Lucha Underground – August 22, 2018: The Temple Star

IMG Credit: Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground
Date: August 22, 2018
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

It’s time for a big night with two major matches. This time around we have a Trick or Treat match (whatever that means, which around here could be anything) between the Mack and Mil Muertes but the real selling point is the main event. Tonight, Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark defends against Cage in a Last Man Standing match. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

The opening video looks at Cage vs. Pentagon Dark, Drago and Aerostar’s trust issues and Mack vs. Muertes.

Melissa Santos is putting on her makeup when Dragon Azteca Jr. comes in. Dragon knows she misses Fenix, which she admits is getting worse and worse every day. He puts the half medallion around her neck. Melissa says he’s a great friend and leaves.

Famous B. is back, though in a much more traditional looking suit.

The Mack vs. Mil Muertes

It’s a weapons cage match (including a knife and an ax) with pin or submission only to win. Before the match, Catrina gets in Melissa’s face and tells her to introduce her “the right way b****.” Melissa says no so Catrina sends her face first into the cage, gives her the lick, and rams her head into the floor. Mack’s running enziguri has little effect so Muertes hits him with the kendo stick and a trashcan. A few more shots to the head don’t do much good on Muertes so it’s a snap powerslam and a pumpkin to Mack’s back.

Mack scores with a running DDT to slow Muertes down but he’s right back up to spear Mack into and then through the cage wall. Escape doesn’t count so Muertes DDTs him on the floor before climbing over the side. A high crossbody (and a good one at that) takes Mack down and it’s time for the knife. Muertes slices Mack’s head open and licks the blood off because he’s one of the creepiest guys around.

Despite the blood loss, Mack manages a release spinebuster through a table. Just like everything else though, Muertes doesn’t seem phased and sends Mack through another table to keep him in trouble. Mack fights out of a Flatliner through a table and some Stunners put Muertes down. For some reason Mack decides to go up top in front of a table, meaning he earns the super Flatliner through said table for the pin at 9:37.

Rating: B-. Sometimes you just need a monster wrecking a popular guy to remind you who is in charge around here. Muertes is still one of the most dominant people in the company and that needed to be reestablished in a match like this. Mack is going to be fine after the loss as he’s a charismatic enough guy to bounce right back. Good destruction, even with the knife being a bit much.

Catrina won’t lick Mack.

Famous B., from his wheelchair, handles the introductions for the next match.

Aerostar vs. Jake Strong

B.: “Introducing first…..oh s***.” Aerostar isn’t scared so Strong punches him in the face and suplexes him back in from the apron. A quick crucifix gives Aerostar two and the rope walk dropkick gets the same. Aerostar gets knocked out of the air though and the ankle lock is good for the tap at 2:14.

Post match Strong won’t let go so Drago runs in for the save.

The Worldwide Underground is giving Johnny Mundo and Taya their wedding presents, including a trip to the Slamtown Spa and Resort, a portrait of Mundo as Lucha Underground Champion, and a title shot the week after the wedding. The Underground’s agent can’t get in and Ricky Mundo’s doll wants to kill him. Ricky stabs him with a pen as Taya and Johnny get matching bandannas. Geez the murders are spreading around here.

Lucha Underground Title: Pentagon Dark vs. Cage

Pentagon is defending and it’s Last Man (or Machine) Standing. After a break, Cage goes straight at him on the floor and we’re ready to go in a hurry. A bottle to the head has no effect so Cage uses the broken bottle to carve up Pentagon’s head. Cage puts a table in the corner but gets caught in a Death Valley Driver to put him through it instead. With Pentagon’s mask half torn off (to the point where you can see his forehead), he caves Cage’s head in with a chair.

A top rope double stomp onto the chair has Cage in more trouble but he’s fine enough to take it outside and powerbomb the champ against the barricade. Cage sets up two tables on the floor so Pentagon throws in some more toys. One heck of a trashcan lid shot to the head rocks Pentagon and there’s the apron superplex to put them through the tables. It’s Cage up at five and for some reason he helps Pentagon to his feet. With another table set up next to the apron, Pentagon wins a fight and Death Valley Drives Cage through it in a sick looking crash.

Of course that’s not it as the Drill Claw plants Pentagon for so little time that the referee doesn’t even count. Another lid shot staggers Cage, sending him onto yet another table in the ring. That means a super Canadian Destroyer but Pentagon is already getting more weapons because he knows it’s not enough. Six chairs are set up in the middle of the ring….and Pentagon package piledrives him through them. That’s STILL not enough so Pentagon Pillmanizes one arm, breaks both of them, and then since Cage is getting up again, curb stomps him THROUGH A CINDER BLOCK to retain at 13:13.

Rating: B+. Throughout a lot of this match, I was thinking it was just your run of the mill violent brawl. Then we got to the ending, where Pentagon unloaded on Cage and threw everything he had at him to FINALLY put the machine away. That last few minutes had me wondering what was left to stop Cage and it was one heck of a visual. The same is true of Pentagon’s mask being ripped off, which made him look like the conquering antihero, which is a great way to wrap things up.

Pentagon poses and, again, looks like the biggest star ever around here.

Next week: the wedding. That….sounds amazing.

Overall Rating: A-. That last three minutes alone are enough to make this a great show but then you have another murder (with a PEN), Pentagon looking like a star, and the whole carving up someone’s head with a knife. This was one of the most violent wrestling shows I’ve seen in a long time and that’s exactly what they were going for. Well done all around, but check out that main event for sure.

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