Monday Night Raw – October 3, 2011 – Last One Out Turn Off The….Uh Never Mind

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 3, 2011
Location: Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana
Commentators: Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Booker T

We’re past HIAC and now only 20 days away from Vengeance. Yeah this isn’t going to blow up in their faces at all. Anyway Alberto is champion again, two weeks after losing it to Cena in the first place. It’ll be nice to see him have a reign as champion but after last night’s ending I’m sure the rematch with Cena in another one on one match is coming. Other than that we’ve got Truth/Miz stuff to get to. Let’s get to it.

There’s a 12 man tag later. That won’t be a mess at all.

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

Orton is now introduced as the Apex Predator. Drew is in black tights with a red design on the back. I don’t know if he’s worn them before as I haven’t seen him in a match (other than the battle royal that he was out of in about 5 seconds) in so long. Orton takes him to the floor and sends him into the barricade twice. Back inside now for ten corner punches as this is supposed to be the crazy Orton I suppose.

The referee gets in the way and McIntyre kicks Orton’s head off to take over. Oh come on the big boot is SO 2010. Snap suplex gets two. A neckbreaker puts Orton down and Drew goes up and dives into a boot. At least he looked like he was trying something else though. Elevated DDT hits and it’s time to spin around and slap the mat a lot. RKO ends this clean at 5:45.

Rating: C. I’ll go with right in the middle here because what were you expecting out of this match? Drew hasn’t been featured on TV in months and Orton is coming off a loss in a major match. Why would you expect anything other than this? McIntyre got in more offense than I was expecting and Orton won clean. No shocks here really.

Drew takes another RKO post match. Here’s Henry who holds up the belt, bringing out Orton. Security breaks it up pretty quickly. Both guys do the charge through security to get another shot. So I guess we won’t be ending a feud with HIAC like we should. Also I’d guess Orton gets the belt back after like two months now because that’s enough time to build a monster up right?

Here’s video #8000 about Mark Henry hurting people, this one focusing on Big Show.

Big Show returns Friday. I like that better than a shocking return a bit I think.

Mark Henry vs. John Morrison

My goodness this is the second match in 15 minutes to open the show. I don’t know how to take this. Non-title here. Morrison is in tights now. Morrison escapes the Slam and fires off some kicks and a knee to the head. Starship Pain hits and Henry is out at two. The fans popped BIG for that but Henry gets all mad about it and the Slam ends this in 2:00. Basically just a squash.

Morrison takes another Slam post match. Henry grabs the mic and calls himself a beast. Also he’s done with Orton. As far as Big Show goes, it’ll be a short return. Henry shouts a lot during this. Oh and on a random note, it’s John Morrison’s birthday. Nice present.

The group of people that want to sue HHH is yelling and we need an answer about the grievances. Everyone but Ace leaves and he takes out his phone to text.

Otunga/Christian/Rhodes/Del Rio/Swagger/Ziggler/Vickie are in the ring. Alberto talks about winning the title last night and about how the Cell came up and lowered. Only one man can do that and that is HHH. Christian talks about how they’re not going to take it anymore. Rhodes says everyone here has been a victim of HHH’s negligence. Ziggler says it’s time to take actions into their own hands. Vickie says she feels vulnerable as a woman. Otunga says he’s studied cases like this. There were wrestling cases in Harvard Law? I want to go there! The threat of legal action brings out the Game.

HHH wants to know what happened to the WWE. Men used to fight in that ring and they would win and lose. He doesn’t care about lawsuits but does care about later tonight when the six of them will be in the ring with five guys not including Mason Ryan apparently. HHH wants it to be about fighting, not talking.

Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix/Natalya

Kelly goes insane on Beth and screams a lot, ramming her into the table a bunch. And it’s a DQ at 35 seconds.

Ace comes up to HHH in the back and wants an apology for getting shoved down last night. The locker room needs to be consulted so HHH says get them out there so he can get a vote of no confidence if that’s what we’re coming to. HHH grabs him by the tie and says Ace better be there too.

Video on the DVD/Blu-Ray of Fast Five. At least it has Rock in it.

Mahal is in the ring and JR says he’s mysterious. He’s cut off by……Santino???

