ECW on TNN – February 11, 2000: Dusty Rhodes At His Finest

Date: February 11, 2000
Location: Tallahassee Civic Center, Tallahassee, Florida
Attendance: 2,000
Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner

It occurs to me that there are only 34 episodes of this show to go and it’s taking me forever to complete, so I’m going to start churning these out at a higher rate. It’s one of those shows that I want to get finished so I don’t have to think about it anymore as it’s flat out not that good most of the time. Tonight is all about the fallout from RVD’s injury. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence opens things up.

Joel and Joey get things going by sucking up to the national champion Florida State Seminoles. The rhyme this week is about women being from Venus and riding something of Joel’s. This was on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD. Cyrus talks about RVD being injured but the Network has bigger concerns, such as the gate and the ratings. He hypes such TNN shows as Rockin Bowl and Rollerjam (I LOVED that show!) before saying the TV Title is going to be defended tonight.

Little Spike Dudley is going to defend in Van Dam’s place against the Du….the Dup……DANG IT ALL TO GOODNESS IT’S THE FREAKING DUPPS! I thought I was done with this stupid act. For those of you lucky enough to have never seen them in the original TNA, they’re two country bumpkins named Stan and Bo (say the full names and you’ll get the HILARIOUS joke) who I guess are Network stooges now.

TV Title: Little Spike Dudley vs. Dupps

Double Acid Drop and we’re done in 14 seconds.

Living Dangerously ad.

Video game ad. It was WWF Attitude with blood.

Raven wants Mikey Whipwreck to talk to Tommy Dreamer about Francine. She’s nothing to break up their friendship over and Dreamer needs to see that. Mikey faces Tommy tonight but he’ll talk to him anyway. Raven leaves and the yet to be named Sinister Minister comes in to laugh about Raven being the perfect disciple.

New Jack and Balls Mahoney rant about Da Baldies.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Mikey Whipwreck

They do a wrestling sequence to start with Tommy spinning out of the Boston Crab leading to a show of respect. The Minister comes out and distracts Dreamer, allowing Mikey to take over. Minister shouts that Mikey is a man, prompting Mikey to grab a mic and say that just because he’s 39 and lives with he’s mother it doesn’t mean he’s a baby. Dreamer says Mikey is something censored and blasts him in the head with a mic.

Dreamer walks him into the crowd which is called brawling here. Mikey reverses a whip into some bleachers before standing on Tommy’s throat. They slug it out on top of the bleachers with Dreamer tossing Mikey to the concrete. We go back inside with Mikey hitting a Russian legsweep onto a chair to take over. Dreamer gets a boot up in the corner and hooks a quick swinging neckbreaker, only to miss a middle rope elbow. Whipwreck misses a moonsault and gets caught in the Dreamer Driver (Misawa’s Emerald Flosion but for American fans it’s White Noise but with the Mikey in front instead of around back).

The Minister breaks up the pin but gets a low blow and Bronco Buster from Francine. Raven comes out and is blinded by powder in his eyes. He DDTs Francine by mistake and Tommy snaps, pounding on Raven in the corner. Dreamer lays out Mikey with a Spicolli Driver (Death Valley Driver) and a DDT for the pin.

Rating: D+. It’s an angle disguised as a match which is one of ECW’s main ideas. Dreamer vs. Raven has been done for so long now that it’s almost impossible to get up for it anymore. The Minister and Mikey would make a good team once they added Tajiri and we’ll get to that Unholy Alliance soon enough.

Post break Dreamer beats up Blue Meanie for making a joke about Francine. Another guy tells him Raven had powder in his eyes and gets beaten up as well for speaking when not spoken to.

Justin Credible vs. Raven

Raven knocks him to the floor as the bell rings and we’re off fast. Justin is put through a table through a dive off the top before being whipped into the barricade. Raven sets up another table in the corner but Justin reverses a whip to send Raven through it instead. We head outside again with Raven being sent into the barricade and superkicked down. Back in for a chinlock on the bleeding Bird Boy. Justin is in his usual offensive pattern: hit one move and pose, hit one move and pose and so on.

A third table is brought in but Justin misses a charge and sends himself through it by mistake. Justin suplexes his way out of a sleeper but Raven kicks him low to take over. A knee lift puts Justin down but here’s Lance Storm to lay out Raven with something made of metal. Lance, Justin and their lackey Jason triple team Raven because Dreamer is at the hospital with Francine. Raven is driven head and face first into the chair with a drop toehold, a DDT and That’s Incredible (tombstone).

Rating: D+. This was your usual brawl with a few wrestling moves thrown in to appease a few fans. It wasn’t interesting though as this feud is long since over but ECW has nothing better to do than reuse the same ideas over and over again. Raven was just kind of there at this point and why they didn’t put the TV Title on him until they had someone better is beyond me.

Danny Doring and Roadkill make the save.

Post break Dusty Rhodes and Heyman come out to check on Raven. Cyrus comes out to say we’ve got a Network situation here and we need to get the wrestler out of the ring. Dusty gets in his face and says this is about one of the boys, not the Network. They finally get Raven out of the ring as Cyrus keeps running his mouth.

Dusty goes on an amazing rant about how this is about the wrestlers who work hard to pay Cyrus’ bills. He’s here because the fans have cared about him for over twenty years and he showed them respect too. Steve Corino comes out and slaps Dusty’s hat so Dusty lays everyone out until Rhyno sneaks in. They beat Dusty down and put him in the Figure Four but Sandman’s music hits to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. The wrestling was bad but the stories were more interesting. The Dusty promo is really good and makes you smile as a wrestling fan. Other than that though there isn’t much to see here. These matches are hard to sit through though as they’re just mindless brawling until we get to the end of the show, which doesn’t make for good television.

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    Your location is wrong KB. I think you meant that this show was in Tallahassee, Florida.

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    I get Stan Dupp but what the hell is Bo Dupp?

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