Monday Night Raw – February 1, 2021: Monday Night Smackdown

Monday Night Raw
Date: February 1, 2021
Location: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton

We’re done with the Royal Rumble and that means we only have two more pay per views to go before Wrestlemania because Elimination Chamber and Fastlane both need to be things. Edge won the men’s Royal Rumble and has a decision to make, which very well may come tonight. Let’s get to it.

Here is the Royal Rumble if you need a recap.

Here’s Drew McIntyre to get things going. Drew talks about how we are on the road to Wrestlemania and goes over how great each match was last night. Cue Edge to interrupt him though and McIntyre praises him for everything Edge did for him over the years. Drew was here when Edge had to retire and then he was in the Rumble last year when Edge returned.

Edge says he likes Drew but what is wrong with him? Winning the Rumble last night means that Edge can challenge Drew for the title. So why isn’t Drew kicking his head off right now? Cue Sheamus to interrupt and ask Edge who he is to question Drew. Edge has been sitting at home while Drew carried this company all year. Drew may take the high road but that’s not what Sheamus is going to do.

Edge won last night, so he can make a decision or Drew can do it for him. That isn’t happening tonight, but everyone will know when he makes his decision. Either way though, Edge is walking out of Wrestlemania SA champion. Edge leaves, and Sheamus Brogue Kicks McIntyre, likely setting up the Elimination Chamber title match.

Post break, Sheamus says he and Drew aren’t friends anymore and he wants the WWE Title. Drew Gulak is waiting with Sheamus’ bags and Sheamus leaves.

US Title: Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley

Riddle is challenging and MVP is here with Lashley. They start fast with Riddle getting caught in a delayed suplex but managing a hurricanrana to the floor. There’s the Floating Bro from the apron and Lashley is in more trouble. Back in and Lashley grabs the Hurt Lock over the ropes but Lashley doesn’t break for the DQ at 1:48 (Riddle seemed to tap anyway).

Post match Lashley grabs the Hurt Lock again to knock Riddle out, with MVP telling Lashley that he went too far. Lashley grabs it for a third time and drops Riddle onto the barricade.

We look back at Asuka and Charlotte losing the Women’s Tag Team Titles to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax last night.

Bad Bunny is here.

Back from a break and Riddle doesn’t even remember who he was facing.

Randy Orton can’t believe Edge pulled it off last night but the bigger problem is Edge made Orton look like a liar. See, Orton had promised that Edge wouldn’t be back but here he is again. Orton beat Edge up time after time because he loves him like a brother and tried to get him out of this business. Edge isn’t going to main event Wrestlemania because tonight there will be no mercy or compassion. They meet tonight.

Kofi Kingston is here with Xavier Woods tonight when Woods faces Ali and Retribution again.

Mustafa Ali vs. Xavier Woods

Retribution and Kofi Kingston are here too. Ali punches him down to start but gets clotheslined out to the floor for his efforts. Back in and Ali grabs a running neckbreaker, followed by a running neckbreaker for two more. Woods fights back up and strikes away before swinging into a Russian legsweep to drop Ali again. Ali is right back up but can’t hit the tornado DDT. T-Bar breaks up a pin attempt so Kofi goes after him, allowing Woods to grab a crucifix to pin Ali at 4:07.

Rating: C-. Just a quick match here as Retribution takes another loss after going on a nice mini winning streak. I know this is leading to Kofi vs. Ali at some point, but it might be nice to build Ali up a little bit rather than tearing down any minor thing he builds up. The match was fine and at least the finish wasn’t entirely clean, but let Ali have a winning streak.

Damian Priest and Bad Bunny are chatting in the back.

We look back at the opening sequence.

Here are Miz and John Morrison for MizTV. They get straight to the point this week and bring out Bad Bunny as the guest. We look at Bad Bunny’s performance last night, plus Miz and Morrison getting on his nerves, causing him to dive on them in the Royal Rumble. Back in the ring Bunny confirms that he wants to be a wrestler, so Miz talks about mentoring Daniel Bryan to all of their success.

They’ll help Bunny get into wrestling if he helps them record an album. Miz: “We get Grammys and you get Slammys.” Morrison samples a bit of their Spanish rapping abilities but Bunny isn’t interested. Miz goes on a rant about how this is their ring but Bunny says he’s only here because his friend wants to be a guest. Cue Damian Priest to take out Miz and Morrison and we have a match.

