Northeast Wrestling Brass City Brawl: They Put On Good Shows

Brass City Brawl
Date: October 1, 2010
Location: Crosby High School, Waterbury, Connecticut
Attendance: 850
Commentator: Jerry Strauss

This is from Northeast Wrestling and I think that’s the name of the show, though I’ve also seen this called the 15th Anniversary Tour. Northeast Wrestling has been around for a good while and I haven’t seen them do anything terrible yet. It would be nice to see them keep that streak up, but you never can tell with promotions like this. Let’s get to it.

The unnamed host runs down the card and we might be in for a good one here.

Jake Manning vs. Cedric Alexander

Manning is the Manscout (as in an adult Boy Scout), down to the uniform and reading from his manual. Commentary calls him creepy and…yeah I can go with that. The bell rings but hang on as Manning needs another look at his book. Manning shoulders him down to start and throws in a monkey flip for a bonus. Alexander reverses into an armdrag and it’s a standoff with a handshake.

Believe it or not, Manning suckers him in before avoiding a dropkick. With Alexander outside, Manning follows him to the floor, only to have Alexander run back inside for a flip dive. Commentary: “No hands for the rookie!” That’s one of the things I love about watching shows like this: seeing future names getting their start. Back in and Manning snaps off a neckbreaker, followed by a Big Boss Man slide under the ropes right hand.

Alexander can’t quite fight out of a chinlock so it’s a rather delayed vertical suplex for two. The basic offense continues with a second chinlock until Alexander fights up with a gordbuster of all things. A backsplash gives Alexander two but Manning’s backbreaker/Downward Spiral combination gets the same. Alexander kicks him in the head though and a split legged moonsault finishes Manning at 9:58.

Rating: C. Perfectly acceptable match to start things off here as you have the plucky rookie Alexander beating someone who seems more than a bit despicable. That’s a good way to open the show, as the fans get something to cheer about while seemingly not beating a huge star. You could see the potential in Alexander and it is no shock that he made it to WWE.

Here are Brian Anthony and Bull Dread for a chat before their tag match. Anthony isn’t happy with local police officer Mike Tripp arresting him last year so tonight it’s time for a beating. Sure Tripp has found a friend in Northeast Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Matt Taven, but the title is coming where it belongs. Cue the rather smiling/dancing Kurt Adonis, who has a bad history with Anthony. The villains don’t know why Adonis is here but they insist that it is NOT about him. We pause for a ONE MORE MATCH chant before Adonis teases a right hand to Anthony.

Instead they hug, with the fans not being pleased about the development. Adonis says the fans don’t deserve one more match and talks about how badly he has been treated for the last ten years. He doesn’t want Anthony to suffer the same fate so now they’re on the same side. The fans are all over Adonis as he promises to help make Anthony Northeast Champion. Nice heel turn here and the fans were livid.

Joey Bricco vs. Eddy Latham

Bricco seems to be the local favorite. Latham poses to start before getting dropkicked out to the floor. An attempted dive is cut off by a forearm to the face to give Latham two, earning some jeering from the fans. Some clotheslines give Latham two and a monkey flip sends Bricco flying. The charge in the corner misses though and Bricco scores with a slingshot DDT. Cue a big guy named Ron Zombie to jump Bricco for the DQ at 2:40.

Zombie beats up Latham as well and Bricco gets chokeslammed onto the chair. After the destruction, Zombie apologizes to everyone for not being around as much lately. Tonight, it is time to reintroduce himself against Tommy Dreamer. To prove how extreme he can be, he needs to take Dreamer out.

Vin The Chin/Ryan McBride vs. Caleb Konley/Chris Battle

Konley has bounced around the wrestling world for years. Vin and Battle start things off with Battle hitting some hard forearms. Vin is right back with a pair of atomic drops before handing it off to the rather slim McBride. Konley comes in and gets armdragged into a dropkick as the villains (I believe) are in trouble early. They prove their villainy with a cheap shot from Battle and Konley gets two off a neckbreaker. A butterfly suplex gives Battle two but Vin gets back over to McBride. House is quickly cleaned and a 450 finishes Konley at 4:47.

Rating: C. Well that was abrupt. It was an energetic match between four young guys but there isn’t much you can do in less than five minutes. McBride felt like someone the fans were into and….well there’s only so much you can do when your name is Vin The Chin. Not enough time to do much, but they didn’t do anything bad and got a bit of ring time, which is the point of a show like this.

Carlito vs. Robbie E.

