USWA Championship Wrestling – April 21, 1991: Steve Austin Comes To Memphis

USWA Championship Wrestling
Date: February 9, 1991
Location: USWA Television Studios, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Dave Brown, Michael St. John

This is the last USWA show that I have at the moment but hopefully that’ll change in the near future. These shows have been really entertaining and there are some people coming in that I’d really like to see. Lawler and Jarrett won the tag titles on Monday over the Fabulous Ones so I’m sure we’ll talk about that a lot today. Let’s get to it.

Eric Embry is here today as is Eddie Gilbert. I haven’t seen them in awhile.

Tom Pritchard vs. Jerry Lynn

Jamie Dundee is refereeing and he pulls Pritchard’s arm to prevent him from throwing a punch. Pritchard is a doctor because he’s a psychologist in the ring. It’s about time they explained that name. Pritchard controls to start with some very basic stuff, getting two off a suplex. Sunset flip and small package get two each for Lynn. The referee gets knocked down but wakes up quickly enough to count a pin by Pritchard while his feet are on the ropes. I smell shenanigans. Too short to rate but this was fine.

We see the tag title match from Monday which was a total brawl. Cornette had powder but Fargo knocked it back into his face. Lane was going to hit him with the racket but Keirn made the save, allowing Jarrett to hit a dropkick for the titles. Post match Eddie Gilbert returned and beat down the new champions to try to collect the bounty. Lawler got up and beat up Gilbert. They went into the crowd and Gilbert threw a fireball at Lawler.

We get a clip from the dressing room with Lawler being interviewed about Gilbert. Lawler says that Eddie Gilbert and the Fabulous Ones were in it together all along and split Funk’s bounty money. There’s nothing Gilbert can do to get rid of Lawler no matter how much he tries. Eddie shows up but a suit says if Gilbert doesn’t leave he’ll be arrested. Gilbert yells into the camera that no one knows where he’s been and this is his town now.

Eric Embry vs. Cody Michaels

I thought we got rid of Embry. Embry takes him to the mat with ease but gets backdropped. They go to the mat and Eric punches him into the corner. They collide and Eric drops a headbutt for a pin even though Michaels was in the ropes. Dundee was the referee again.

Here’s Jerry in a suit and tie. Now there’s something you don’t see every day. He talks about going to someone’s house that you don’t know that well and they have a small dog. The dog might nip at your heels when your back is to them but when you look at them, they run and hide. The fire only burned his shoulder apparently. Here’s Gilbert and it’s on. They turn over the desk and Lawler loses his suit jacket. The locker room empties out to tear them apart.

Mid-South ad. Jeff Jarrett is defending against a guy whose name I won’t say because he’ll be here later in the show.

Actually that challenger is here now. He’s been named Rookie of the Year by PWI and says that things are going well for him and his girl. Here’s his match.

Danny Davis vs. Steve Austin

His girl is named Jeannie, who is more famous as Lady Blossom, whose chest is probably bigger than Trish Stratus’. Jamie Dundee is refereeing again and doesn’t see a quick sunset flip by Davis. Austin works the arm and pulls Davis’ hair but denies it to the referee. Davis backslides him but Jamie is over with Jeannie again. Into the ropes and Austin hits the Stun Gun (not named yet) but Davis has his feet on the ropes.

It’s so weird seeing Austin with shoulder length blonde hair and flower shorts. Small package has the same result for Davis as the other two. Austin charges into the post and Davis hits the neckbreaker, but Dundee turns away to talk to Jeannie. Eddie Marlon, the boss, comes out and stops the match with no winner declared.

Rating: C. This was way more about the angle with Dundee than the match, but it’s always cool to see a future legend out here when he’s first starting out. Austin had the fire in him and was ok in the ring, but he was far from the awesome level that he would become. It’s amazing to think that in four months he would be WCW TV Champion. They had some good scouts in that company.

