Impact Wrestling – October 19, 2023: Just Don’t Screw Up

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 19, 2023
Location: Graceland Live, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

It’s the go home show for Bound For Glory and that should mean things are ready to go. This week will be about the final push towards the show and that means we should be in for a lot of talking and some basic matches that advance the card we already have. Impact has done well with these over their last few chances so hopefully it continues here. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Mike Bailey vs. Samuray del Sol

Feeling out process to start with Bailey kicking him to the floor. Del Sol fights back but gets sent to the apron, only to duck a charge to put Bailey on the floor. An Arabian moonsault hits Bailey but he’s fine enough to fire off the kicks back inside. The running shooting star press gives Bailey two but del Sol bends backwards to avoid a kick to the face (Bailey pauses in the middle as well for an amazing visual).

They trade kicks to the face and fall out to the floor, followed by a kick off on the apron. Del Sol goes up top but gets kicked back down to the floor, setting up a twisting flip dive. Back in and the Ultimate Weapon is broken up by another kick to the head, setting up a super victory roll for two on Bailey. A flipping powerslam gives Bailey two, followed by the Ultimate Weapon for the pin at 8:51.

Rating: B. This is the same thing that Bailey had been doing while he was X Division Champion, as he and someone else had a high flying match with both of them getting to look good. Bailey is on the way to his biggest match in Impact and seeing teases of what he could do with Will Ospreay has been good. I can’t imagine he wins at Bound For Glory, but at least the preview is working.

Dirty Dango and company doesn’t like how dirty Memphis seems and talks about how he linked up with Oleg Prudius because Alpha Bravo kept screwing up. Dango brags about how great Prudius and Bravo are, saying Bravo will throw himself on a grenade, but Prudius IS the grenade.

Video on Alex Shelley vs. Josh Alexander.

The ABC think the Rascalz are dodge them but they can’t dip, dive, duck or dodge them again at Bound For Glory. The Rascalz defaced their titles with that green paint and it’s going to be as easy as ABC, 1, 2…time champs.

Kenny King vs. Heath

Sheldon Jean is here with King. Heath knocks him into the corner to start and hits a clothesline, setting up a WOO. They go to the floor where Jean offers a distraction, allowing King to get in a right hand. Back in and Heath hits a Cactus Clothesline but comes up favoring his ankle. They get back inside with King going after the ankle but Heath kicks him to the floor.

King gets back in again and Heath hits a clothesline, only to get kicked in the face for two. A double clothesline leaves both of them down, followed by Heath winning a slugout. Heath powerslams him for two so King rolls him up, with feet on the ropes, for the same. The referee catches the cheating though and Heath scores with a spinebuster for two more. Jean offers a distraction, allowing King to kick Heath in the head. The Royal Flush finishes Heath at 8:32.

Rating: B-. The more I see of serious Heath trying to have straight matches, the more impressed I am. He’s actually quite decent in the ring and this run with Impact has shown an entirely different side of him. This was another rather nice match and King gets a push on his way to the likely rematch for the Digital Media Title, though I could have gone with Heath winning and getting a shot of his own.

Frankie Kazarian says Eddie Edwards has to respect him after last week’s war.

Crazzy Steve vs. Black Taurus

No DQ and Steve bails to the floor to start. The chase sends Steve back inside, where Taurus hits a Codebreaker to send Steve outside. We take an early break and come back with a bunch of weapons in play and Taurus hitting a pair of Sling Blades. Taurus loads up an Alabama Slam but Steve spins out into a Canadian Destroyer (that was SLICK) to plant Taurus hard.

Back up and Taurus charges into a backdrop over the top and onto a pile of chairs for a nasty crash. It’s time for the fork but Taurus blocks the stab and they head back inside. Steve grabs the briefcase and rams it into Taurus’ throat, setting up Belladonna’s Kiss for the pin at 9:44.

Rating: B-. This was getting into the wild brawl stage but they didn’t get all the way there. What matters most is Steve staying strong, as he’s one of the better things going in Impact at the moment. It will be nice to see him win the Digital Media Title, as I can’t imagine the idea of keeping it on Tommy Dreamer going forward. For now though, good enough stuff here with the monster Taurus being slayed by the evil Steve.