Robbie E. is also know as Mr./Robert Stone from NXT and has Cookie with him. This is Carlito’s Northeast debut so he is treated as quite the big deal. Commentary: “He’s the coolest man in entertainment since the Fonz.” No, no he isn’t. Stop lying. Hold on though as Carlito has something to say. He thinks the fans appreciating him is cool and we’re ready to go.

Robbie takes him into the corner to start and pumps his fist, earning a shot to the floor. After yelling at some fans, Robbie gets back inside so Carlito can shoulder him right back to the floor. Back in again and we get the required hair messing, with Robbie bailing to the floor for a third time. Hold on though as Carlito needs to wash his hands after putting them in….whatever is in Robbie’s hair. Carlito throws him back inside for some rams into the buckles before grabbing the apple.

Cookie gets on the apron to protest and yeah the apple hits her in the face, as expected. That’s FINALLY enough for Robbie to get in a few shots and take over for the first time. A comeback attempt is cut off with Carlito’s head being slammed into the mat, followed by the chinlock (as the crowd noise goes way down all of a sudden. Carlito is back up with a springboard elbow to the face but Robbie neckbreakers him. That’s fine with Carlito, who is back with the backstabber for the pin at 8:28.

Rating: C+. This is the kind of a big name vs. local star match you would want, though Robbie was becoming a bigger deal in TNA at the time. That being said, they understood what they had here with Carlito and it makes sense to present him as a big deal. Nice match here and it felt like something that would have been a lot of fun for the live fans getting to see a former WWE star.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Ron Zombie

Hardcore match but they respect each other. Hold on though as, believe it or not, Dreamer has something to say before we can get going. Dreamer talks about wrestling in this town at a Toyota dealership once a month when he was young. There was one fan who kept telling Dreamer he hated him and yes, it was Zombie. Then ECW came along and Zombie was a fan there too.

Dreamer finally convinced him to follow his dream and become a wrestler and he couldn’t be happier. We get going with Dreamer shouldering him down before Zombie does the same. After Dreamer seems to approve, they both miss punches and that’s a standoff. The fans want tables and since these two have no control over themselves, it’s time to throw in…well pretty much everything but tables. What a bunch of heels.

Zombie grabs a kendo stick but Dreamer chairs him down to take it outside. Dreamer grabs a drink from a fan and spits it into Zombie’s face before grabbing a bunch of cans of Pepsi. One spit goes into Zombie’s face and Dreamer gives the rest of the cans to some kids (fair enough). Dreamer puts the ring bell between Zombie’s legs and hits it with the timekeeper’s hammer before firing off some right hands in the corner.

Dreamer’s charge hits the post and Zombie uses the chair to take over on the arm. A fan’s title belt to the face drops Dreamer again and Zombie goes Raven with the drop toehold into the open chair. Back up and Dreamer catches him on top with a kendo stick, meaning it’s off to the Tree of Woe.

Dreamer’s running dropkick sends the chair into Zombie’s face and NOW it’s table time. Zombie kicks said table into Dreamer’s face and puts it up in the corner. That takes too long too though and it’s a Death Valley Driver to send Zombie through the table. The DDT onto a chair is loaded up but Zombie reverses into an STO (judo leg trip according to commentary) onto the chair finishes Dreamer at 11:13.

Rating: C. I’m not a big hardcore guy, but after having to sit through various death match nonsense, it’s nice to see this much more, for lack of a better term, family friendly style of hardcore. Hitting each other in the back with chairs, a table spot and spitting drinks isn’t some cringe inducing garbage and the fans liked it, so this could have been much worse. Dreamer not going over is even a bit more shocking, as he was nine days away from pinning AJ Styles at Bound For Glory, because that’s a thing that happened.

Post match Dreamer grabs the mic and talks about Zombie living around here for over thirty years. Dreamer says Zombie earned his respect and he leaves Zombie in the ring to pose.

Matt Taven/Mike Tripp vs. Brian Anthony/Bull Dread

Anthony and Dread have Kurt Adonis in their corner. Tripp is in his regular police uniform and comes out to the Cops theme because…well what else was it going to be? Hold on though as Taven has someone to even things out a bit: George The Animal Steele! Apparently Steele was at the meet and greet before the show, which does cover the question of why Steele would happen to be available to counter a heel turn from an hour ago.

After we pause for Taven to throw his shirt to the crowd, Taven and Dread start things off. A leg lariat staggers the large Dread and some dropkicks put him on the apron. Anthony comes in and says he wants the cop. Tripp comes in and grabs a headlock, which sends Anthony bailing into the corner. A shoulder drops Anthony and some hiptosses make it worse. Dread tries to come in and gets leg lariated by Taven as the good guys clear the ring.

