Dynamite – October 18, 2022: It’s Better On TV

Date: October 18, 2022
Location: Heritage Bank Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

We’re here for a big show as there are several titles on the line. The main event will see Jon Moxley defending the World Title against Hangman Page, with MJF hanging over their heads. The Trios Titles and the Interim Women’s Title are on the line too as the card is rather stacked. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

I was in the arena for this show, sitting in the endzone, slightly to the left of the ring.

Opening sequence.

Trios Titles: Death Triangle vs. Best Friends/Orange Cassidy

Death Triangle is defending. Trent shoulders Pac down to start and they trade some jumps until Trent hits a clothesline. Everything breaks down (What took them so long?) and Fenix hits a heck of a Swanton for two on Chuck, who is back up to toss Fenix into something like a spear. The Friends’ triple splash is broken up and Death Triangle hit the stereo running flip dives to the floor.

We settle down to Pac kicking Cassidy in the back of the head and Fenix taking him into the corner as we take a break. Back (after missing a Tower of Doom in the break, because of course that was in the break) with Trent fighting back and hitting a tornado DDT out of the corner on Fenix. The champs take the Friends down though and an assisted Codebreaker into a bridging German suplex gets two.

Chuck hits a stuff piledriver on Penta and Trent follows with a more regular version, setting up the big hug. The assisted splash gets two with Pac making another save. Pac grabs the hammer but Fenix takes it away, allowing Cassidy to grab a rollup for two. The Orange Punch connects and it’s back to Trent, who counters Penta’s Canadian Destroyer attempt into Strong Zero for two. Fenix comes back in for the spinning kick to Trent’s face and the Black Fire Driver retains the titles at 11:45.

Rating: B. You know what you’re getting with a match like this (as we saw it when the champs won the titles in the first place) and they delivered just that, with all kinds of flips, dives and hard shots. That being said, who is supposed to be a serious threat to Death Triangle and will actually be in contention for the belts? There are a lot of trios in AEW, but I don’t know how many could be seen as major challengers. For now though, this was a perfect choice to start the show as they kept the energy high the whole time.

Post match, the Lucha Bros remind Pac that he doesn’t need the hammer.

Video on Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page for the AEW World Title later tonight. Moxley is glad to be back home and Page knows he can beat Moxley to win the title again.

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, with Rebel, promise to win the AEW Women’s Title by the end of the year (with Baker making sure to drop the interim moniker). Hayter doesn’t do the DMD taunt though.

Interim Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm

Storm is defending. Feeling out process to start with Shida taking her down and going to the apron, only to get hip attacked out to the floor. We take a break and come back with Shida hitting a jumping knee and raining down right hands in the corner. A missile dropkick gives Shida two and an enziguri drops Storm again.

Storm is fine enough to catch Shida on top but a headbutt gets her out of trouble. Shida’s top rope Meteora gets two but Storm grabs a German suplex. The running hip attack in the corner connects, only to have Shida come back with a kind of suplex into a powerslam for two more. Storm blocks the Katana and grabs a bridging German suplex for two of her own. A springboard tornado DDT sets up Storm Zero to retain the title at 8:44.

Rating: C+. Storm continues to do her part in these matches but it still feels like she is the fourth or so biggest star in the division while holding a temporary title. Her value feels like it has plummeted and there is little chance of it bouncing back anytime soon. This was a strong win for her, but until she is treated like a bigger deal, it isn’t going to change much.

Post match Jamie Hayter and Rebel come in to jump Storm from behind, with Britt Baker, in a Pittsburgh Steelers (huge Cincinnati Bengals rivals) jersey, joining in. Cue Saraya to jump Baker and the fight is on in the aisle. They fight into the crowd and Riho makes her return to save Storm. How many women are being treated as a bigger deal than Storm now? Five? Six?

We look at the Kingdom returning on Rampage, with Samoa Joe and Wardlow not being pleased. Joe and Wardlow are ready to fight them in any fashion, so pick a title and come get it.