Damian Priest vs. The Miz

Priest wastes no time in knocking Miz to the floor for the step up flip dive to take out both Miz and Morrison. Back in and Miz fights back but Priest isn’t having that and hits the running elbow in the corner. The Broken Arrow gets two but a Morrison distraction lets Miz get in a cheap shot. Miz goes for the briefcase but Bunny takes it away. Bunny hands it to Morrison and hits him with the microphone. The Reckoning finishes Miz at 4:26.

Rating: C. This was about establishing Priest and if having Bad Bunny as his friend helps that along then so be it. I don’t know anything about Bunny but he seems to be quite the big deal in the music world at the moment. If that helps Priest along then great, because Priest is the kind of guy who could be a heck of a star on Raw. A good debut helps that and it worked out well enough here.

Long video on Alexa Bliss going all evil.

Tag Team Titles: Hurt Business vs. Lucha House Party

The Hurt Business is defending and MVP is on commentary. MVP ignores a question about Lashley to talk about Bad Bunny before saying he has never seen Lashley go that far before (MVP: “But I like it.”). Shelton throws Dorado around to start but gets kicked in the face. Metalik comes in off of Dorado’s shoulders and (eventually) gets in a hurricanrana to take Benjamin over. Everything breaks down in a hurry and the House Party knocks the champs to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Shelton hitting a gutbuster for two on Dorado, with MVP shouting “GO BACK TO THE RIBS”. Some knees in the corner keep Dorado in trouble but he finally knocks Shelton down long enough to get over for the tag to Metalik. The pace picks up with a rope walk hurricanrana to Alexander. Dorado dives onto Shelton, who catches him out of the air, meaning Metalik has to dive onto both of them. Back in and Metalik rolls Alexander up for two but Alexander runs him over. Shelton tags himself in again though and Paydirt finishes Metalik to retain the titles at 11:13.

Rating: C. Hey, did you know that Alexander and Benjamin are champions who don’t get along? I’m not sure if WWE has pounded that into your head well enough by doing the same thing every single week since they won the belts in the first place. Throw in MVP questioning Lashley earlier in the night and I’m a bit scared about the Hurt Business’ future.

We look at Charlotte and Asuka losing the Tag Team Titles again.

Charlotte is focused on winning the Tag Team Titles and takes the blame for getting distracted by Ric Flair and Lacey Evans. Asuka is frustrated over the loss because she was ready last night. Charlotte says it’s time to get the titles back.

Charlotte/Asuka vs. Mandy Rose/Dana Brooke vs. Naomi/Lana

The winners get a future Tag Team Title shot. We get an inset promo from Lana and Naomi, with Lana giving one of the most scripted, forced, unnatural statements ever about how they’re a team. Naomi isn’t much better, but that Lana one was as rigid as I can remember in a long time. Charlotte runs Naomi over to start so Mandy and Asuka tag themselves in. Both of them try dropkicks so Mandy grabs a rollup for two.

Lana and Dana tag themselves in and oh dear. Lana misses a few kicks to the face and gets sent into the corner for the handspring elbow. Mandy and Brooke clear the ring and we take an early break. Back with Charlotte grabbing the Figure Four necklock and rolling Dana over for a tag off to Mandy. Charlotte gets taken into the corner but escapes a double suplex without much effort. Asuka comes in for the running hip attack to Rose in the corner, followed by the Shining Wizard for two.

It’s quickly back to Charlotte to run Lana over for a few near falls but Lana reverses a powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Naomi gets the hot tag and starts to clean house before it’s back to Lana, who is promptly kicked in the face. Everything breaks down with a parade of shots to the head. Natural Selection drops Dana….and here are Ric Flair and Lacey Evans for another distraction. Charlotte goes after them so Naomi hits the Rear View to finish Asuka at 11:10.

Rating: C-. Well at least Mandy and Dana didn’t take another fall, and since the idea of Charlotte taking back to back falls is horrible and atrocious, Asuka was the only other sacrificial lamb. Thank goodness we’re picking up the Lana vs. Jax feud again though, because that needed to keep going after the six week break. Otherwise we might have left dozens of people waiting for the big culmination.

A sad Drew McIntyre talks about his ten year friendship with Sheamus, including the two of them spending Christmas together in a diner because they had no one else. If Sheamus wants the match, he has it. No date given.

