Lucha Underground – July 25, 2018: Can I Get A Gift Receipt?

IMG Credit: Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground
Date: July 25, 2018
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We haven’t had enough insanity around here in a while so let’s have a six way match for the Gift of the Gods Title. That’s the big story tonight but you never know what we might be getting in the process. Other than that there’s the continuing issues between Cage and Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

The opening recap looks at Antonio Cueto and Matanza, Jake Strong and the Gift of the Gods Title picture.

Good news: Famous B.’s leg has been saved.

Jake Strong vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy is fighting for revenge after Jake injured B.’s leg. Strong wrestles him down to start and sends Sammy flying off a German suplex. The Vader Bomb crushes Sammy again but he crossbodies Strong outside. That’s it for his offense as Strong throws him through the chairs (those things always take a beating) so Sammy climbs into a balcony. The huge dive takes Strong down again in a move that I really wouldn’t have expected in a match like this. Some kicks to the head have Strong in trouble but he pulls a springboard out of the air into the Strong Lock for the tap at 4:00.

Rating: C. Sammy actually got in some offense here, which was rather surprising given how this started. The interesting thing here, aside from Strong being pushed like a monster (as he should be), is how Lucha Underground manages to get in a huge spot in what appeared to be a squash. The thing is it fits around here, which is part of the promotion’s identity. That’s so important and something that almost no promotion manages to get right.

Vinnie Massaro is in the ring when Antonio comes up on the platform. He thought about firing Massaro but instead is going to….have a pizza delivered to him? Massaro: “IT’S PINEAPPLE!!!” Well that confirms Cueto’s heel status. That’s his last meal though, because it’s time for a sacrifice.

Matanza vs. Vinnie Massaro

Massaro slaps him in the mask and runs the ropes, eventually stopping due to bad conditioning. The Wrath of the Gods onto the disgusting mess called a pizza is good for the pin at 1:10.

The delivery guy goes for Massaro’s wallet so Matanza lays him out too. Both guys vanish.

Gift of the Gods Title: The Mack vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Ivelisse vs. King Cuerno vs. Dezmond X vs. Son of Havoc

Actually hang on (this is getting annoying) as Antonio says we’re going to have a six person tag. The winners of that will fight for the title.

Son of Havoc/Ivelisse/The Mack vs. Dezmond X/Dragon Azteca Jr./King Cuerno

Mack gets kicked in the head after just a few seconds but he kicks Dezmond right back. A double clothesline takes down Dezmond and Dragon as Killshot is watching from the rafters. Havoc comes in and hits Dezmond in the jaw but the fans’ request of Ivelisse is granted in short order. Cuerno breaks up a Black Widow with a kick to the back, allowing Dragon to hit a side slam.

Some shots to the ribs and face have Ivelisse in trouble until she sends Dragon into the corner. That’s enough for the hot tag to Mack so house can be cleaned. A superkick knocks Dragon off the apron and Mack hits a heck of a dive. Havoc tops them with a big handspring flip dive but the shooting star misses with Havoc rolling through to avoid a crash. Cuerno hits a very quick Thrill of the Hunt for the pin at 6:15.

Rating: D+. That ending really did feel like it was out of nowhere and came off like they were having to go home in a hurry. It was weird to see Ivelisse taking the heat like that as you only see women getting beaten up by men like this in Lucha Underground and even then it’s a rarity. Not a bad match, just an abrupt ending.

Post match here’s Mil Muertes to beat up the losers. Killshot comes in for a save and gets punched in the face.

Gift of the Gods Title: Dezmond X vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. King Cuerno

Cuerno pops Dragon in the face for two to start and hits a super hurricanrana on Dezmond, who lands on Azteca for two of his own. Dezmond punches away at Cuerno and sends them both into the corner for a running elbow. A springboard armdrag (kind of more work than it’s worth) sets up a kick to the head for two on Dezmond.

Both Dezmond and Dragon head outside, meaning it’s time for a big Cuerno suicide dive. Back in and Cuerno breaks up a sunset flip on Dezmond, who hits his moonsault kick to the head for a much closer two on Dragon. Just to show off, Cuerno gets Dragon in a leglock and a full nelson on Dezmond at the same time.

That doesn’t last long (well duh) so it’s Dragon’s turn to clean house with some dropkicks. A hurricanrana on the floor doesn’t do much to Cuerno, who throws Dragon into the announcers’ table. Another whip sends him over the chairs but Dezmond is right back with a HUGE flip dive to take the other two down. Back in and Dezmond’s Final Flash misses but Dragon runs the corner for a super victory roll and the pin at 11:29.

Rating: C+. Pretty run of the mill Lucha Underground insanity here and that’s a cool thing to see. Cuerno was the star of the match here and gets to look good while Dragon gets the title. Dezmond can do a lot of cool flips and stuff, but that’s not the biggest selling point in the world when the promotion is at least partially built around the idea of flips and dives.

Marty the Moth is in pain in an office when Mariposa comes in to pour water on his face. She wants him to focus on winning the Lucha Underground Title because he’s destined for greatness.

Overall Rating: C. I’m not a big fan of the Gift of the Gods Title process (the title is fine but getting there takes too long) and they added in a few more layers this time around to make it a little worse. This episode was more of a miss for me as most of it was built around that one concept, but Strong did come across as…well, strong. It’s not bad, but this wasn’t the show I was wanting to see.

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