Lucha Underground – May 11, 2016: Death And Local Politics

Lucha Underground
Date: May 11, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

Tonight is all about violence as we have Mil Muertes vs. Matanza II in a Graver Consequences match with four caskets instead of one. The other thing to remember is that we’re getting closer to the season finale with less than half of the season left to go. Things are going to start rounding into form and that means a lot more big storyline developments. Let’s get to it.

We look at the finals of the trios tournament, the Councilman Delgado story where he says there’s someone more powerful than Dario Cueto and the setup for Grave Consequences.

Cueto goes to meet Councilman Delgado for a payoff to Delgado’s boss. Dario goes to leave but is stopped and told to have a drink. Apparently the cops are looking into Dario’s activities in the Temple and there’s probably already someone inside (there is and it’s Cortez Castro, which is still unknown to everyone else). Delgado’s boss is interested in the Temple and will be coming to see it soon. This freaks Dario out and it’s made even worse when Delgado asks if Dario thought Matanza was going to have all the fun. Now that has a lot of potential.

Aztec Medallion: Joey Ryan vs. Cortez Castro vs. Mr. Cisco

The fans seem to be beyond Ryan but Vampiro picks Cisco. Joey goes after Cisco to start but gets sent to the floor, leaving Castro to suplex Cisco for two. Both of them have their backs turned though, allowing Joey to run in and knee Castro in the back (setting up a big edit as the camera pulls away) for a rollup and the pin (with tights of course) at 1:18.

Mil Muertes is the Luchador of the Week.

Catrina says she’s been a prisoner of darkness for 197 years. Muertes spent days in a cave made of rock and then weeks in the underworld (after Grave Consequences) but now Catrina has made him stronger than ever. Tonight Pascual Mendoza’s new life begins when he puts Matanza in the casket. They leave and King Cuerno comes out from behind the throne, having heard everything.

Trios Title: Ivelisse/Son of Havoc/Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma

Ivelisse’s team is challenging and Mundo is a surprise partner with Taya in his corner. Dragon and Ivelisse get things going with Azteca easily slamming her down early on. A legsweep has Ivelisse down which Striker calls an LBI (Lower Body Injury, which he’s nice enough to translate after using the acronym). It’s off to Rey vs. Havoc and the fans aren’t sure who to cheer for.

Rey’s hurricanrana doesn’t work so they both try kicks which are both caught in the air. They stare each other down and it’s off to Mundo vs. Puma with the Prince being kicked to the floor. Taya and Ivelisse start shouting at each other because that’s how all women in wrestling act. Back in and Mundo flips Ivelisse off but eats an enziguri, allowing the tag off to Azteca, who might be the most exciting guy in the promotion right now.

Havoc bicycle kicks him and gets two off a Lethal Injection. Mundo wants in but Havoc won’t tag him because he’d rather go up top for a double stomp to the back. It’s back to Rey for two off a victory roll but Ivelisse breaks up the 619. Mundo kicks Ivelisse in the face by mistake and is sent to the floor for a hurricanrana into the barricade from Azteca. Now the 619 nails Havoc before it’s off to Puma for the 630 and the pin at 7:14. Striker tried to push that as a passing of the torch but it really was nothing out of the ordinary.

Rating: B-. The champs are an awesome team and it’s a shame that Angelico got hurt to prevent what could be a low level dream match. Mundo being added didn’t do much and you would expect him to have a bigger feud than just being thrown into a trios match for a one off title challenge.

Ivelisse gets blamed for the loss for whatever reason. Taya beats her down

Lucha Underground Title: Matanza vs. Mil Muertes

Matanza is defending and this is a Casket match with four caskets to choose from. A bunch of people with skeleton face paint (I believe it’s something associated with the Day of the Dead) bring out the caskets ala the Lucha Underground equivalent of Undertaker’s druids. They slug it out to start with Muertes being thrown over the top to dent one of the caskets. Matanza puts two caskets (called death boxes here) next to each other before telling fans to get out of the way.

Catrina tries to make a save and gets choked, only to have Muertes spear the champ into the empty chairs. As you might expect, Matanza is up for a powerbomb onto a casket. Muertes comes right back with a Flatliner off the apron onto a casket, which is then carried into the ring. Dario copies Catrina by interfering for a distraction which allows Matanza to roll some gutwrench suplexes. Striker thinks Matanza might be a skilled wrestler under the mask. Gee thanks for that Matt.

Mil spears him again and unhooks the bottom rope (no one ever uses that anyway) to get the metal hook off the buckle. Matanza easily takes it away and hits Mil in the head before going for the mask. That just earns him a chokeslam onto the casket before Mil goes outside and finds a lead glove in a toolbox. You know, instead of hitting him WITH THE TOOLBOX.

A few shots to the champ’s head only have so much effect before he hits Mil low. They head outside again with Matanza opening a fresh casket and getting most of the lid closed, only to have Muertes punch through the lid to grab him by the throat. Well that works. Catrina blasts Cueto for no apparent reason, only to get DESTROYED by Matanza.

The champ steals the stone and buries it along with Catrina in the same casket. This just ticks Mil off even more so he hammers on Matanza but can’t close the lid. Instead it’s a right hand to the throat to get Matanza out of trouble, followed by a powerbomb onto the casket. Wrath of the Gods into the casket is enough to finish Muertes at 14:55, drawing INSANE booing from the fans.

Rating: B. You could tell they were going for the same style that worked so well with Fenix vs. Mil Muertes but that match worked because the Fenix match was all about hope spots while this was a combination of a casket match and two monsters hitting each other really hard. Those two styles only work together so well and it hit a wall here.

Catrina has disappeared but the Day of the Dead people come out to take Mil away. One of them pulls his hood back to reveal King Cuerno.

A limo rolls up to Councilman Delgado so he can pay his boss Dario’s money. Apparently Dario thinks Matanza is the most powerful person in the world but that’s not true because the boss is. The boss lights up a cigar to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. The wrestling took a backseat to all the storyline stuff and to be fair, that was the far more interesting part of this show. The idea that someone could be more powerful than the Cuetos offers a lot of potential and now the question becomes if the boss is someone we’ve seen before or someone new. It’s going to be interesting to see where things go and the wrestling will be more than fine at the same time. Another good show because that’s what Lucha Underground does.

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2 Responses

  1. deanerandterry says:

    I was hoping for a crazier match between Matanza and Mil but overall I thought they did a good job, your whole summary of the match in the rating is a very good point as they used the first one as a blueprint and it didn’t quite have the same effect this time around. All in all though even if the match sucked (which it didn’t) I still am really looking forward to who this boss is and who he has that can actually take Matanza (in theory). That’s by far my favorite thing about Lucha Underground, they always leave me wanting more.

  2. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    Great show and I like how show is setting up things for the future. The Taya/Mundo v Havoc/Ivilesse are cool potential pairings for feuds.

    Matanza and Muertes started off on fire but slowed down as they started screwing with the ring hook and became more focused on getting the caskets in and out of the ring. That booing sounded a little piped in. Good match but if they had paced those first 5-6 spots they did throughout it would have been classic.

    The Boss is another great wrinkle to this great tv only storyline. The possibility that the Boss is also a wrestler a la Matanza is awesome. It’s just great character work. Wish WWE would takes notes on that if they want to adapt anything from the cult/critical success of LU.

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