Video on Carlito.

Jaxson Ryker/Elias vs. Jeff Hardy/Carlito

Carlito takes Elias down to start and it’s off to Hardy to go after the arm. It’s off to Ryker for two off a suplex and Elias comes back in to elbow Hardy in the back. Carlito gets knocked off the apron to keep him angry as Elias hits a sitout chokeslam for two on Hardy. Ryker misses a middle rope splash though and it’s back to Carlito to start cleaning house. A faceplant cuts that off so Elias comes back in and rolls Carlito up for two. Carlito flips out of a suplex though and hits the Backstabber, setting up Hardy’s Swanton to finish Elias at 5:53.

Rating: C. I was never a big Carlito fan but he looks a heck of a lot better this time around, at least physically. If he can put in the effort and try to make another run work, WWE might have picked up a hidden gem. He looked pretty good here, though that was in a rather small dose. Not bad though, and that’s a fine way to start your run back.

Long video on Edge’s retirement, return and feud with Randy Orton setting up last night’s Royal Rumble win.

Edge talks about how great it was to come back last night and get this far, but there has always been a black cloud hanging over both himself and his family. That black cloud is Randy Orton and tonight he is going to deal with it so he can go back to Wrestlemania and get back a title he never lost. Tonight he gets closure on why he can’t carry his daughters to bed or play soccer with them because he’s finishing things with Orton.

Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss

Cross asks Bliss what she wants from her and takes her down with a headlock. Bliss slips out and smiles at Cross, who runs her over with a crossbody. Back up and Bliss pops her with a right hand, meaning it’s a bit of a cheer before Bliss gets two. After a “well shucks/fiddlesticks” look from Bliss, she steps on Cross’ back and then sends her face first into the mat a few times.

A bit of hopscotch into a kick to the ribs gets two more and we hit a bodyscissors. Back up and Sister Abigail is broken up….and then Bliss turns back into the Goddess. Bliss says it’s her and offers a hug but gets kicked in the ribs, followed by a clothesline. Then it’s back into Funhouse Bliss so the smiles are on again. Sister Abigail into a DDT finishes Cross at 6:43.

Rating: D. Remember when Mick Foley had the Three Faces Of Foley and would transform from one personality to another when he was pushed too far or became comfortable enough that another could come out? Well screw all of that because what one of the most creative gimmicks of all time really needed was magic that let him change his look, style and gear in the blink of an eye. I’m a bigger Bliss fan than most but egads this is getting really, really annoying. Bring crowds back just to get rid of this nonsense.

Bliss goes to leave post match but runs into Randy Orton on the way to the ring for the main event.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Edge goes straight at him to start and hammers away, setting up the standing choke that he used back in April. Orton breaks that up and chokes him down in the corner, followed by more choking on the rope. Edge snaps off a quick Edgecution for two but the spear is countered into a scoop powerslam. They take it outside with Orton sending him into the steps and we take a break.

Back with Edge in trouble but hitting a clothesline out of the corner. The RKO is countered into the Edge O Matic for two and Edge knocks him off the apron into the barricade. Edge follows and gets poked in the eye, allowing Orton to drop him onto the announcers’ table. Back in and Orton sends him throat first into the bottom rope, followed by the hanging DDT. And now Alex Bliss is on the top rope with black fluid spilling out of her mouth. The spear finishes Orton at 16:02.

Rating: C+. These two always work well together and that was the case again here, even with whatever Bray Wyatt’s latest idea with Bliss is, even if no one but him has any idea what is going on. Edge is going on to something bigger and better at Wrestlemania so it’s nice that he can put the Orton thing behind him rather than having some other big pay per view match between them. I wouldn’t be shocked to see that happen again, but at least they gave Edge the win here.

Overall Rating: C-. This show wasn’t great, but it was still one of the best Raw’s in a long time due to cutting out a lot of the nonsense and having something to build towards over the next few weeks. Throw in Miz and Morrison being confined to the midcard where they belong at the moment and WAY less of the Bliss/Orton shenanigans and it was a lot easier to watch. Not a good show, but by comparison, it worked wonders (in other words, Smackdown on Monday).


