Lucha Underground – October 27, 2016: It’s A Soul In A Box

Lucha Underground
Date: October 26, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

The countdown to Aztec Warfare is on and that means things are about to pick up around here. The problem with this season so far has been the lack of any meaningful story but the entire roster contending for the title in one match should get us somewhere. If nothing else it would be nice to see something other than one random challenger a week. Let’s get to it.

This week’s opening recap looks at Texano vs. Cage, Johnny Mundo getting a Gift of the Gods Title shot and Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah. These things are a great refresher and a solid preview of things to come tonight.

Sexy Star comes into Dario Cueto’s office and demands her Lucha Underground Title shot next week. Dario admires her huevos but says she has to defend the Gift of the Gods Title against Johnny Mundo tonight. If Aerostar, Fenix or Drago interfere, they’re banned from the Temple forever.

Marty Martinez vs. Ivelisse

Marty smiles as Ivelisse forearms him in the face and a middle rope crossbody is turned into a powerslam. As the beating goes on, Vampiro says Marty weighs 300lbs. I know wrestling weights are gimmicked but that sounds insane. Mariposa gets in a few bites (thereby freaking Melissa Santos out) and Marty elbows Ivelisse in the face. A few strikes stagger Marty but Ivelisse’s guillotine choke actually brings him down. Well at least a little down until he knocks her silly with a spinebuster. A full nelson slam puts Ivelisse away at 4:20.

Rating: D+. Lucha Underground is normally pretty good with their intergender matches but in this case it was Marty destroying one of the best women in the promotion. Ivelisse never had a chance here and Marty, who isn’t much of a star in his own right, basically squashed her. What happened here?

Post match Jeremiah comes in and cleans house until it turns into a brawl, likely setting up a tag match. Jeremiah seems to apologize to Ivelisse for interfering but she’s not pleased.

The Rabbit Tribe, including Paul London, is coming soon.

Jeremiah is still apologizing and suggests he join the Temple. The idea of them fighting together seems to appeal to Ivelisse.

And now, let’s make things interesting. We go to the inside of Councilman Delgado’s limo when Dario gets in. Dario says someone’s ascension is complete (they might be talking about their boss but it’s not clear) and Delgado talks about needing a host body. It seems that the series between Texano and Cage will be for the right to be the host so Delgado hands Dario a box…..which I assume contains a soul? Now THIS is Lucha Underground!

Texano vs. Cage

This is match #3 in a best of five series with Cage up 2-0. Texano goes right after him (because he’s desperate) and a clothesline sends Cage outside. A whip into the eternally empty wooden chairs makes things even worse for Cage so he throws Texano right back. Texano pops back up as well and sunset bombs Cage over the top and back onto the floor.

Back in and the no selling continues with Cage throwing him down in a fall away slam. A top rope superplex puts both guys down in a heap and Cage is the first to cover for two. Cage’s pumphandle faceplant gets the same so Texano hits a middle rope leg lariat for his own near fall. This is a bunch of trading spots and that’s all it should be. A buckle bomb sets up an F5 on Texano and the kickout frustrates Cage even more. With Cage at his wits’ end, Texano grabs a small package for the pin at 7:45.

Rating: C+. I’m a big fan of that ending as they were beating the heck out of each other until one guy puts the brakes on and goes in a completely opposite direction for the pin. It’s good psychology and works almost every time. I’m sure we’ll see these two fight again but it’s nice to keep them from fighting on every single show. In other words, this isn’t Cesaro vs. Sheamus.

Dario is looking in the box (What could that possibly look like?) when Rey Mysterio comes in. Rey wants to face Chavo Guerrero in a Loser Leaves the Temple match. Dario agrees and says you have to put a dog down for its own good. Now anyone other than a wrestling face would see that something is up with a statement like that but Rey is cursed with being an idiot.

Gift of the Gods Title: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star

Star is defending. It’s a change of pace this time as Star tries to stay away to start, only to get taken down into an amateur wrestling contest. This goes badly for the champ and Johnny kicking at the legs make it even worse. A botched looking neckbreaker puts Sexy down again and a running knee to the face gets two.

Johnny goes Backlund with a crossface chickenwing before putting Star on the top rope and elbowing her in the face. You don’t see that very often but it’s happened twice on this one show. Johnny tries a moonsault but lands on raised feet to FINALLY (ok they’re four minutes into the match) give Star an opening. Star goes with some weak looking right hands to the face and a failed monkey flip because YOU CAN’T MONKEY FLIP JOHNNY MUNDO! Yeah doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Mundo spears the referee by mistake and of course Star chokes Johnny out a few seconds later. Cue the Worldwide Underground to lift Star up so Johnny can charge at her, sending her flipping over and down to the mat (Chikara’s BDK used it as their finisher, Ragnarok). Another referee comes in as the Underground leaves (So he was watching the match to see the ref bump but not the interference?) to count two, meaning Johnny knocks him out too.

The Underground wraps a chair around Star’s neck but before they can Pillmanize her, it’s the Mack running in with a bunch of Stunners. Star chairs Mundo in the head for two and I can hear Vince Russo’s laughter in my head. Johnny misses the split legged moonsault but pulls out a pair of brass knuckles to knock Star out for the pin and the title at 11:43.

Rating: D. I know this is a promotion where the suspension of disbelief has to be stretched but the idea that the referees didn’t catch on to ANY of that cheating is too much for me to take. This was Sexy Star vs. the World (wide Underground) and it really didn’t work. Mundo cheating to win once or twice at the most would have been fine but this was two people interfering, a chair, two ref bumps and brass knuckles. There’s a line you can cross where it’s too much to take and this match jumped over it.

Prince Puma is working out when Vampiro comes in to say beating Mil Muertes was a great first step. Vampiro brings up Muertes killing Konnan, which Puma finds due to Vampiro’s hatred of Konnan. Puma seems to think about it to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This wasn’t a strong episode on the wrestling side though we’re starting to get back on the right path with the storytelling, which is where Lucha Underground shines. You can tell there’s going to be some big stuff coming at the Aztec Warfare show and that’s a good sign going forward. This show wasn’t a good sign though and that’s quite the fall after last week’s strong outing.

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2 Responses

  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    I thiught the Cage v Texano match was at least a B. The no-selling (in this instance only) has to be to set them up as otherworldly and deserving of whatever this opportunity is.

    I couldn’t agree more on Sexy v Mundo. It started well, but it got Russoed to hell.

    I have a feeling I know where this Puma stuff is heading, but don’t want to spoil anything. Whether I’m right or wrong, it should be awesome.

  2. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    That was a quick post KB.

    Cage and Texano had their best match of the series and while I liked it a lot I wish they had saved the soul in the box reveal for the inevitable match five.

    The Mundo v Star match didn’t bother me that much just because it was a solid match before it got insane and the WWU going overboard is fundamental state of their gimmick/faction.

    Apparently Marty is getting a bit of an elevation this season which I can’t really be to mad about as he has been exceptional on the mic.

    I’m pumped for Loser Leaves the Temple and Grave Consequences Tres as pit stops on the way to Aztec Warfare so I can’t complain to much even if some of the wrestling was lackluster tonight.

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