FTR talks about all the titles they have won but they want the AEW Tag Team Titles. They’re coming for them, but Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee come in to interrupt. Swerve thinks that just because FTR has been #1 contenders for six months, they aren’t getting the title shot right now. Lee agrees for once so we’ll have a #1 contenders match next week. Lee: “Indubitably.” Swerve: “What? WHAT?”

Jay Lethal wants a rematch with Darby Allin because Allin beating him two weeks ago was a fluke. Allin says sure to the rematch and trash is talked until the fight is on. They fight towards a garage door, which is lowered onto Allin’s ribs. Lethal goes around to the other side of the door and puts the Figure Four on Allin’s dangling legs for a visual that was way funnier than it should have been.

William Regal is in the ring with Tony Schiavone but MJF interrupts before they can get anywhere (for the non-Moxley pop of the night so far). Regal loads up the brass knuckles but MJF says he’s here to tell a story instead of fight. MJF talks about being 19 years old and training at the Create A Pro wrestling school under Brian Myers and Pat Buck (who MJF calls good guys).

Then one day, he was told that he got WWE extra work, which was the best thing he ever could have hoped for. He went to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where he was put under the care of Regal. The extras were told to have tryout matches in front of Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Adam Pearce and Regal himself. MJF was up second and he knew he was fighting for his life, because wrestling is his lief. After winning the match, Regal said follow him.

They went to another room and Regal said MJF had three minutes to sell himself. MJF finished talking and Regal’s jaw was on the floor, with Regal saying he was getting him a job that day. It was then that MJF knew he had made it and he wasn’t going to be a “five foot nothing, ADD riddled little Jew boy”. Then Regal asked him how old he was and MJF said 19, which Regal said was way too young. Fans: “YOU F***** UP!”

Regal then made things better, by saying that when he put his name on people, they got jobs in WWE. The names he had put his names on were Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli. Regal told him to send him a match and promo every month. MJF did that for two months, but then in the third month, Regal sent him an email that MJF has saved to his phone to this very day. MJF: “Smirk all you want you son of a b****.”

He pulls out his phone and reads an email from Regal talking about how MJF didn’t have the abilities yet and to stop contacting him because WWE only hired the best in the world. “When you’re one of them, then maybe send me your stuff.” It had MJF ready to kill himself but he knew that would have proven every right. Now the tables have turned and Regal is a sad, withered old man who got FIRED.

Regal has snuck into MJF’s company and MJF is a 26 year old kid who is a generational talent. MJF is ready to make more money in the Bidding War Of 2024 and he reads that email when he needs a good laugh. He’s ready to win the AEW World Title because he is better than Regal and Regal knows it.

Regal grabs the mic and asks if MJF is done. MJF mentioned being nineteen, but when Regal was sixteen, he left home and was fighting grown men to make a living in this business. He likes what he sees in MJF because he knew MJF was going to be a big star. Regal wanted to light a fire under him, but he remembers crawling into bed every night with blood coming out of every part of his body. It was not going to make him quit though because Regal was going to make a living as a professional wrestler.

If an email has kept MJF angry for seven years, MJF has had it easy. Regal has told him to practice enough to make people notice him and yes he can see the talent in Regal. Before MJF was born, Regal was insulting Tony Schiavone but he never put a hand on Schiavone. Regal is an Ordinary Decent Villain, because he would only put his hands on people who stepped through these ropes to face him as fair game. For now though, MJF hasn’t proven a thing.

Just making money doesn’t prove anything because MJF hired people to do things for him. MJF wears a rung to knock people out, whereas Regal used the brass knuckles because he liked hitting people with them. If MJF wants to be the devil, make a name for yourself and do it right, but keep your hands off the wrong people. Regal turns his back to MJF and tells him to be the devil instead of taking his own way out. MJF loads up the ring and Regal opens his arm to give him a free shot, but MJF can’t do it. Regal turns back around and shakes his head, saying MJF still has a lot to prove. MJF isn’t sure what to do as Regal leaves.