Steele even gets in a chair shot to Dread, setting up Taven’s Flight of the Conqueror for the big knockdown. Back in and Adonis trips Taven, allowing Dread to run him over. Anthony comes in and pounds Taven to the floor before hammering away back inside. Taven tries to dive over to Tripp but it’s far too early for something like that.

A missed clothesline lets Taven grab a small package for two but Anthony busts up his spine. Anthony drops a top rope elbow for two but Taven wins a slugout and kicks him down. The hot tag brings in Tripp for the clothesline comeback as everything breaks down. Taven moonsaults onto Dread but takes out Steele as well, which can’t be good. Steele is fine enough to chair Adonis, leaving Tripp to spear Anthony for the pin at 14:22.

Rating: B-. The thing to keep in mind is that this was a glorified handicap match with Tripp’s best offense involving sticking his arm out so the other two could bounce off of him. That isn’t a bad thing as it was built around a local interest story, with Tripp getting the pin to wrap it up. Completely decent match here as they protected Tripp well, allowing Taven to do the majority of the work.

Mickie James vs. Mia Yim

Yim is still new around here but it is James’ debut for the promotion. A fan high fives Mickie on her way to the ring and seems to hold onto her for a good while, leaving Mickie looking a bit annoyed. They fight over a lockup to start with Yim cranking on a wristlock. A headlock takeover keeps Yim in rather early control but Mickie flips over into a Last Chancery.

Back up and Mickie works on a wristlock of her own before kicking Yim in the face. Yim sends her into the corner though and chokes away while looking rather cocky. Mickie doesn’t approve and hits a basement dropkick to send Yim outside. Back in and Mickie goes up but gets kicked in the head to put her right back down.

Yim chokes a bit and stops for a jumping jack celebration (as you do) before grabbing a dragon sleeper. That’s broken up as well and they slug it out from their knees, with Mickie getting the better of things. A hurricanrana out of the corner drops Yim and the top rope Thesz press gets two. Yim is fine enough to snap off a spinning kick to the head for two but Mickie has had it with her. The MickieDT finishes Yim off at 12:04.

Rating: C+. Yim wasn’t a star yet but you could absolutely see the ability waiting to break out. She had that certain it factor to her and the talent was there to back it up. Then you have James, who was already established as one of the best of all time. This was a good part of the show and James being around felt like a special bonus for the fans.

As Mickie leaves, she seems to sidestep the weird fan from her entrance. It’s a shame that something like that had to happen.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan’s WWE US Title isn’t on the line. Bryan had already returned to WWE but was fulfilling his independent commitments. Feeling out process to start with Benjamin working on a headlock and then running Bryan over. A running dropkick sends Benjamin into the corner and the fans are right there with a BEST IN THE WORLD chant. Benjamin is back with a headlock on the mat until Bryan slips out for an armbar.

The threat of some kicks send Benjamin bailing to the floor as a fan has some advice for how Bryan should deal with Benjamin: “PRETEND HE’S MICHAEL COLE”. Ok that was clever. Back in and Benjamin takes him down with a test of strength but can’t break Bryan’s bridge. Benjamin is right back up as well and Bryan applauds him during the standoff. What might have been a cheap shot staggers Bryan and Benjamin whips him hard into the corner to take over. We hit the chinlock but Bryan fights up and heads to the top.

That takes too long though, allowing Benjamin to run the corner and kick him in the face for a great visual. Back in and Benjamin grabs a suplex, only to get kicked down hard to get us back to even. Bryan is back with the kicks in the corner before a crucifix gets two. Benjamin isn’t having that and BLASTS him with the Dragon Whip (an always cool move) for two of his own. Some more kicks stagger Benjamin though and Bryan’s missile dropkick gets another near fall. The LeBell Lock is blocked so Benjamin rolls some German suplexes, only to get rolled up to give Bryan the pin at 15:13.

Rating: B. This is a situation where you can look at the card, see “Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin for fifteen minutes” and know that things are going to go well. That was exactly what happened here, as you had two very skilled professionals getting to have a main event style match. Bryan was already a made man in this kind of promotion and Benjamin had more than enough of a reputation. Very solid main event here in a match you don’t see very often.

Respect is shown post match and Bryan high fives some fans to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. This is the third Northeast Wrestling event that I’ve seen and all of them have been good so far. They had a nice balance of up and comers, regular stars and legends/big names to offer a mixture. Having names like Carlito, James, Bryan and Benjamin made the show feel pretty big, while it was cool to see newcomers like Alexander and Yim. Nothing on here was bad, as it felt like a show where they put in the effort to make it work. Check out some stuff from this promotion, as they put on a good one most of the time.



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