Riddle b. Bobby Lashley via DQ when Lashley would not let go of the Hurt Lock in the ropes

Xavier Woods b. Mustafa Ali – Crucifix

Damien Priest b. The Miz – Reckoning

Hurt Business b. Lucha House Party – Paydirt to Metalik

Naomi/Lana b. Dana Brooke/Mandy Rose and Charlotte/Asuka – Rear View to Asuka

Carlito/Jeff Hardy b. Elias/Jaxson Ryker – Swanton to Elias

Alexa Bliss b. Nikki Cross – Sister Abigail DDT

Edge b. Randy Orton – Spear

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45 Responses

  1. Guy Incognito says:

    I am really not digging the “old man who take himself way too seriously” version of Edge right now.
    Like really, he couldn’t even smile last night after winning the Rumble from #1 as an old guy.

  2. Jimmy Pledger says:

    Lars Sullivan got released

    • Thomas Hall says:

      Indeed, and thank goodness. I have no idea why they waited that long to just cut the guy lose. He wasn’t that great.

  3. Liam Fenech says:

    This may piss a lot of people off but SCREW THE FIEND Everything he’s involed in/With has been assanine BS and it shows more every single time. No One including him comes out of this looking good. Name 1 person whose stock hasn’t gone down the toliet since thair Fiend feud..

    • Governor Darby Del Vecchio says:

      I’m very worried about the placement of your comment. If Jay H comments next, it will be right next to yours. Not much comment distancing. If you want to delete this comment, I’d understand.

    • Greg says:

      Not everything has been bad. Bryan had a decent feud with him….and holy crap, that was the only decent feud. Never mind, you’re right.

    • Aeon Mathix says:

      It’s been very hard for me to care about anything bray wyatt related for years now. To answer your question…none of his feuds have done anything for anyone. Everything Bray Wyatt seems like filler for a top star. How many guys did he feud with that didn’t only see him as a minor pain in the ass? Cena, Taker, Reigns, Orton and more I’m sure I’m forgetting feuded with this dude for months and to end it just beat him and acted like they swatted a fly away. Not to mention debut The Fiend then win a Cell match by DQ because you were getting destroyed. Then fed to Goldberg a couple months later.

      I can see the talent in Bray, I’m sure most of this is on creative. Just feel like he will go down as one of the biggest head scratchers in history. Like you clearly want to do something with him, you’re giving him major tv time and plenty of room to do his thing but then…he just loses. Every time. And then resets like nothing ever happened.

  4. Detective Darby Del Vecchio says:

    Based on the comments in the Royal Rumble review, it seems that JAYvid 21 is spreading rapidly. I saw very little comments distancing. This is unacceptable behavior. As a reminder, we are in a Comments Section Emergency as this JAYdemic runs wild. Dr. Fauci has advised me that we are only knee deep in this JAYdemic and without everyone’s cooperation, the situation will only get worse. Knock it off and follow the guidelines. Don’t make me come down there!

    • Dr. Anthony Fauci says:

      It is with great pleasure to announce that Detective Darby Del Vecchio has been promoted to the Governor of the Comments Sections. A job well earned. I have 100% faith that he will lead us through the JAYdemic.

      • Governor Darby Del Vecchio says:

        Thank you all so much. I stand before you a humble man. We are all in this together. Jay’s stupidity must be stopped and right now it looks like it is spreading. I will do my best to provide guidance and leadership. We will follow the science and listen to the experts on this one.

        • Thomas Hall says:

          Can I make a campaign contribution?

          • Governor Darby Del Vecchio says:

            Absolutely! While the campaign never really took place, any contribution would be appreciated. Although we cannot accept gifts, we can accept donations that will help stop the spread of JAYvid 21.

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            Gosh thanks KB for adding to this stupidity. I enjoy your Reviews (mostly even if you are a tad unfair sometimes but whatever) but I come here to read your thoughts not to be trolled by an idiot who needs the attention because I guess he can’t get it anywhere else much less has probably never interacted with a Girl which is why he continues this nonsense.

          • Governor Darby Del Vecchio says:

            You have just put me at risk. As a reminder, you need to stay at least 6 comments away. I don’t know if I have any symptoms however I do know that I thought RAW was bad last night, but now it seems I am having a false recollection that it was good. I may be infected and now must quarantine. Your reckless behavior is unacceptable.

          • Thomas Hall says:

            It’s funny. Your reactions to them are what keeps these things coming.

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            Oh yeah it’s hilarious. Seeing as how people like this start things like this out of nowhere for no reason other than they need the attention. So yeah again thanks for contributing to this nonsense.

