaks it up, much to Alexander’s annoyance.

Post break Scott D’Amore tries to calm Alexander down and actually pulls it off.

We run down the Multiverse of Matches card.

X-Division Title Match Qualifying Match: Willie Mack vs. Laredo Kid vs. Mike Bailey

We start with a three way lockup before back to back to back hurricanranas leave Bailey and Kid on the floor. Mack hits a big running flip dive and we take a break. Back with Mack chopping Bailey down but he’s right back up with the rapid fire kicks. A right hand puts Bailey on the floor though, only to have Kid hit a springboard corkscrew dive.

Back in and Kid’s frog splash gets two on Bailey but Mack hits Kid with a pop up right hand. The Samoan drop into the standing moonsault hits Bailey for two so Mack hits a Razor’s Edge (with pose) on Kid. Bailey makes the save and a double cover gets a double two. Kid is sent outside though and the Ultimate Weapon finishes Mack at 10:06.

Rating: C+. They know the formula that works here and it was on display here too. What matters here is getting the audience warmed up and they did rather well with this one. Bailey seems to be the next big project for the X-Division and it wouldn’t shock me to see him leave Rebellion with the title. Mack and Kid will be fine with the loss, though it would be nice to see them both win something.

Bullet Club isn’t happy with the referee’s decision last week so next week they’ll face the Motor City Machine Guns again. As for tonight, the Good Brothers are winning the Tag Team Titles, which belong to them.

Mahabali Shera b. Crazzy Steve on BTI.

Raj Singh is happy with Shera and pain is promised.

Steve Maclin vs. Heath

Rhino is here with Heath. Maclin takes him up against the ropes for a shot to the face before going after the eye. That leaves Maclin open to go outside, where he shakes the steps, goes down and grabs his knee. That’s enough for Rhino to get ejected, leaving Heath to get caught with a backbreaker. Heath gets tied in the Tree of Woe for the running shoulder and two but Heath gets in some boots to the face. The comeback is on, including an inverted DDT for two. The Wake Up Call is blocked though and Maclin grabs a rollup with feet on the ropes for the pin at 4:51.

Rating: D+. The Maclin push continues and while I like that, there wasn’t much to be seen here. This was just a step above a squash and there was no way that Heath was going to beat him. I was worried that Maclin would be dropped after his big Team Impact swerve but they have found something else for him here and that is nice to see.

Post match Rhino comes back in to Gore Maclin.

We get the return of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, complete with Kaleb With A K. To make it more interesting though, he’s the host this week! Kaleb With A K asks how she’s doing but Dashwood wants to know about his loyalty. He’s totally with the IInfluence but his neck starts hurting and he has to leave.

And now, Locker Room Talk, featuring Kaleb With A K! Dashwood follows him in and again he is asked about his loyalty. He again says he’s with the IInfluence…who want a lie detector test. Show over.

Tomohiro Ishii is at Multiverse of Matches.

Jonah is ready for Ishii and will be his personal kaiju.

Tag Team Titles: Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design

The Brothers are challenging in a lumberjack match, with Joe Doering and Eric Young for the champs. Doering and Gallows get things going because Impact really likes this pairing. Everything breaks down in a hurry with the champs being knocked to the floor. That doesn’t last long so it’s off to Anderson for the spinebuster to Young and a near fall. Young is back with a neckbreaker for two, allowing Doering to come back in for some choking.

Anderson fights out of a neck crank and a jawbreaker allows the hot tag back to Gallows. The reverse 3D gets two on Young but Doering comes back in to cut things off. A powerslam sets up Young’s top rope elbow for two but Gallows comes in for the Magic Killer. Doering offers a distraction though and everything breaks down again. Mike Bennett sneaks in with a low blow and Matt Taven hits the Climax, allowing Young to pin Gallows at 7:26.

Rating: C. This feud has been going on long enough now and it makes sense to move on to the Good Brothers vs. Honor No More. The Brothers still aren’t interesting but the loss of the titles helps makes things a bit better. I like Honor No More getting something fresh here, as like them or not, the Good Brothers are an upgrade over what the group has been doing.