I believe the term here is “whoa”, as this was one of the best exchanges I’ve seen in a very long time. What mattered here was that it felt real, as MJF made me feel everything that he went through with a gutwrenching story. Now MJF believes that he has gotten where he wants to be, but Regal cut him right back down by saying he is still just pretending to be great rather than having actually accomplished anything. MJF wants to be great and now he has to do it, which could provoke quite the change in him. This was incredible storytelling with some amazing emotions and it is absolutely worth your time to see.

Video on Dalton Castle vs. Chris Jericho for the Ring Of Honor World Title.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn doesn’t think much of Mark Sterling trying to take away the idea of scissoring. They’re ready for the Varsity Athletes on Friday though, titles vs. trademark. The audio of this kept cutting out in the arena so no one had any idea what they were saying.

Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta sit down with Renee Paquette, with Danielson talking about how disappointed he is about losing his Ring Of Honor Title shot against Chris Jericho last week. He is also disappointed in Daniel Garcia, who has potential to be even better than Danielson. Yuta doesn’t seem impressed by what Danielson says about Garcia. Yuta asks how Danielson doesn’t see what Garcia is doing when everyone else does. The blood they have spilled means something to the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club, but maybe not to Danielson. Oh dear.

Ring Of Honor World Title: Dalton Castle vs. Chris Jericho

Castle is challenging and comes to the ring after rising off a throne and with an army of Boys. Ian Riccaboni is on commentary to make this feel more Ring Of Honorish. Jericho brings Jake Hager with him, which is noteworthy because of Hager’s snazzy purple hat. Castle teases pulling something out of his trunks but goes with a middle finger instead. Jericho knocks him outside though and Castle needs a lap around the ring, with the Boys of course.

Back in and Castle sends Jericho flying with some suplexes before throwing the Boys out onto Hager, eventually knocking him down. We take a break and come back with Jericho chopping away in the corner but Castle reverses for some strikes of his own. Castle sends him onto the turnbuckle and hits a running knee to knock Jericho outside. There’s the suicide dive and a hurricanrana takes Jericho down again.

Hold on though as the Boys give Hager quite the weak beatdown as Jericho and Castle hit stereo crossbodies. The Boys take Hager’s hat, causing Hager to yell I LOVE THAT HAT. He destroys said Boys and gets his hat back, which is enough of a distraction for Jericho to try the Walls. That’s countered into the Julie Newmar (because Castle’s choke is called the Julie Newmar), which is countered into the Walls.

The long crawl makes the rope to get Castle out of trouble, meaning Jericho needs to pose. They slug it out from their knees until Castle counters the Lionsault into a German suplex for a close two. The Codebreaker is countered into the Bang A Rang for two more and that’s about it for Castle’s chances for the upset. Back up and they slug it out again until Jericho hits the Judas Effect to retain at 12:27.

Rating: B. There was good and bad here, as Castle is so incredibly entertaining, though Jericho kicked out of his finisher and then pinned him clean to retain. Jericho going over Ring Of Honor doesn’t do much for me, but I can always go for more Castle. Throw in the Boys being rather hilarious and Hager’s very funny reaction to the hat and this was good, Jericho’s latest mega push aside.

Post match the Jericho Appreciation Society comes out to celebrate his win, with Jericho talking about how he wanted to destroy everything from Ring Of Honor. This includes commentators, so the Society goes to get Ian Riccaboni. Hold on though as Jerry Lynn (former Ring Of Honor World Champion) comes out for the save, earning himself a beatdown. Jericho Tombstones (very safely) Lynn onto the title.

Video on Luchasaurus/Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy. Christian thinks quite a bit of Luchasaurus.

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

The Baddies have yet to get the TNT Title back for Jade Cargill. Cue Jade, in a Reds jersey, to say she better get it back on Rampage or she’s holding the show hostage for an hour. You hear that Tony Khan?

AEW World Title: Hangman Page vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley is defending and gets the superstar pop you knew he would get as MJF, with poker chip, is watching from a box. Page jumps Moxley during his entrance underneath the crowd (and underneath me) with the fight starting away from the ring. A suplex on the floor drops Moxley and page heads up into the crowd and moonsaults down onto Moxley, without even taking off his vest.

