Thought of the Day: Make Their Jaw Drop

This is a tale of a Christmas from long ago.About eight years or so ago I was watching Tribute to the Troops when my dad came over.  Now my dad is the kind of guy that doesn’t impress easily.  He thinks everything was cooler when he was younger and that very little entertainment today is actually entertaining.  When he came over, John Cena was lifting Big Show up for the AA.  My dad’s jaw dropped and he was clearly impressed.


The moral to the story: show us something impressive that is going to catch some eyes, not the same stuff that is only going to interest people already watching.  More on this topic when I have a bit more time.


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5 Responses

  1. in context – Bryan beating Cena clean dropped my jaw – given you had to be invested in the storyline for the jaw to drop when it happened.

  2. Phalluster says:

    Cesaro did it last night.

  3. M.R. says:

    Even for a guy as built as he is, Cena is freakishly strong. The image of him having both Show and Edge on his shoulders is wild.

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