Santino Marella vs. Jinder Mahal

Santino looks different now and I’m not sure it’s working for him. He was legit injured in a car wreck in case you’re wondering where he’s been. He makes fun of Mahal’s language and JR says the closed captioning person just walked off the job. Mahal starts fast but misses a knee in the corner. Santino loads up the Cobra and we’re done at 38 seconds.

Brodus Clay is coming. Cool.

We get a clip from last night after the main event ended and the attack from Miz/Truth. It was a huge brawl with Miz/Truth running in and beating down everyone with pipes as the roster tried to break in. Miz and Truth were arrested to end it. This was better when it was live.

We get a homemade Miz/Truth video from Youtube with them talking about last night and how HHH would have done the same thing last night. They mention the attorneys and they’re filing a wrongful termination suit against WWE and assault charges against HHH. They apologize too. The top comment says Kayfabe Lives.

David Otunga/Christian/Cody Rhodes/Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena/CM Punk/Sheamus/Mason Ryan/Air Boom

Think that’s a long enough match title? I’m not really going to try to call everything in this. Cena starts with Christian and beats up both the Canadian and Otunga in less than 30 seconds before it’s off to Ziggler. Dolph gets Ryan instead and then gets tossed to the floor as the heel team is in trouble. Back in the ring a powerslam gets two on Ziggler. See, it makes sense when a power guy uses a power move. WHY IS THAT SO COMPLICATED???

Off to Sheamus vs. Swagger which is also known as WHAT WERE THEY THINKING IN 2010. Sheamus destroys him for a bit and it’s off to Punk vs. Rhodes. Even JR says he likes the old IC Title being back. Punk sets for the GTS but everything breaks down and we go to a break in a standoff. Back with Kofi missing a cross body and Rhodes getting two.

Off to Del Rip as we’re getting to the issue of these matches: there’s no time to build flow or anything like that because there are way too many people to get into the ring. People come in and out rather quickly. Off to Swagger who brings in Ziggler fast enough that it doesn’t really require mentioning. Dropkick gets two for Ziggler. Not that we saw it because the camera was on Vickie but I guess the awesomeness was implied.

Kofi can’t make the tag because of Swagger so it’s back to Ziggler beating on him a bit more. Kingston and Dolph collide in the air and it’s the hot tag that brings in Bourne. He knocks Swagger down with ease and the Shooting Star hits, only for Vickie to put the leg on the rope. There goes Vickie. Her leaving takes forever and we take another break.

Back with Christian coming in to beat on Bourne a bit as the announcers hype up the vote of confidence later on. This is already over 20 minutes. Del Rio beats on Bourne a bit but Evan gets a SWEET tornado DDT to take over and it’s hot tag to Cena who gets a big old pop. Cena starts his finishing sequence but is put down into the corner as we have our third face beatdown segment of the match. When do you ever see that?

Del Rio gets in a kick to the ribs/arm for two and it’s off to Swagger. Vader Bomb misses and it’s hot tag to Sheamus. He cleans house on everyone but it’s mainly Ziggler. He kicks Christian off but gets shoved by Del Rio in an attempted top rope shoulder. Fameasser (called the Zig Zag) gets one but Christian hits a spear out of nowhere. It’s Parade of Finishers time and I’m not going to bother trying to call all this stuff. The Zig Zag (called the Zig Zag) puts Cena down but the Brogue Kick ends Ziggler at 26:54. Now that is a long TV match.

Rating: B-. For a 12 man tag that lasted nearly half an hour, this was pretty solid stuff. Everyone got in and they gave it the time it needed to go somewhere. The problem with these matches is they usually result in a big brawl and while this one did, it did it when it wasn’t an absurd thing and that made this match work a lot better than most of them I can remember. Good stuff.

Here’s the roster for the vote of confidence. The Divas get their own entrance for some reason. Even the referees come out together. Here are the Smackdown guys….and here are more Raw guys. Even Jerry Lawler comes back for this. The vote is after a break. Here’s HHH and he talks about how Miz and Truth should have been ready to do the time if they wanted to do what they did.

