Ring of Honor – November 26, 2011 – Dan Severn In 2011. I’m Overjoyed

Ring of Honor
Date: November 26, 2011
Location: Davis Arena, Louisville, Kentucky
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

We close out November with this one and to be honest I can’t say I care in the slightest. Unless things pick WAY up next month, I think I’m dropping this at the end of the year. There’s no enjoyment for me about it at all and I don’t see this show getting any better anytime soon. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s strike fest which drove me crazy. Literally in the whole package there’s nothing in the form of a hold fro the champion other than the ankle lock which goes against the entire psychology he’s going with. I can’t stand Richards as champion. I really can’t.

The Briscoes talk about Haas/Benjamin and the All Night Express, who they say they’ll take out to get the titles back at Final Battle. They’re going to take out Coleman and Alexander tonight.

Coleman and Alexander say they’re not people just to be run over.

Caprice Coleman/Cedric Alexander vs. Briscoe Brothers

The idea is that Haas/Benjamin took 13 minutes to beat Coleman/Alexander and the Briscoes say they can do it faster. I still have no idea if the Briscoes are faces or heels, or how to spell their names for that matter. Jay Briscoe vs. Alexander starts us off. We’re told about ROH on Twitter and using the hashtag WatchROH. What a third rate promotion. Instead of saying random catchphrases, they’re telling people to watch their show. What lunkheads.

The not-famous team starts off hot, sending the Briscoes to the floor and hitting stereo dives. The Briscoes are in trouble here until they realize they’re the most famous tag team ever in the company….and there goes the referee. Here are Haas/Benjamin with chairs and the it’s thrown out at about 3:20. A lot of that was the chase out of the ring so I’m not going to bother rating it. This was just filler until we got to the run-in.

Michael Elgin vs. Raphael Constantine/Sean Casey

The jobbers are from ROH. Truth Martini is on commentary. And now he’s off after saying he’s going after Eddie Edwards instead of Richards. I have no idea what you’re expecting to see here. It’s an exhibition by Elgin to dominate people who have nothing to do with the product and company for the most part. He no sells everything and gets Casey on his own. Ok now this is going too long as they’re kicking out of stuff. Elgin tries a backdrop on Constantine but drops him on his head. Then he picks them both up at the same time for a double Alabama Slam, pinning both at 5:03. Ok the finisher was cool.

Rating: D. Whatever here man. See, there’s a way to do a squash and this wasn’t it. Elgin looked like he wasn’t sharp and want’s ready to do what he was doing in there, which is the last thing you want out of a squash. Ok the last thing you probably want is death but whatever. Not much to see here, but that double Slam was cool.

Cornette thinks he’s ready to offer Kevin Steen a settlement. Next week he wants Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, the attorney and Steve Corino in the ring where he’ll make the offer.

Inside ROH is a video on Dan Severn, who is an MMA master and a UFC Hall of Famer, because wrestling fans want to see MMA right? Edwards says this was a secret but it wasn’t stolen from Davey. Davey went to Japan and that’s not Edwards’ fault. Severn talks forever and we talk about Best in the World for the 19th time this week.

Now Roderick Strong runs his mouth a bit because that’s what Roderick Strong does anymore.

TV Title: El Generico vs. Jay Lethal

This is a rematch from when Lethal won the title on I think the first episode. Bennett and Evans come out to watch the match. They exchange feeling out process stuff to start and fly around the ring a little bit. Generico is faster here but not by much. Generico takes over and hits what we would call Starship Pain for two. He gets sent to the floor and misses a moonsault off the barricade, allowing Lethal to pop him with a superkick as we take a break.

Back with lethal hooking a hold which is similar to a surfboard. The camera was on Bennett and Evans so it’s not like we got to see it or anything. There’s nothing to talk about here. Lethal does some stuff, Generico does some stuff. Generico hits a Mafia kick in the corner and we have about three minutes to go, which is accurate for once.

Lethal hits a handspring ala Tajiri into a cutter. Bennett picks up the TV Title belt and puts it on which doesn’t seem to mean much. They speed things way up and Lethal is knocked to the floor. Bennett taunts him and we finally get a brawl between them. Lethal drills him and takes Generico down back in the ring. He loads up the top rope elbow but Bennett gets the referee and it’s a time limit draw at 15:00.

Rating: C+. Yeah it’s fun but most importantly, THERE’S A FREAKING STORY TO THE MATCH!!! My goodness that’s nice to see. Bennett stealing the belt is an old idea but it’s still something that can work. Also they actually sold some shots in this, which is more than I can say for guys like Richards. Decent match, but I’d like to see some actual pins with this title on the line. It makes Lethal look weak that he can’t beat anyone clean.

Generico hits a big dive to all three of them and we’re told the title picture is now a three way race. You mean we’re including a guy that got beat and then was beaten again here but didn’t get pinned because the referee was distracted? Why is he involved in it?

Overall Rating: D+. It wasn’t the worst show they’ve ever had, but this isn’t going to be on my watch list for much longer. There’s nothing here and I don’t see why anyone would want to watch it. Richards vs. Edwards is boring me to tears as it’s all about who can strike the most and stealing a trainer. Instead of having Edwards turn heel and get a heel trainer, which would be interesting, they bring out Dan Severn because he’s an MMA guy and this is an MMA company, at least in the main event. Nothing to see here.

Briscoe Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman/Cedric Alexander went to a no contest
Michael Elgin b. Raphael Constantine/Sean Casey – Double Alabama Slam
El Generico vs. Jay Lethal went to a time limit draw


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