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Ring of Honor
Date: August 5, 2020

We’re on to Joe Hendry as the possible options continue to dwindle around here. Hendry is someone who seems to have all of the potential in the world and the singing is a great deal, but I’m not sure he warrants an episode all to himself. Then again these things have a pretty good track record. Let’s get to it.

Naturally Hendry handles the opening, with his own music video.

Hendry talks about everything that he has been doing since the pandemic started. This includes rapping about his team with Dalton Castle and communicating with him through green screen. They have since fallen out (They have?) but let’s go back to a better time. From ROH TV, February 5, 2020.

Master and Machine vs. Dalton Castle/Joe Hendry

Hendry takes Master down with an early wristlock but it’s back up so they both miss some kicks to the head. Master’s hurricanrana works well enough but he has to slip out of a fall away slam to send us to a break. Back with Castle vs. Machine with Castle wrestling him down and scoring with a suplex.

The chinlock doesn’t last long but Machine has to get out of a Bang A Rang attempt. Master puts him down and belly to back suplexes Master into a moonsault. A double stomp into an elbow gets two on Castle but it’s off to Hendry in a hurry. Hendry’s delayed vertical suplex connects for two and it’s already back to Castle for a chinlock. Make that a chinlock from Hendry, followed by a suplex from Castle.

Master gets in a kick to the head though and it’s Machine coming back in to pick up the pace. Castle and Hendry get beaten up, including a spinebuster to Castle and a spear to Hendry. The Skywalker Elbow gets two on Hendry but he’s right back up with a double fall away slam. Everything breaks down and Master is shoved into a Codebreaker, setting up the reverse Sling Blade for the pin at 10:45.

Rating: C+. This worked better than I was expecting as Master and Machine (not Master and Commander as I keep wanting to put) are a rather nice treat that I wasn’t expecting. Castle and Hendry are getting better but it took so long to get there that it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the time.

Hendry talks about how he has been around Ring of Honor for about a year, and this is the match that probably got him signed.

From Honor Reunited: London 2018.

Joe Hendry vs. Jonathan Gresham

Gresham’s full nelson is broken up in a hurry and it’s an early standoff. More grappling goes to another standoff and Gresham asks for some more grappling as the match stops again. Hendry grabs his own full nelson and has to go to the ropes for the break this time, which gets some questionable applause. They fight over wrist control with Hendry getting the better of things as Gresham can’t quite escape. Gresham finally flips him away and we get another standoff, though this one includes a handshake.

Hendry is taken into the ropes and Gresham gives him a little pat on the face, which seems a bit cruel. Gresham slips out of a hold on the mat and offers a handshake but Gresham isn’t sure as we take a break. Back with Hendry offering a hammerlock and then spinning Gresham to the floor for the escape. Gresham seems to know he was shown up and heads back inside, only to get kicked to the floor again. Back in again and Gresham takes the leg again, but this time he avoids getting kicked to the floor.

Hendry grabs a waistlock and wrestles him to the floor as frustration begins to set in. Gresham heads inside again and takes Hendry down twice in a row, setting up a crisscross. A shoulder puts Gresham down and a jumping knee to the face does it again, earning Hendry some applause. They fight over a small package and roll around the ring, followed by a pinfall reversal sequence. Gresham gets caught with an uppercut but comes back with a standing springboard moonsault. An Oklahoma roll finishes Hendry at 9:24.

Rating: C+. This was better than a lot of these evenly matches matches as they gave you a sense that it wasn’t planned. So often they feel like a recital but that wasn’t quite the same case here. Of course they had obviously planned sequences, but I liked it well enough to keep me interested and not have my eyes rolling, so well done for something like this.

Here’s a commercial for a Hendry CD collection, with songs all about wearing masks in the pandemic.

Hendry wraps it up with maybe his favorite ROH match. From Honor United 2019.

TV Title: Shane Taylor vs. Joe Hendry

Taylor is defending and they both have their entourages with them, though it’s one on one when we get ready. During the referee’s instructions, Shane calls him a ballerina and they lock up against the ropes. Hendry takes him into the corner for a shove off as Castle isn’t all that impressed so far on commentary. Taylor spins out of a wristlock so Hendry does it a little bit better, which doesn’t mean much when you consider Hendry’s much smaller size.

A big shoulder drops Hendry and we take a break. Back with Hendry shouldering him to the floor but Taylor pulls him down with a Tower of London. The big leg on the apron makes it even worse and for some reason Hendry tries a suplex back inside. This goes as well as you would expect so Taylor chinlocks some sense into him. Back up and Hendry gets sent outside for a whip into the barricade. We take another break and come back with Hendry sending him into the barricade to even things up again.

Taylor is sent into the barricade a few more times but comes back with a shot to the face for two more. Hendry finally does hit that suplex and starts striking away, setting up a Codebreaker for another two. That means another slugout until Shane hits a heck of a package piledriver for a great near fall. A middle rope splash gets a slightly less great two but Hendry is up with the fall away slam into the ankle lock. Hendry even sits down with it before being kicked away. Taylor slips out of a slam though Greetings From 216 retains the title at 15:59.

Rating: C+. Hendry is someone who should be a star but it isn’t clicking for some reason. Maybe it’s the fall away slam finisher but the whole package isn’t coming together. That being said, it’s not like he is going to be pushed as anything more than a midcarder around here anyway. Just get things together so we can see what all he can do.

Hendry thanks us for watching because this is the best wrestling in the world. They can’t wait to get back in front of the fans so keep checking them out.

Overall Rating: C+. I keep really wanting to like Hendry as he has a great look and can do some good stuff in the ring, but it doesn’t feel like he is the star they want him to be. Granted having a fall away slam for a finisher probably has a lot to do with that. He could be a nice addition around here though and that’s what they seem to be doing with him, so keep doing this and they’ll be fine.

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