HHH says he’s old school and likes to see people fight. He says at the end of the day it’s the WWE Universe that signs all of their paychecks and it’s the WWE Universe that is the ultimate master. He’s doing things for the fans, not for any wrestler in particular. Now he wants to hear from the guys. Barrett is a spokesman and he says HHH has created an unsafe working environment.

The reason these guys came to WWE is because they’re professionals and they like rules. That doesn’t involve being attacked by outside individuals. Barrett talks about how HHH has made things crazy and it’s not good. HHH calls him out on the obvious: he used to lead the Nexus who did all that stuff. Barrett is shot down quickly by that. Mike Chioda is next (why?) and he says that he’s never seen this much abuse to the referees. HHH fired the guys that attacked the referees but they still got in.

Beth says the Divas are all feeling unsafe. HHH wants to know one thing that has happened. Beth says it could and that’s not really enough for HHH. Jerry Lawler comes in and says he thinks Raw is spiraling out of control. However he doesn’t blame HHH. He agrees with Punk that there’s something going on behind the scenes and whoever is behind it is trying to get HHH out of his job. The problem is that everyone around the ring is paying the price for it. What that means is that HHH may be innocent of the chaos, he’s the reason it’s happening.

They hold the vote and everyone says no confidence. Jerry calmly says he’s walking out. Otunga and his boys walk too. As do various people and then the rest of the guys. The fans chant for HHH but there are a few guys left. Ok now they’re leaving. The referees leave. There are about 15 guys left and most of them are laving. Now there are like six or seven, mostly faces I think.

It’s Air Boom, Ryder, Watson, Morrison and Riley. Cole leaves and no one seems to care. Oh and Santino is out there still too. Now those guys are leaving. Booker walks out and so does the time keeper and someone else. In a cool scene, the cameraman puts his camera down and leaves it in the ring and leaves too.

JR is still left at the announce table and he’s the only person left at ringside. He takes his headset off and leaves to a lot of booing. HHH is all alone in the ring and Johnny Ace comes out to stare him down and shake his head. The big names weren’t there by the way. No Cena, Punk or Sheamus. No Orton either. Ace walks out (shocking). The fans keep cheering for the man with too many nicknames and we go off the air. HHH looks like he says “that’s all”.

Overall Rating: B. I know this show has been blasted a bit from what I’ve seen and I don’t get why. The first hour had four matches and yeah some of them were short but they all did something. Orton and Henry advanced their story and possibly segued into the Henry/Show feud. Kelly showed reasons for getting a rematch and we had a return in the fourth match. And then we get a nearly half hour main event that got almost everyone on the show. Add all that to a big ending and how can you call this bad? I don’t get it. Good Raw tonight. No idea where we’re going after everyone walking out but it should be interesting.

Randy Orton b. Drew McIntyre – RKO
Mark Henry b. John Morrison – World’s Strongest Slam
Beth Phoenix/Natalya b. Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly via DQ when Kelly wouldn’t stop attacking Beth
Santino Marella b. Jinder Mahal – Cobra
Air Boom/CM Punk/Sheamus/Mason Ryan/John Cena b. Alberto Del Rio/Christian/Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger/Cody Rhodes/David Otunga – Brogue Kick to Ziggler


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2 Responses

  1. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    Another excellent Raw this week. I was slightly worried about what was happening with all of the short matches to start off the show, but it managed to work well.

    I didn’t get the see the Hell in a Cell PPV due to a lousy stream, but seeing the replay of the PPV on Raw (which used to be done after all PPVS, and I’ve always missed), it was quite the visual of seeing the entire roster trying to get into the cell. Very cool.

    I’m excited to see Brodus Clay make his return.

    I’m not sure what the hell Mason Ryan is doing, & his spot could have easily gone to John Morrison or Alex Ryley.

    It’s nice to see Raw end on a cliffhanger like it did. Cliffhanger endings used to happen on a weekly basis when I was watching wrestling growing up & I always found them to be exciting and spending the entire week looking forward to the next show.

  2. Jay says:

    I thought RAW was really well done following HIAC. The Roster walk out was well done and no Cena,Orton,Punk,Sheamus,etc I noticed not being there should be interesting to see how they feel about HHH being in charge. I loved the 12-Man Tag and it was good to see Santino back as well.

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