Tasha Steelz isn’t worried about Mickie James and doesn’t know why she would leave Savannah Evans in the back for their street fight tonight.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rocky Romero

The fans are behind Rocky here (shocking) as they grapple up against the ropes. Romero takes him down by the arm but Edwards pops back up for a waistlock. A headlock takeover sends us to a technical off on the mat before some shoulders don’t get Romero anywhere. Instead Edwards wins a chop off (not fair as he’s wearing a shirt) and they head outside, only to have Romero hit a running hurricanrana off the steps.

We take a break and come back with Romero starting up the Forever Clotheslines. As usual it’s false advertising as Edwards breaks it up, only to get pulled into the Diablo armbar. That’s broken up so they head outside again, this time with Edwards sending him into the apron over and over. Back in and Romero hits a middle rope tornado DDT before taking him down by the arm. Eddie is tied in the middle rope for a kick to the head but he’s able to counter the Sliced bread. A Blue Thunder Bomb gives Eddie two but the running knee is countered into a cross armbreaker. That’s countered into a rollup to give Eddie the pin at 12:45.

Rating: C+. This was the wrestling style match on the card and they had two guys capable of making it work. Romero is hit and miss for me most of the time but he was on well enough here. At the same time, Edwards needed the win to boost him back up as he is heading in to face Ishii in Dallas. Pretty nice TV match here.

Post match Eddie offers a handshake but then goes after Romero again. Cue Jonathan Gresham for the save and Eddie is cleared out. Romero doesn’t seem thrilled but shakes Gresham’s hand.

Zicky Dice leaves Swinger’s Dungeon, which doesn’t seem to be the kind of dungeon Swinger thinks it is. Anyway, next week, it’s a Chump Chump Challenge.

Here’s what’s coming at the Multiverse of Matches and next week.

Knockouts Title: Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz

Mickie is challenging in a street fight. They go straight for the slugout to start and go to the floor almost immediately. Mickie gets in a trashcan lid shot to the back to take over and drags Steelz up to the stage. Steelz is tied in a trashcan and rolled down the ramp but Savannah Evans comes in for a cheap shot to drop Mickie.

We take a break and come back with Steelz loading up a bunch of weapons and then throwing a trashcan at Mickie to keep her down. Mickie gets sent face first into a chair in the corner but manages to grab a chair of her own for stereo chair shots. Evans gets up on the apron again and gets powerbombed onto (not through) a table at ringside. That takes too long though and Steelz knocks Mickie onto the table too for the big crash.

Steelz doesn’t follow up though and gets hit with a trashcan to cut her off as well. James has to go after Evans again though and Steelz grabs a quick cutter for two. A flapjack onto an open chair drops Steelz, allowing James to go up top for the super Thesz press and another near fall. The MickieDT connects but Evans pulls the referee out at two. Evans gets in to beat on Mickie but here is Chelsea Green with a chair of her own. Green….sits down in the chair and tells them to beat on Mickie. That doesn’t take much convincing and Steelz hits a frog splash for the pin to retain at 16:03.

Rating: B-. This started good and then kind of fell off by the end. They stopped caring about the weapons and went towards the drama, especially with Green getting involved. That being said, you knew that the Green vs. James explosion was coming sooner or later and Steelz vs. James has been covered. I could have gone with more violence here as they were going at it early but it didn’t last in the end.

Post match Chelsea yells at Mickie, who goes after her to start the brawl. Green bails but here is Matt Cardona to hit Mickie with Radio Silence to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. Other than the short Heath vs. Maclin match, I liked this one well enough and they have me wanting to see both of their big upcoming shows. That’s the sign of a good show and I’d like to see how much more they can set up Rebellion. Throw in some pretty fine wrestling and this worked out nicely for two hours. Or an hour and twenty fiveish minutes if you’re being accurate but close enough.

Mike Bailey b. Laredo Kid and Willie Mack – Ultimate Weapon to Mack
Steve Maclin b. Heath – Rollup with feet on the ropes
Violent By Design b. Good Brothers – Climax to Gallows
Eddie Edwards b. Rocky Romero – Rollup
Tasha Steelz b Mickie James – Top rope splash




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