We take a break and come back with the fight at ringside, the bell seemingly having rung and, say it with me, Moxley busted open. Page grabs another suplex and kicks Moxley in the head, only to get pulled into a quick Figure Four. Page goes for the eyes for the break as he is in full on heel mode here. Moxley hammers away in the corner but Page is right back with the fall away slam into the nip up but Moxley is right back with a jumping cutter.

The right hands in the corner keep Page in trouble and there’s the back rake on the middle rope. Moxley superplexes him back down before stomping away at the head. The threat of a cross armbreaker sends Page bailing to the rope….and MJF has left his box. They fight to the apron, where Moxley’s piledriver is countered into the Dead Eye as we take a break. Back with Page hitting a super fall away slam for two and a heck of a discus lariat. Page gets a running start and Moxley BLASTS him with a clothesline….and Page isn’t getting up. The doctor comes in to check on Page and the match is stopped at 12:44.

Rating: B. First and foremost: AEW has announced that Page suffered a concussion and was released from the hospital a few hours after the show. That could have been so much worse so now we can get on with the match. I’m never sure how to rate a match that ends out of nowhere with what seems to be a rather legitimate injury like that one. They were having the main event style match here though and it was starting to cook at the end before everything got cut off. The big thing that I took out of this one was that I could go for a Page heel run, as he was pretty awesome playing one here.

The referee and doctor check on Page, whose arm and legs are moving. William Regal comes to the ring and the cameras look at anything other than Page. We talk about what is coming on Rampage and next week’s Dynamite as a stretcher is brought out. The bottom rope had to be loosened to get Page out. Moxley also got on the mic and said some rather un-PG things off camera.

The camera goes back on him, with Moxley saying he hopes Page is safe and 100% so he can come back and do it again for these fans. Moxley still has some energy in him and he wants MJF out here right now. Cue MJF and he’s got his own referee with him. MJF takes his shirt off (looking by far the best he’s looked in AEW) but he’ll wait on the cash-in for Full Gear because he wants to do it the right way. Moxley promises to put various parts of himself and his gear into and onto MJF at Full Gear to end the show.

Overall Rating: A-. This was MUCH better on TV than it was live, which is a weird flip of the norm but I’ll definitely take a series of pretty awesome matches and a likely all time promo for two hours. MJF seems to be gearing up for the major run of his career (so far) and there were multiple good matches throughout to back it up. Very strong show here, even if didn’t come across that way in the arena.

Death Triangle b. Best Friends/Orange Cassidy – Black Fire Driver to Trent
Toni Storm b. Hikaru Shida – Storm Zero
Chris Jericho b. Dalton Castle – Judas Effect
Jon Moxley b. Hangman Page via referee stoppage


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  1. Sebastian says:

    Mlf regal promo was good but there was some iffy logic from regal and also crowd basically turned mjf completely face while also the promo felt super faceish as well which is certainly a weird way to go considering Moxley is obvious face in this feud. Main event was lol, hangman obviously actually got knocked out which I kind of like as it makes Moxley look badass and make the show feel more real but it was fucking weird because there was still 10 minutes to go and nxt hadn’t even had it’s main event segment yet. I feel like they had to rush mjf announcing for full gear which again he announces ahead of time which is a super face move. I don’t mind mjf being turned face but if you were going to do it why didn’t they do it right after he came back as crowd was into him and also why flip him when you have an obvious face/heel dynamic with him and moxley? Mjf winning title at full gear will make the show more interesting finally and him being a face/heel/tweener does open up a lot of possibilities but I just think it’s weird to do it right now. If crowd ends up cheering mjf over Moxley at ppv that will just be fucking weird and it will also change the entire dynamic of who mjf can work with.

    • Guy Incognito says:

      My question is how much longer was the main event supposed to go and how would they have fit the MJF segment in at the end if so?

  2. Stone Cold Tea says:

    I felt that promo between MJF and Regal when I was reading it.

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