A bunch of people say they’ll win the Call Your Shot gauntlet match.

Mickie James and Trinity say the best woman will win on Saturday, just like the two of them will do tonight.

PCO/Rhino vs. Moose/Brian Myers

Rhino and Myers start things off with Myers not being able to do much against the power game. Rhino knocks him into the corner, where Moose tags himself in to face PCO. An exchange of shoulders sets up Moose raking the eyes but PCO opens his vest so Moose can chop him. Rhino comes in to ram Moose into the buckle over and over but a cheap shot lets Moose take over.

We take a break and come back with Moose running Rhino over for two. Rhino suplexes his way to freedom though and it’s PCO coming back in to clean house. Everything breaks down and PCO hits a reverse DDT but Moose breaks up the PCOsault. Rhino comes back in but here is Steve Maclin to break up the Gore. Bully Ray comes in to cut Maclin off though, allowing PCO to flip dive onto Maclin. Back in and Moose kicks PCO low, setting up the spear for the pin at 15:34.

Rating: C+. This was the brawl that you put these people in the ring to have and it worked well enough. Three of these four are going to have a big fight at Bound For Glory and it was nice to see a preview for what they’re going to do. It seems there is a chance that Bully Ray will be tied in as well, as they are certainly putting a bunch of the monsters into one match at the pay per view.

MK Ultra is ready to crush Deonna Purrazzo and Tasha Steelz.

Video on Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey.

Rhino says he doesn’t trust Bully Ray or need his help. Ray, after Rhino leaves: “You’re welcome.”

Scott D’Amore moderates a sitdown interview between Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley. D’Amore asks for decorum but Shelley isn’t happy when Alexander gets the first question. Shelley doesn’t like Alexander getting the spotlight and says he just came back from a six month vacation.

Alexander brings up Shelley coming and going from Impact over the years but Shelley says he built this house and can come and go as he pleases. Shelley accuses him of trying to get out of the match but Alexander thinks Shelley is going nuts. Alexander thinks Shelley knows he’s a transitional champion….and Shelley storms off to wrap it up. This was the mind games being played as Alexander honed in on Shelley’s insecurities and it worked.

Post break, Shelley jumps Alexander in the back.

Bound For Glory rundown.

Trinity/Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw/Savannah Evans

Shaw and Evans (with Jai Vidal) jump them to start but James and Trinity are back with the Thesz presses to send them outside. We take a break before the bell and come back joined in progress with Trinity dropkicking Shaw into the corner. James comes in to strike away in the corner before it’s Trinity coming back in for a dancing legdrop. Evans grabs Trinity from the apron though and the villains hit a double suplex for two.

Some forearms in the corner have Trinity in more trouble but she dives over for the tag…as Shaw distracts the referee. As usual, the tag goes through a few seconds later but Shaw cuts Mickie off and cradles her for two. Everything breaks down and Shaw gets sent to the floor, leaving Evans to get kicked into the MickDT for the pin at 9:27.

Rating: C+. This Trinity vs. James story isn’t exactly thrilling me so far but at least they’ve set things up rather well. What matters is having a showdown between the current and former champion and it certainly feels like something that has potential. For now though, James is feeling like a strong challenger and that is a good thing. As for this match, it was about all that you could have expected, with Evans taking the fall and maybe just a little less miscommunication between Trinity than James than I would have bet on.

Mickie and Trinity both grab the title to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. The wrestling was good and Bound For Glory is about as ready to go as you can get. I do want to see the show so they have certainly done something right so far. The show itself had enough solid action, though only the opener really stood out. For now though, none of this matters until we get to this weekend though and all they had to do was not screw up here. They managed to pull that off here, so we’ll call this a success.

Mike Bailey b. Samuray del Sol – Ultimate Weapon
Kenny King b. Heath – Royal Flush
Crazzy Steve b. Black Taurus – Belladonna’s Kiss
Moose/Brian Myers b. PCO/Rhino – Spear to PCO
Mickie James/Trinity b. Gisele Shaw/Savannah Evans – MickDT to Evans



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