Marlon and Dundee argue a lot and Dundee says that Max Andrews, I think the owner of the place, hired him so Marlon can’t fire him. No he can’t, but he can take him off the job. Bill Dundee (Jamie’s dad) comes out and says that Jamie is going to quit rather than be fired. Bill yells at him and Jamie says he’s not quitting. Jamie says that he doesn’t live with his dad anymore so it’s not his rules. That’s why Jamie’s mom left too: Bill had to have it his way. Bill pulls the belt off Eddie and whips his son with it. That’s awesome.

Here’s Gilbert for an interview where he says that he doesn’t care about what anyone says: he wants Lawler to look him in the eye and get out of his way so that he can have his time in the spotlight. Here’s Lawler and they’re at it again. It’s broken up just as quick.

New Kids/Bill Dundee vs. Uptown Connection

That’s the Lee/Doug Gilbert/White Boy team’s name now. Eddie Marlon is refereeing because Dundee got fired. Tom Pritchard comes out to ask when he gets an interview and is mad when he finds out he’s not on the schedule. The New Kids dropkick down everyone so White Boy brings in a chair. He drops it on the floor as the announcers try to throw Pritchard out.

Christopher and Gilbert start but it’s quickly off to Anthony and then back to Lee. Lee drops Christopher across the top rope and it’s off to Gilbert. More pounding follows and it’s White Boy in. He gets rolled up for two and it’s back to Lee. The Uptown guys tag in and out very fast, which is a recurring idea in the USWA. Everything breaks down and Marlon goes down, so the locker room all comes in for the DQ.

Rating: D. The match was nothing of note here and the referee didn’t mean a thing until the very end. The post match stuff which we’ll get to in a moment was a lot more interesting, which is the usual case in this company. The Uptown Connection just wasn’t that interesting, but they served well as the heel team.

Bruno chokes Marlon while Jamie comes out and whips his dad with a belt. The US Males and some other guys come in for the save.

Mid-South stuff.

We get a clip from Monday with Chris Walker (who has a small chance at being Renegade from WCW. His last name was Walker and they look almost identical) vs. Pritchard. Walker was throwing him around when Gilbert and Anthony came in for the DQ, only to be saved by US Male.

The US Males come out and say exactly what you would expect them to say about Gilbert and Anthony.

Jarrett comes up and talks about his upcoming title match with Austin. He’s still REALLY bad at talking. Here he seems to advocate domestic violence against Jeannie, who used to be married to Chris Adams. Cue Jeannie who says Jeff wouldn’t know a lady if one was standing in front of him. She slaps Jeff so Jeff takes his jacket off and grabs her wrist as she tries another slap. Cue Austin for the required brawl. They go into the ring and Austin clotheslines him down but Jeff punches him to the floor.

Sgt. O’Reilly/Keith Eric/Eli The Eliminator vs. US Males/Jeff Jarrett

Marlon is refereeing again. Walker vs. Eric to start us off but it’s quickly off to the other Male. Jarrett in now as the quick tagging continues here. Eli comes in and pounds on Jeff, including one of the weakest slams I can remember in a long time. Legdrop gets two. Sarge comes in and just like every other time he’s been in the ring, things go badly for him. Back to Thompson (the other Male whose name I couldn’t remember earlier) who gets two as Eric has to make the save. Jarrett works the arm and it’s back to Walker again. Things break down and it finally ends with a top rope Jarrett cross body to Sarge.

Rating: D. This was really boring as it was in essence a squash. It only ran four and a half minutes but it felt about three times that, which is never a good sign. Jeff had it in the ring but he really didn’t click in full for a few more years. Granted being Simply Irresistible didn’t help him that much.

The announcers wrap it up.

Overall Rating: D+. I really didn’t like this show that well. That being said, there was a huge angle going here with Gilbert vs. Lawler and the Austin match is exciting, but it just wasn’t that interesting overall. The six man tags were pretty boring but maybe it’s because you see the same guys every week. In essence, the big stuff is good but the lower stuff is weak.

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