          • Dragon says:

            Jay H you bring it upon yourself. Why are you unable to be critical of anything WWE? If you read KBs reviews and most other followers, they state what is good and bad about a product. No one show is perfect be it WWE, NXT. AEW, etc…

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            I bring it on myself for being a Fan? Funny too I’ve never said anyone is perfect but seems to me the general consensus here has to crap on anything WWE does even if it’s good we have to find fault with it somehow. I’ll call them out when it really warrants it with things like the Karaoke Segment on Smackdown last year or Bayley This Is Your Life a couple years ago. Hell I don’t think some of the Attitude Era has aged very well

          • Thomas Hall says:

            Again: yeah it is funny and again, the way you react to these things is going to egg them on even more.

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            Yeah well again thanks for your help or lack there of. Your lack of empathy tells me alot too. Maybe I’ll just stop commenting for a while or not at all. I doubt you care since you haven’t cared to help me out some with this.

          • Mike M. says:

            One of my favorite things that happens in WWE is when someone unpopular with the crowd quits or leaves and the crowd sings that song, ya know “NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY, GOODBYE!!!!!” I love that.

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            I’m sure you do.

          • Thomas Hall says:

            As someone who had a commenter basically tell him that losing a baby was no excuse to stop reviewing Impact on time, allow me to advise you to not take what people say online so seriously. It might do you some good with these commenters.

          • Jay H (the real one again) says:

            I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Someone here told you losing a Kid was no excuse to stop reviewing Impact? That’s shitty if you ask me and I would absolutely take that seriously. Just like I should take this idiot mocking me seriously because it’s constant nor is it funny or clever.

          • B.J. says:

            I hope u kicked that person off of here who told u that Kb

          • Rahul says:

            Hey KB, sorry to hear about the baby. Wasn’t aware of this. I don’t know how the commenter can even demand something like this from you during such a difficult time.

          • Thomas Hall says:

            Much appreciated.

          • Greg says:

            To be fair, KB is the one who once called his readers nitwits for asking a question something along the lines of where a review was that wasn’t posted yet.

            Great guy

          • Thomas Hall says:

            When was this? Not saying I didn’t do it mind you.

          • Greg says:

            Lol that’s not me. I appreciate the crap out of you. Have fun fake mini me.

          • Thomas Hall says:

            That would explain a thing or two.

          • Greg says:

            an idiot who needs the attention because I guess he can’t get it anywhere else”

            THEN STOP RESPONDING YOU MORON. They do this because clearly it bugs you. If you ignore it and quit putting the real one in your name, I guarantee they will get bored.

            They want to bother you. When you respond, you tell them they are accomplishing that goal. I really don’t get what you hope to accomplish by responding.

            KB already said this but I didn’t see that and I already wrote it.

          • Jay H says:

            Yes Greg thank you for repeating that. Also was the Moron insult needed? I’ve done my best to ignore it, guess I need to do a better job.

          • Jimmy Pledger says:

            Popcorn eating intensifies

          • Rahul says:

            Jay, you are absolutely right that such comments are really irritating where they keep mocking that you like WWE but like everyone has mentioned that is just the Internet.

            I personally find gimmicks in the comment section very irritating but it is something that we have gotten used to it now and ignoring those comments are the only way forward for now.

          • Greg says:


  5. Sebastian Howard says:

    Slept through raw because I knew it was going to be trash. Still feel bad for alexa for having to deal with this horrendous booking. I don’t think you can really blame this on Wyatt, I doubt this is the way he wants the story to go or if he really has any creative input at this point; seems like all vince.

    • Jay H (the real one again) says:

      Bray actually does most of his own Creative, Promos included.

      • Sebastian Howard says:

        That surprises me a lot considering when Orton was feuding with bray when they had their match at mania Orton said he had no creative control and you would think Orton would have more stroke than bray.

    • Guy Incognito says:

      I fell asleep several times during RAW.
      To paraphrase Andre, 3 hours is a long time.

  6. The Killjoy says:

    Carlito worked two matches this month for WWC that just returned from quarintine. The dude wrestled in a shirt to hide how jacked he got.

    It’s still lazy-ass Carly though.

    Also, Bad Bunny has created gigantic buzz among Latinos and sticking Damian with him can very well do wonders. And hopefully make Puertoricans finally stop longing for a damn Carlito push.

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