Major League Wrestling Fusion – December 2, 2020: The One I’ve Been Waiting For

Fusion #112
Date: December 2, 2020
Location: Gilt Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jared Saint. Laurent, Rich Bocchini

The Opera Cup continues this week with another first round match. Other than that we are going to be seeing more from Contra, whose reign of terror continues over the whole show. I’m not sure what that is going to mean but it could be interesting see where they are heading from here. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

We open with Low Ki and Davey Boy Smith Jr. talking about their rematch from last year’s Opera Cup when Smith escaped with a win.

Opening sequence.

Contra hacks the feed to start and says that they are preparing for their next strike while everyone in American is eating their chemistry infused poultry. We are introduced to Mads Krugger, the masked man who took out Hammerstone two weeks ago. He is the poison that has been injected into MLW and carnage will follow.

Opera Cup First Round: ACH vs. Laredo Kid

Kid’s AAA Cruiserweight Title isn’t on the line. They trade arm control to start until Kid grabs a rollup for two. The quick headlock is broken up and it’s another standoff. Kid shoulders him down and a missile dropkick puts ACH on the floor. That means the big dive to take ACH down again because that’s what a good luchador is going to do.

ACH sends him outside for a change though and it’s a kick from the apron to drop Kid again. There’s a snap suplex on the floor and a backbreaker gives ACH two back inside. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets the same and ACH dropkicks him out to the floor. Kid is back in with a neck snap and Three Amigos get two on ACH for a change.

There’s a Michinoku Driver into back to back moonsaults to give Kid two more but ACH is right back with a sunset bomb out of the corner for the same. Kid crotches him on top though and it’s a springboard cutter for the next near fall. ACH is back up to crotch him on top though and the brainbuster finishes Kid at 14:10.

Rating: B-. This was all about having two people go out there and do their flips and dives and cool looking moves for a long time and that’s exactly what they did. I’ve lost a lot of interest in ACH since his crazed tirades against WWE, but at the same time he can do some rather impressive stuff in the ring. Kid is the same, and they had a very entertaining match here.

Post match ACH says he’s the new game and wants his next opponent.

We look at Tom Lawlor advancing to the semifinals last week.

Lawlor says Team Filthy is coming for the Tag Team Titles with Kevin Coo coming next week.

The Von Erichs are still in Hawaii and are going crazy about Contra. Ross thinks he might have clawed a shark to death.

We look at Davey Boy Smith winning the Opera Cup last year.

Salina de la Renta is in Mexico because she has business getting rid of Konnan. She sings in Spanish and it seems to be a threat.

Another clip from Smith vs. Ki.

Mads Krugger vs. Ariel Dominguez

Krugger is wearing exactly the same gear (down to the colors) that Braun Strowman wore in the Wyatt Family. The much smaller Dominguez gets thrown around the ring with ease to start before diving into a one armed chokebreaker. A half nelson facebuster (think a Glam Slam but with a half nelson instead of a double chickenwing) to finish Dominguez at 1:47.

Post match Contra’s Death Squad comes out to put Dominguez in a body bag.

We look at the end of Smith winning the Opera Cup. It wasn’t that memorable of a match.

We look at Richard Holliday arguing with Gino Medina last week.

Holliday dedicates his first round win to Alex Hammerstone and…..yeah let’s dedicate the second round match to him as well.

Next week: Contra vs. the Von Erichs for the Tag Team Titles.

Opera Cup First Round: Low Ki vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Low Ki has Masahiro Chono inspired gear and it’s a feeling out process to start. Smith powers him onto the apron so Ki is right back to take it to the mat. That’s reversed into a headlock on the mat as commentary recaps the history between Low Ki and Dan Lambert and company. The headlock is switched into an armbar but Ki gets to his feet and strikes away. A dragon screw legwhip takes the knee out and Smith seems to be hurt. That works for Ki, who stomps away on the knee, only to get snap suplexed back down.

Ki gets in some elbows to the head in the corner until Smith dumps him outside in a heap. A suplex brings Ki back in for two more and it’s back to Ki’s arm. Smith takes him down by the arm and it’s a seated armbar to keep Ki in trouble. Ki manages to get in a quick victory roll for two so Smith hits a German suplex. The armbar goes on again but Ki escapes another German suplex attempt and hits the double stomp.

A springboard kick to the head connects and it’s something like a Black Widow to send Smith bailing to the rope. Ki dropkicks him into the corner but Smith catches Ki on top. The superplex is broken up but Ki charges into a powerslam. The running powerslam is countered into a dragon sleeper in the ropes. That’s broken up as well, so Ki goes with a victory roll for the pin at 20:13.

Rating: B. This was a heck of a match with both guys doing their thing really well. Smith is a unique mixture of power and submissions while Ki is the striking and submissions. It was a great back and forth match with the two of them looking awesome. Word on the street is that this is it for Smith in MLW, so at least he went out with a good one.

Here are the updated brackets:


Tom Lawlor

Low Ki

Richard Holliday

Low Ki says his opponents have options: pinfall, submission, go to sleep. It’s all the same to him.

Overall Rating: B+. Now that was a good use of an hour with a pair of awesome matches and the new Contra monster looking awesome. I had a great time with this show and it’s the kind of thing I was hoping for with the whole relaunch. Very good show and hopefully we get more like this going forward.

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