Continental Championship Wrestling TV – January 4, 1986: Someone Find Me Heroes Of Wrestling

Continental Championship Wrestling
Date: January 4, 1986
Location: Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama
Commentator: Gordon Solie

Back to that Alabama based company since I have more time to kill before No Mercy finishes downloading. I don’t know anything about this company at this time but in previous episodes I’ve seen Yokozuna and Masahiro Chono pop in so who knows what might be here tonight. Let’s get to it.

For those of you confused, this is the CWF before it changed names.

We open with Gordon Solie who brings in Ronnie West, the troubleshooting referee of the NWA. The US Junior Heavyweight Title has been stripped or something. He says if anyone wants to sponsor the show, give him a call. That doesn’t sound good.

Tommy Rich/Johnny Rich vs. Larry Clark/The Inferno

Johnny and Clark start things off. Gordon again tries to pitch the idea of using CCW as a fundraiser. I know a lot of smaller companies do that, but having it lead off the show isn’t a good thing. The Riches hammer down everyone but the Nightmares run in and break things up. They tar and feather Johnny. This was an angle, not a match.

The Nightmares are very happy about what they did.

The Riches say watch your backs Nightmares.

Jason Walker vs. Adrian Street

Adrian Street is from the Adrian Adonis/Rico family of wrestlers if you get my drift. Street is Southeastern Heavyweight Champion, which I think is the top title in this company. Street prances around to play mind games. He takes Walker to the mat and it turns into a technical match. Miss Linda, Adrian’s manager, chokes a bit as Adrian drops elbows. A knee to the ribs and a splash end this.

Rating: D+. Dull match and I’m not sure why they did the finishing sequence twice. Anyway, Street was an interesting kind of character as no one had seen someone like him in a long time. The effeminate character is one that’s almost always going to work because wrestling is such a masculine sport and wrestling fans are kind of scared of anything different.

Post match Walker attacks Street when Norville Austin comes in to beat on him also. Lady Maxine (Mad Maxine from WWF) comes in to cancel out Miss Linda. Austin would win the title two days later.

Austin and Maxine say that’s just the beginning. We get some clips of a match where Street beat up women or something like that. It’s really hard to make out the audio.

Street and Linda talk about an upcoming house show. Austin and Maxine reply by saying they’ll be ready. I think it’s a mixed tag.

Tim Horner will face someone for the Junior Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions.

Tim Horner vs. Paul Brown

Apparently the guy Horner will be facing is named Ken Timbs. Horner takes him to the mat and then grabs a top wristlock to control. Brown comes back with brawling tactics and gets a small package for two. O’Connor Roll gets two for Horner. A victory roll gets him the pin.

Rating: D. How was that a six and a half minute match? This program is reaching new levels of boring as I can’t bring myself to care about it at all. Horner was a guy that was ok for the most part so in a company like this, he was a big deal. He wouldn’t win the title at Night of Champions but he’d win it soon thereafter.

The Bullet says he’s sorry the Flame is gone because he didn’t get to beat him up enough. Some other masked guy named Mr. Olympia has been trying to steal Bullet’s mask. They tried to take Bullet’s mask but Brad Armstrong came in to help. The mask came off but Brad covered his face with a towel. There was another brawl with Tennessee Stud involved too. Olympia vs. Bullet for Night of Champions.

Roberto Soto and Boomer Lynch have a match for the Alabama Title and talk about their match. It’ll be big you see.

Gordon plugs some homebuilding company.

TV Title: Robert Fuller vs. Brad Armstrong

Fuller is champion and is more famous as Colonel Robert Parker. The title hadn’t been around for about five years but Fuller reactivated it for all of a month. Fuller is your standard “I’m pretty” character. Armstrong knocks him to the floor quickly and Fuller stalls a lot. Back into the ring and it’s off to an armbar by Armstrong. Fuller comes back and uses a variety of slams as I look for blunt instruments to hit myself with. Armstrong dropkicks him down and out to the floor. Some of Fuller’s friends come out and apparently TV time is up and the title is held up until next week.

Rating: F. The biggest move in a 4 minute match was a dropkick. You figure out the rest.

Fuller yells a lot.

Armstrong and Bullet yell a lot too.

Olympia starts yelling and we’re out of time.

Overall Rating: F. WOW this was boring. I watched the shows from 1988 of this company and they were bad. They were uninteresting, they weren’t that good and they were poorly put together. They look like masterpieces compared to this though. This show was just not interesting in the slightest and the production was awful. Usually I give a show two runs to see if I’ll keep it up or not but I’m done with this already. Just incredibly boring.

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  1. Evan says:

    I’m staying up for that damned No Mercy review !

    Yo KB, how many of those 100 shows that you found, are you considering watching, and how many are like this abomination ?

    Also, how’s your schedule looking this week ?

    • Thomas Hall says:

      No Mercy won’t be started until tomorrow. I’ve been sick all week so reading some Angels and Demons and sleep sound good.

      All of them will be watched unless I just hate them (like Power Hour or this). Most of them are fine though.

      It isn’t a day to day thing. It’s a big list of shows that I do in order. I also have a big list of unsorted ones (mostly from the 100 mentioned above) that I pick the earliest from in case something takes awhile to download and/or I just want to do something else.

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